We are located on the Snohomish River in the Pacific Northwest, about 20 miles north of Seattle. Richard Stanley Custom Boats envisions a line of wood-hulled boats with fiberglass deck and top. PHOTO BY LIZ GRAVESTREMONT — Veteran wooden boat builder Richard Stanley hopes to sell lobstermen on the benefits of wood-hulled work boats. It doesn’t absorb the vibrations of the boat, like from the engine, and it gives a much harder slanting motion when it rolls through the water.

PHOTO COURTESY OF MDI HISTORICAL SOCIETYHis wooden hulls would have engine beds ready for the motor, wooden soles and a locker down below, but likely get their fiberglass and finish work once they leave his shop.“What I want to do is like the fiberglass hull builders do,” Stanley said. In the old days with wooden tops, if they were maintained properly, the tops would stay tight and keep freshwater out. Because it usually didn’t happen that way, it ended up leaking, freshwater got down there, and it started rotting out.”Stanley heard from fishermen that maintenance of the old wooden lobster boats was a drag, but it was the deck and top structure that took the most time.
But I can design a boat that fits the needs of the particular fisherman, not the same as what everyone else has.” Bio Latest Posts Liz GravesReporter at Mount Desert IslanderLiz Graves covers the people, businesses, governmental and nonprofit agencies of Bar Harbor for the Islander.

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