SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA – Lake Tahoe’s rich maritime history “comes to life” at the 5th Annual South Tahoe Wooden Boat Classic scheduled for July 27-28, 2012 at the Tahoe Keys Marina and Yacht Club. Stanley Jr., who fell in love with boats and racing as a 10-year-old at the lake, later competed against his friend Henry Kaiser whose family owned the Kaiser Estate on the West Shore. This year, the STWBC will have several of the Dollar boats on display including Tamarack, a 1931, 28′ Gar Wood triple cockpit runabout purchased by Robert Stanley Dollar Sr. While the Dollar boats will command center stage, they will be joined by over 65 other antique and classic watercraft entered into the show.
In addition, The Tahoe Maritime Museum (TMM), located in Homewood, will once again be at the show providing rides for families who sign up for a TMM membership. In just four years the STWBC has proven to be a successful fundraiser for local non-profit organizations. Discount tickets for this fun family event will again be available at any Raley’s and the Bel Air and Nob Hill Family Markets in California and Nevada. Tahoe City, CA, May 30, 2008 – Speedboats careening about on Tahoe were common for many years throughout the 20th Century. Speedboat racing began in earnest in 1925 with the formation of the Tahoe Power Boat Club (later to become the Tahoe Yacht Club). Since its initial modifications prior to its first Gold Cup victory in 1926, it has undergone some adaptations for speed, including the addition of a foot throttle for ease of operation while racing.
Matt on the boat show poster, why are the two other boats circling the baby skipalong, that has no driver or passenger?

All possible scenarios… Maybe Roy Dryer the artist will chime in with his take on the cool poster. The South Tahoe event was a great last year, with the Sunday presentations and picnic up the lake.
During his amateur racing career which spanned 30-plus years Stanley piloted Uncle Sam, Baby Skip-A-Long, Mercury, Slo-Mo-Shun IV, and Skip-A-Long of California. The past four events have raised over $40,000 which has been distributed to a multitude of worthy causes. Casual motorboat racing began in the mid 19-teens, and this early interest spurred the organization of more formal and official powerboat regattas, beginning an era of competition on Tahoe that has since gone down in history. Gentlemen racers, in their quest to capture the coveted title of Lake Champion, built exotic hulls whose sole function was speed. It became Dollar’s veteran standby racer, heavily favored to win whenever she entered a regatta. Edward Scott’s family has been intimately associated with Tahoe lore for nearly eight decades.
However, despite technical advances during the boat’s quarter century of competition, it remains very original. After the show, Scott has made sure people continue to see it, possibly entering the boat in other boat shows around the country in future summers. The Dollars, whose family businesses included the timber and steamship industries, built their Tahoe estate in 1927 on the North Shore that is now known as Dollar Point.

Refreshments for sale include Honey Bee ice cream for the kids and Pacifico Beer for adults. This year’s recipients are the Boys & Girls Club of South Lake Tahoe, Kiwanis of South Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Heritage Foundation, Thunderbird Lodge Preservation Society and the Sierra State Parks Foundation. As technology advanced, boats became faster and records were clipped off, creating new champions or in some cases, returning the glory to a former champion. Though regattas would continue to be staged into the 1970s, liability issues began to cause complications, and the golden age of racing on Tahoe ended in 1959. This boat is truly a museum quality boat… it’s something that people need to see,” he adds. In addition, he would like to make it available to the Tahoe Maritime Museum, to be seen and appreciated. Those who won the coveted Gold Cup title earned a prestigious place in marine racing annals as the fastest boats in history.

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