Belize 54 Sedan: If the legendary wooden boats of our past had kept evolving, how might they look today?Belize could well offer some insights. Not just for beautyA?a‚¬a„?s sake, but because the more tall and top-heavy a boat, the more ungainly and susceptible to windage.
But in this case, even good looks can be deceiving; the Belize actually delivers greater spaceA?a‚¬a€? in the sizing of beds, heads, showers, in fact all living areasA?a‚¬a€? than similar-sized production counterparts.

ItA?a‚¬a„?s a testimony to very experienced thinking, artful computer-aided design and stronger, less bulky miracle materials. But there are more differences: Unusually for a motoryacht today, the Belize sheer is really the top edge of a substantial and shippy bulwarkA?a‚¬a€? instead of a token toerailA?a‚¬a€? for more secure side access and drier passagemaking.

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