Location: Beaufort, SC and H'ville, NC Now here's something for the collaboration forum. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Fiberglass or plastic boats have their place and utility but travelling on the water in a wood craft is a gift. So go ahead and get your own yellow autumn leaf – mess about in a wooden boat or canoe from Urban Boatbuilders!
Please don’t forget our Annual General Meeting this coming Sunday, April 24th in the shop at 173 Stamford Street, Ashton under Lyne OL6 7PS. We need more members to support our work going forward with Hazel now fully operative as Tameside’s only wooden Well-Being boat.
Also general help and folk who can come to monthly Council of Management meetings with a possibility of becoming a Trustee after a period of getting to know each other.
We’ve still got 5 old boats needing care and attention so even if you can only spare small amounts of time on these, do contact us.
On April 24th the members, Trustees and Council of Management will meet at 2pm in the shop, 173 Stamford Street, Ashton under Lyne. If you’re not yet a member, please either complete the attached form GiftAidDeclaration_singleformforemail         or come to the meeting and join on the day. On the first Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of each month we collect donations for sale in our shop or for recycling. You will get a free boat trip from Portlad Basin to Droylsden and return, learn about our Society, meet other volunteers and get a chance to steer the boat. The Mayor was proud to officiate especially as he had been on the committee that gave us a grant, via New Charter’s Great Neighbourhoods scheme.

You too can help Hazel on her journey; most of the folk who will benefit from her, having poor mental health, usually need funding especially for trips like the ones we offer plus, of course, Hazel will have to be kept in tip-top condition for these trips. Paid up members can vote on issues at the meeting and have their say regarding the onward direction of the Society. However, we are now not only up and running with the website but also have some wonderful news about an upcoming Service Launch for Hazel with mayoral ribbon-cutting and speeches (and tea and cake) !!!
If you’re a sponsor this is your chance to enjoy seeing where all your much appreciated support money is going. The Wooden Canal Boat Society is now offering fully crewed Well?-Being cruises on ‘Hazel’, a beautifully restored historic wooden canal boat.  We offer local cruises and longer breaks, providing rest and relaxation for people having a tough time because of poor mental or physical health or other difficulties.
OK, are you sitting watching rain at the window and yet more animated animals on the telly? Otherwise volunteer in our shop, train as a crew-member or help look after the rest of our fleet of historic Narrow Boats.
We wish all our readers a lovely holiday season and hope that 2016 will be as exciting for you as it promises to be for Hazel and the Society Generally. Hazel the boat is up and running, starting her Well-Being trips for folk with poor mental health.
Ninety items Wooden Sail Boat Celeste 2 designed by Francis Kinney and built by Jesperson sauceboat Builders and is for sure to turn heads wherever she is moored. Especially a treasurer to work with our new online banking and QuickBooks – training given. The Trustees then resign and, if they wish, can stand for re-election together with others who are interested. We had some maintenance to do and unfortunately the guys at the other end weren’t the quickest to respond.

Unfortunately they don’t all get funding plus Hazel will still need long-term care to keep her in the necessary tip-top condition. Obtain Sailboats for cut-rate sale with woodwind on Oodle Marketplace wooden sailing boats for sale. Btw, if you know of anyone looking for a cheap, tough boat, when I was in California I saw a JH Tahiti that a rigger owns in the San Fran area.
Still, someone will buy it & will be on the forums next month, asking how to finish it off!
You never know, $500 might take it although I'm sure the outdrives, if they can be salvaged, are worth quite a bit more than that. Meet our volunteers, have a sociable day helping to recycle unwanted goods and raise funds for the Society. 1932 Wooden Sailing Ship Kutter sheet boat for sale placed Indiana Suomi Cheoy Lee clipper thirty-six offshore yacht for saleby SailniBoatSales ALPIN wooden sheet boat nursing home made.by. Menage Online Classifieds marketplace Place Boats for sales event Euphrates is a beautiful 1949 Matthews classic wooden motoryacht.
Grahame (and Ratty) knew there is nothing like the look, feel, and performance of wood in the water. They've kept them in operational shape, at least through the 1990s, using them for dive & other training exercises.

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