The plans and kits posted here are the lawful property of the designers or heirs who posted them. The big nature reserve came together with the help of The Nature Conservancy, Maine Coast Heritage Trust, the Land for Maine’s Future Program (which helped to fund more than half the acreage acquired), the Frenchman Bay Conservancy, and private landowners deeply committed to conservation.
One thing which stands out when visitors take the obligatory trip to the top of Acadia’s Cadillac Mountain is a high mountain in the distance called Schoodic Mountain, visible over Bar Island, just to the left of Bar Harbor down below.
One of my best fishing memories was from around 1990 when I went fishing near Belfast, Maine with my two brothers-in-law for mackerel. Neither of these options are the white-knuckled alpha male versus man-eater fishing experience you might be used to in other places.
Finally, if you just want to get an educational cruise with sight seeing and contact with sea life, consider the following options. Filed under Acadia, Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Carriage trails, Day trips, Hikes, off island, Sand Beach, Thunder Hole by Bruce on Feb 18th, 2012. Many folks who come to SeaCat’s Rest for lodgings near Acadia National Park want to see a bit of history, and hope to see a few lighthouses too. But the guns are gone and what remains are masonry parapets where the guns once stood and the various other batteries. Filed under Acadia National Park, Nature, on island, Things To Do by Bruce on May 28th, 2011.
On Wednesday, January 12, in the midst of a wild blizzard, I visited the Dragonfly Farm and Winery on my way back from Vermont. Todd and Treena are both full-time Maine Air National Guardsmen, Todd a Lieutenant Colonel and Treena a Master Sergeant. My two favorites are the Clarity, made from the La Crescent grape and Shorty, made from Frontenac Gris. Dragonfly Farm and Winery is located just 20 miles from Bangor in Stetson, Maine, not far (8 miles) from exit 167 on US 95. It’s again that time of year again for knightly combat, suits of armour, authentic period costumes and Renaissance music as the The 8th Annual Medieval Tournament takes place again at Fort Knox near Bucksport, Maine on Saturday, September 11. Don’t show up expecting lots of souvenirs and food vendors; this is not a commercial event! WoodenBoat Magazine and the WoodenBoat School are a short 45 minute drive away from Acadia National Park in Brooklin, Maine.
WoodenBoat was started by Jon Wilson in 1974 from a nearby cabin without running water or electricity. WoodenBoat has been instrumental in the renaissance of wooden boat building and appreciation in Maine and far beyond. So pay a visit to the store and buy a set of plans or a book  (like  Building Small Boats by our friend and WoodenBoat instructor Greg Rossel) and then check out the workshops. Visitors to Acadia National Park soon learn about the devastating 1947 fire which wiped out much of the evidence of early settlement on Mount Desert Island. Maine’s Blue Hill Peninsula exudes the essence of what what many people picture when they dream about the Maine coast. To that, add a diverse yet unusually complementary population of back-to-the-landers and trust-funders, boat builders and bakers, artists and entrepreneurs, chiseled-in-granite umpteenth-generation Mainers and drawn-by-the-vibe New Agers.
Recently I moseyed (and shopped) through Sedgewick, Brooklin, and Brooksville, looping around Cape Rosier.
Follow Route 175, and you’ll parallel the famed sailing waters of Eggemoggin Reach, where it’s not rare to sight windjammers under full sail. Drive down the Naskeag Point Road for  a look-see at the Wooden Boat School‘s campus and poke into its store, then continue to Naskeag Point for the view. Now you could sidle back up to Blue Hill on Route 175—and it is a gorgeous drive—but instead, consider backtracking and looping around Brooksville and out to Cape Rosier.
In Brooksville, stop at The Sow’s Ear Winery, a funky spot where Tom Huey produces sulfite-free blueberry, chokecherry, and rhubarb wines among others (tastings!), and also has an intriguing collection of architecture-related books for sale. Route 176 reunites with the main section of the peninsula after crossing the reversing falls of Bagaduce River, where, in season, Bagaduce Lunch, a takeout stand named an American Classic by the James Beard Foundation, turns out awesome fried clams and other seafood favorites. If you’re smitten by Brooksville, two cottage colonies make it easy to spend a week: Oakland House, on Eggemoggin Reach, and Hiram Blake Camps, on Cape Rosier. WoodenBoat magazine nor any of our staff or agents bear any liability concerning the correct ownership or inherent safety of these designs or boats. In the early part of the last century Tunk Lake was a source for ice before refrigeration, and a large estate there belonged to famed Antarctic explore Admiral Richard E. One mackerel rig, available anywhere around here, consists of several hooks all tied to a stout central leader. Right from Bar Harbor you can take a 4 hour fishing trip aboard the fifty foot Tiger Shark. I have fished for them out of Rockland and can attest to the fun of catching them, but like mackerel, they are not a tasty fish. The sunny weather and warm late winter temperatures remind us that Acadia adventure awaits. I would love to claim we have perfect weather in the summer, but if you find the outdoors soggy, you should have some indoor options.
Battery Keys was used for watching the mined area and firing upon ships which failed to identify themselves. There are more than 90 acres of grassy fields, dog walks, tennis courts and picnic areas welcoming over a million visitors per year.
Cox, a veteran nature photographer and frequent contributor to National Geographic, National Wildlife and Wildlife Conservation; and Layne Kennedy, whose work has appeared in over a hundred different magazines world-wide on subjects as diverse as wolves in the Northern Hemisphere to boat builders in the Caribbean. There to greet me was the owner Todd Nadeau, who with his wife Treena grow grapes on two or three acres of gravelly Maine soil.
Todd’s  inspiration to become a vintner started with his frequent military-related trips to the Moselle river area of Germany. Todd and Treena set about to find hybrid varieties which can tolerate our climate but produce wines which recall that first taste in Germany. The weather was awful but the winery was an inspiration to those of us hoping for a healthy grape wine industry in Maine.
We made time to hit the cross country ski trails in Acadia National Park and found a fairly level trail to start off at the second parking lot on Rt 198 just north of Northeast Harbor. This is a great ski destination, the options for every type of outdoor winter activity are numerous.  This makes Sugarloaf a great destination for groups with folks who have different winter activity interests. It does cost to get in, but it costs the same to get into Fort Knox regardless of what’s happening there.

This is the center of the universe for people who lust after traditional wooden rowing, sail and power craft.
The culture of wooden boats has taken hold and inspired other schools, shows, regattas and builders. Things settled down a bit during the early 1700s with a truce of sorts between the English and the commercial interests of Frenchman Baron Castine. With a little advance preparation like reading Redcoats at Castine, available at Seacat’s Rest, a visitor can relive this exciting history. It’s off the beaten track, a rolling landscape carved in granite, fringed with spruce, splashed with ponds, sprinkled with galleries, salted with farmsteads, and peppered with those classic big house-little house-back house-barn houses that art directors love to put on magazine covers. Now web this landscape with a spaghetti-like network of byways that are dotted with honor-bar-style farmstands, reveal spectacular views, provide access to underutilized parks and land trust trails, and validate the ages-old concept of taking a Sunday Drive just because. Be sure to check out the editions of the Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses annual series.
It is the home of WoodenBoat Magazine and the Wooden Boat School as well as plentiful boatyards, large and small, building wooden boats.
Sarsfield handcrafts paper products, including custom lamp shades, calligraphy papers, books, and lamps at Handmade Papers . Around the corner and just a few steps away is Ken Carpenter’s Maine Hooked Rugs, where not only can you purchase his hand-hooked rugs, but also learn the craft and purchase supplies. A bit further on, you arrive in Buck’s Harbor, where the Buck’s Harbor Market is a must-stop. Loop out to the Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park, where there’s a fine picnic area, small rocky beach, and fine views, as well as hiking trails. En route, be sure to pull over every now and then to take in the views over the water toward Castine.And, keep an eye out for Tinder Hearth Bakery, source of organic breads that put all store-bought ones to shame. She shares her finds and faves in publications ranging from the Boston Globe to National Geographic Traveler, as well as in her Moon guidebook series for Maine. This is an area of over 14,000 acres of isolated ponds, crystal clear lakes and mountains with panoramic views and the trails to get there.
Both these peaks are in the Donnell Pond Reserve and both have trails to the top, and as you might guess, both offer a view of Acadia. There are lots of twists and turns, wet stream beds, and an abrupt climb at the end, almost like a giant staircase.
I thought it odd that the design of this rig was so optimistic; after all, how likely would you be to have more than one fish on at a time? The prices are a little higher but apparently there is greater likelihood of fishing success, and they haul lobster traps too. Find out about hauling lobster aboard  Lulu here and especially for kids, check out Diver Ed’s story here. This is the Rockefeller family’s  gift to America representing an ideal of pre-automobile road and stone craft set in the beauty of Acadia. Portland Head Light, Maine’s oldest lighthouse (commissioned by George Washington in 1790), is right in the park and houses a museum and gift shop which are open daily 10-4 from Memorial Day to the Friday after Columbus Day. The town of Cape Elizabeth purchased the fort in 1966 and used it to dispose of extra soil from a sewer project.
Nearby is the Goddard Mansion, built by lumber baron John Goddard in 1858 and later (1896) purchased by the army to house enlisted men. What makes this winery unique in Maine is that all the grape wines are produced exclusively from grapes grown right on the farm. The chosen white grape varieties are La Crescent, St Pepin, Frontenac Gris, Louise Swenson, Praire Star, Edelwiess and a few new ones which only have numbers. This time of year there are not many wines for sale and no grape wines at all, but on Maine Maple Sunday, March 27, Clarity, St Pepin, By the Numbers (made from the Elmer Swenson 7-11-22 variety) and Serendipity will be bottled and available for sale.
In a few days we were ready for another outing, but by then we had several days in the 40’s and the the snow was gone. While a big ski resort like Sugarloaf was certain to make their own snow for their downhill skiers, cross country trails do not get this benefit.
We are not expert skiers and the conditions were not very forgiving–the trails were fast and difficult. Cross country- and skate-skiing, snowshoeing and ice skating are available at the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center while the main resort features downhill trails for skiing and snowboarding. This event is put on by the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) a world wide organization devoted to pretending it’s 500 years ago.
Remarkably,  the magazine and school are situated on an incredible 60 acres of what can only be described as Maine coastal paradise.
I know a few of the staff and I can tell you without reserve that this is a jewel of an organization, one we would be much poorer without. For these reasons, Castine was a coveted military settlement since 1626, and unlike Bar Harbor, many of the colonial structures remain. Things heated up again in 1779 when the English dug in for a fight with Washington’s rebels. Visit the lighthouse and the earthworks of the two forts or take a tour of the huge 500 foot State of Maine, the floating classroom of Maine Maritime Academy.
This is a gorgeous drive any time, but it’s particularly spectacular in autumn, when the colors of the season reflect in the ocean, river, and fresh waters that color so much of the region’s map blue. A bit farther is Reach Road Gallery, where Holly Meade sells her detailed woodblock prints as well as prints from the children’s books she has illustrated. Topping nearby Town House Hill is the Sedgwick Historic District, with some handsome 18th-century buildings.
Now downtown Brooklin isn’t particularly large—it’s about three-blinks—but it’s well worth stopping for a browse about.
Best place to pick up fixings is  at  The Cave, a delicious find near the Handmade Papers studio. White’s Maine and enter that of another beloved children’s author, Robert McCloskey (One Morning in Maine and Blueberries for Sal). If you didn’t eat previously, this is another great spot to pick up picnic fixings, sandwiches, and other goodies.
It’s worth the effort, while here, to detour over to Harborside for s gre finds: The Good Life Center at Forest Farm, was home to the late back-to-the-land gurus Scott and Helen Nearing.
The site alone is beautiful, and I love his nail people (you’ll know them when you see them).
And of course, you can always stay at the Blue Hill Inn, in Blue Hill, and circle out from there.

This compares with the 49,600 acres of Acadia, but it’s a guarantee that during the summer at least, the density of visitors there will be a tiny fraction of its big national brother.
I was glad I brought water for the 900 foot climb, and comforted that I had my cell phone, since I encountered no one else. Drive for 4.3 miles and take a left on Schoodic Beach Road, bear left for another 2 miles and you will come to the parking lot. Presented as fun for the whole family, a half day of fishing aboard the Tiger Shark will set you back $45 for adults or $35 for children or non-fishing adults. There are many more opportunities for experiencing nature, but if it’s saltwater fishing you want these are the choices. The first is Sand Beach, the first  stop on the Park Loop Road after the pay gate  ($20 per week per vehicle).
Drive to the Schooner Head parking lot, the last stop before the pay gate on the Park Loop Road.  The trail will lead to the shore and the cave is ten minutes or so away along the shore (follow the shore south, to the right). From then until just after the close of WWII, big guns and underwater mines were at the ready. Now plans are underway to restore some of the buildings and excavate some of the added soil. So plug 1000 Shore Road, Cape Elizabeth into your car’s GPS as you head to our Acadia and take a break. Having never been a wine drinker, he was amazed at the taste and suddenly found his (second) calling. You’ll notice from the photo that the winery is very limited in production and be advised that wines sell out fast. We were assured that there was adequate snow on the trails however by checking the website. The extensive (20 km) trail network open to cross country skiing can be accessed for $20 per day or $15 after 12:30 PM. You may think this is silly, and to be honest, there is a bit of goofiness about it all, but it is easy to lose one’s self in the illusion.
This property is open to any who would like to pay a respectful visit, and is a great day trip for folks lodging in the Acadia area. Phenomenal growth in circulation allowed the purchase of the coastal property in 1977, the site of a grand family mansion and barns. They got the chance in 1780 when an American force of 19 armed vessels and 24 transports stormed the peninsula. Only a few doors down is Mermaid Woolens, source of Elizabeth Coakley’s wildly colorful hand knits–vests, socks, and sweaters.
White, author of such beloved children’s classics as Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web lived. Smack downtown is the Brooklin General Store, a classic, and next to it, Betsy’s Sunflower, a delightful shop filled with intriguing gifts, garden goods, books, and cookware.
Chef Jonathan Chase owns this and the Buck’s Restaurant tucked behind it (open for dinner and well worth a visit if you’re sticking around). Four Season Farm is a lush organic farm owned and operated by internationally renowned gardeners Eliot Coleman and Barbara Damrosch—You will never see more gorgeous produce. Nearby, poters Paul Heroux and Scott Goldberg share a small waterfront gallery that’s a real treat to visit.
One fun part of this trip is a trap lottery, where you are given a number corresponding to a lobster trap, and you get to keep any legal lobsters in that trap when it’s hauled. Inside are tide pools with pink anenomes and other interesting sea creatures and plants, some which seem to be adapted to low light conditions.
And the guns in place for WWII were big indeed, twelve inch in diameter and capable of hurling a projectile ten miles across the water. You won’t need your passport, Castine has been in American control since April 28, 1816. Wine, cheese, chocolate, local breads (this peninsula is also rich in bakers), sandwiches, soups, and much more.
Ironically, there was a busload of schoolkids making a constant racket there, which was a sound beacon guiding me back. Each member adopts the persona of a character from a specific historical era and works hard to become knowledgeable about the life and times of that character. Today, a wooden boat lover can choose from many courses, from building a skiff to making his or her own bronze cannon. The outcome of this battle was not one of America’s proud military moments, as the overly-cautious commander Dudley Saltonstall gave the order to retreat.
I also had my car’s GPS with me which answered some direction questions when it seemed the trail markings were ambiguous.
Their streamline shape and iridescent coloring are however, better than their performance on the dinner plate. It is against the law to catch them beyond 3 miles from shore and so they are thought of more as a river fish, where they spawn. British ships soon arrived and chased Saltonstall’s fleet up the Penobscot River, where he ran them aground and set them all ablaze.
You will see a fair amount of open ocean and be rewarded with a close encounter with ocean leviathans! If the character is a poor shepherd and the cost of wool is beyond his means, he will be dressed in tatters. Students are able to participate in the wetter aspects of boating as well; a beautiful harbor and dock allow full access to the southern end of Eggemoggin Reach. Castine is interesting because it was claimed at various time by the  French, British, Dutch and finally the Americans.
You can combine your trip with a climb to the observatory on the top of the new Penobscot Narrows bridge. This has been long known as the greatest defeat of the American side in New England during the Revolutionary War, and our greatest Naval defeat of all time.
They can be caught at mid summer right from the dock at Lamoine State Park, a mile away from here.

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