Based on the fisherman’s type dinghies of old, the WBS Dinghies offer the opportunity to own something unique. Copper fastened with steam bent frames, fitted with laminated and tapered knees, our dinghies boast great carrying capacities.
Our boats are built with a proven blend of modern technologies and traditional skills to ensure a hardy boat with a timeless elegance.
Our dinghies plans and materials are also available and present a challenging and fulfilling experience for the accomplished woodworker. Owners name burned into the transom for theft deterant and identification, comes with a spliced painter, chain & padlock!
In the days of fishing under sail a clinker dinghy was an essential work boat for most fisherman.
The WBS Dinghies are based on the Tasmanian cray-fishing boats built by such Famous artisans as Percy Coverdale,Wilson Brothers and Ned Jack, to tender big boats such as Storm Bay and Derwent Hunter.
The swing centre-board and folding rudder make launching, retrieving & getting off the beach under sail easy. With all the beauty of copper fastenings and steam bent frames, long stylish graceful knees The WBS Dinghies are available in solid timber or plywood clinker construction, epoxy 2 pack painted making them virtually maintenance free.
In late Janurary of this year Arther Brett telephoned me about the possibility of securing a support boat for something of a historical event.
Michael planned to leave from Stanley on Tasmania's North West coast and travel some 117 nautical miles (211km) across Bass Strait to Tidal River at Wilson's Promontory in Victoria. That night upon arriving in Stanley a strong front came through from the SW and it looked like it would be possible to take off in the next day or two. X You are using an outdated browser For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser.

General Comments:The 44' express design is the fourth boat I have collaborated with Memory Yachts on, first the 38', then the Displacement 43', a 29' Express, and now the new 44 Express.
The beam is less than that of most contemporary yachts, and this is for a number of reasons. Her bottom is a modern modified-V, with deadrise decreasing from 23 degrees amidships to 12 degrees at the transom. The hull and deck are molded fiberglass, the interior layout and bulkhead placement are owner's choice. Beautifully functional dinghies were built for rowing, sailing and always for carrying a large load. There was always a fine line between the size of the boat and what one man could row, or two men could haul aboard the mother ship, often hurriedly, sometimes in very hazardous weather when time was essential to escape a lee shore under sail. Quick and Easy to rig their conservative, balanced sail plan will astound you when they ghosts along in a light breeze, then get up and starts to plane on the reach in a fresh breeze. When the breeze is down the 2 hp outboard, a pull of the oars or skulling will shoot them home in a calm. A hydraulic gear box is fitted coupled to a direct shaft, swinging a five bladed propeller.
Michael Blackburn, Australian Laser Champion and Bronze medalist at the Sydney Olympics had a plan to sail across Bass Strait. I believed it would be in Michaels' best interest to see the Strait for himself before crossing it in his laser. We in fact waited six days in Stanley as a lingering low-pressure system brought winds in the region of 35-40 knots.
Running at 3000 rpm, traveling at 15 knots, the Rough Up's 6LP Yanmar used only 22 litres of fuel per hour.

According to Roberts, all four have strong historical ties, economical performance, and, of course, beauty. I have used shallow propeller pockets to reduce draft, and the hull incorporates a molded keel for running gear protection. She is intended as a coastal cruiser with good accommodation for two over long periods, and there is room for two occasional guests. She will be comfortable along shore in all weather, and "stand out" beautiful in any harbor. For those not in the know with dinghy sailing, the Laser class is a single man boat, approx 3.5 metres long and a sail area of just over 7 square metres.
We left Sorrento on the 2nd of March in the Rough Up for Stanley, placing the Laser inside the Chev 32. It was a great test for the boat, and showed just how a boat like the Cheviot 32 can open up so many destinations for overnight cruising.
Twelve feet of beam would have been considered only a little fat for a 44' boat in the 1920's. Her deckhouse is a wonderful place to be, with large opening windows on all four sides and double doors opening onto the covered aft cockpit. Over the next coming month and a half we planned the trip, kept an eye on the weather and gathered all the necessary saftey equipment.
Michael completed his voyage at 4:31pm on the beach at Tidal River having spent over 12 hours combating the seas of Bass Strait.

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