KOUKLA is a classic wooden schooner designed by George Stadel of Stamford, Connecticut for Thomas Soulantzos of New York City. Ran Tan, Liten Kuhling, Vernon Langille, Josef W., Merry Mouth, Imp, Macavity and a quiver of unamed 'yaks. I should have said that the address got you to his blog which I suspect will be maintained by his wife.
Is this the same Joe that came to SRR 2011 with his son's high-school Core Sound 17 project?

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It may be the most useless boat ive ever seen but im sure he's got one hellofa story to tell! Nothing fancy, no varnish, no banners, no bugles, no beating of the PR drums other than this little blog. I'll alert her to keep an eye on this thread to be able to note the kind invites already on this forum.

I will make sure that his wife keeps an eye on this thread and can pass along contact information. While Joe has sailing experience what he really has is rowing experience in this boat as he is at it all year round.

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