This 70-year old, 10-ton engine gives the Elmore fuel consumption rates as good or better than most modern pleasurecraft! There are also dozens of workshops, many of which are just as useful for us Clorox-bottle sailors.
Every night there were bands and in a space about the same size as a single dock at a big boat show there were three or four different places where you could get excellent local beer.
I adore the Wooden Boat Festival for all those reasons- and one more, which is how accessible it was for us as a family with children. On this cruise, more than any other, guests are given the chance to pitch in and make the ship go. The rhythm of shipboard life provides a unique environment to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the Maine coastline. All the wooden boats built over the centuries in Camden could not have been completed without many skilled workers.
One of the best known builders was Holly Bean, who had his yard in Camden where Wayfarer Marine is today. In 1941, Cary Bok, Richard Lyman and Clinton Lunt bought that property and started up a yard where the Beans had been. Located at the entrance to Camden’s inner harbor on the western side of Penobscot Bay, Camden Yacht Club (CYC) is a vibrant, family oriented club which has served the boating community since 1906. Our junior program, called the Camden Area Youth Seamanship Program (CAYSP), has produced many fine racers who have gone on to success in college sailing and beyond. The Camden Yacht Club facility has served the boating community since the early 1900’s.
Launch service, itinerate moorings and inner harbor floats are available to the general public at a fee.
Club members enjoy seasonal dining on the lawn and frequent club functions throughout the year.
Rental facility: The Camden Yacht Club is a beautiful location for a wedding or a special event. Camden Area Youth Seamanship Program: Sailing classes have been an important part of the Camden Yacht Club since 1951. Cruising and Sailing: For many sailors, Downeast Maine is the ultimate cruising destination and the reason why many of CYC’s members live in Maine.
Racing: The Camden Yacht Club organizes and participates in a series of Regattas, such as the The Camden Invitational Regatta, the Wooden Boat Series, King of Spain races, the Codger Cup, the Mercury series and a few more.

Members Events: In addition, CYC organizes regular events, cocktails, brunches, barbecues, cruises, etc. Perfect for fly-fishing, the high bow gives the angler a greater outlook for spotting fish while the oarsman has no trouble manoeuvring the boat in all kinds of water.
Hand crafted in Tasmania from Huon Pine and AAA marine ply, our boats are custom made to order in a range of designs and finishes. All the fresh new gelcoat and shiny high-tech equipment blinds my eyes and when I come reeling off of each boat I can never remember where the hell I put my shoes. The focus is not on new products, nor are they really trying to sell anything, although there are a handful of vendor booths. Compared to the money-oozing wooden boat scene in, say Camden, Maine, this festival is much saltier.
Our kids still remember the boatbuilding activities they could participate in, the chanteys we heard, and the beautiful boats we were welcomed aboard. Required fields are marked *Comment Comments are moderated and generally will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive. Barry King for a week of experiential instruction aboard one of Penobscot Bay’s legendary tall ships, the schooner MARY DAY. Topics covered will include general seamanship, coastal navigation, and marlinespike seamanship.
There will be time at night to enjoy some traditional sailor’s songs and relax under the stars. Most importantly, Barry and Jane bring humor, joy, and a relaxed atmosphere to the sailing experience. It took master builders, skilled workers, office staff and yard owners, and all were perfectionists.
CYC operates seasonally from May through October and is a well-known destination for down east cruisers.
The nationally renowned architect, John Calvin Stevens, was hired to design the present-day shingle style clubhouse, with its’ oriental overtones and large porches.  In 1980, the clubhouse was placed on the National Historic Register. Sitting at the entrance to Camden’s inner harbor, our location offers unique and stunning views both into the harbor towards the Camden Hills, and to the south and east across the outer harbor and Penobscot Bay.
Camden Harbor has long been a starting or stopping point for cruising the many quiet coves, harbors, and islands of Penobscot Bay and points east. There are workboats on display, including the Elmore, which had the largest diesel engine I’ve ever seen.

Students will be divided into teams to learn the skills that every sailor needs aboard any vessel.
Great food is the hallmark of any windjammer cruise to satisfy the hardiest appetites, including a Maine lobster picnic. Join Barry, Jane, and the crew of the MARY DAY for a great week under sail discovering the workings of a traditional sailing ship. Because custom-built wooden yachts, like anything hand-made, cost a lot to be perfect, the yard was losing money on contracts. In three days I saw everything from fully Bristol-finished yachts to very unusual homespun contraptions.
The Crew of MARY DAY will expertly guide you in trimming and handling sails, steering, plotting a course, stitching a ditty bag, and going aloft (optional) to stow the topsails.
His models are held in the nautical collections of the Smithsonian Museum, Mariner’s Museum and Maine Maritime Museum, among many other pubic and private collections., designed and built wood vessels until the yard closed in 1963.
Prescott, which launched in January 1899, and was the first of the five masted in the world.
The young men had gone to war and older men came from all around, but it still was not enough workers.
On Friday, students will take command and utilize the skills they have been learning throughout the week.
Next he  built nine vessels with Whitney Long, of Tenants Harbor, before returning to Camden in 1873 to work with Capt. So they advertised that they would even hire women, many of whom came to be painters and bungers.
Petersen had liked Camden so much that he came back to custom-build pleasure yachts and fishing vessels with Bok. She is a big, pure sailing vessel, designed and rigged along the lines of a traditional coasting schooner, but built with comfort and safety in mind.
One could not get in the gate until they checked in with the guard, and the workers punched time cards, in and out.

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