I am thinking about a simple trailerable boat for two, in which to cruise for weeks to places like the Bahamas, Nantucket, anywhere-Maine, Puget Sound. I think it is quite possible with a light semi-planing plywood boat of about 24 feet, with a 25 HP engine or less. Narrow beam (5-6 feet), less than 1-foot draft, stitch-and-glue construction, and weight under 2000 pounds appeal to me.
What does the forum see as minimum safety requirements beyond good electronics, prudence and skill? I would focus on a bit extra line, extra fuel capacity, a spare handheld, and some cash in a pelican box.
I would probably fit an underfloor flexi water bag in a semi-sealed compartment that could also be flooded with seawater as the freshwater in the bag is consumed.
I believe the logic behind the pad was lower horsepower required to plane, planing would start at lower speed. I recently read that a radius bottom of around 12 degrees is a very good alround hull, but would that benefit from a chine flat to make more stability at reast?. Many of the Carolina sportfisherman type yachts will do that, and some a good bit faster, but I don't suppose they grow in your backyard out in WA.
The Mahongany Bay website has a very stylish 1937 54' Huskins Commuter but it's listed not for sale.
There are at least two commuters on the Antique Boat America website, but they're mid-30 feet in length.
It certainly is but I'm thinking something like that commuter is what my client is looking for.

I heard there's a guy in New York who owns one of the PT boats that were used for filming McHale's Navy who has it available for charter.
Hi everyone, just a quickie, last month I went onto a site that had a guy who built some paddle boats for his kids but stupidly (or drunkenly) I didn't put it in favourites. One of Dave Gerr's books has plans and directions for the Sutherland Paddle Boat, which may be what you're thinking of.
The STILETTO is a ski-type outboard runabout styled like the popular high speed inboard ski boats. Learn how to fiberglass the easy way, by looking over the shoulder of an expert who is working on actual boats. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. Getting the right balance of hull shape for seaworthiness and planing performance with low hp for a non designer has been a tricky road. You would want a good manual bilge pump anyway, so i wouldnt go for a foam filled underfloor, self bailer. This kind of ballast arrangement seems to works well, and utilising one compartment for double duty saves weight and is more efficient.
I just cant imagine using it at planing speed in the lake here due to the flat bottom, otherwise it ticks a lot of boxes in its concept. I know this is reserecting an oldish post but I clicked on the link to the Coast Guard reg's for boat builders - - - HOLY CRAP!

The kids along the beach would have regular paddleboat wars, the winning side the one with a boat still afloat.
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The first ones were built by a Swede who also turned out some awesome Whitehall type pulling boats. The sides flare out to provide additional buoyancy at the transom as well as acting as safety anti-trip chines in faster turns. Whether you build from our plans or use a Frame Kit, you can have a great looking ski boat that you'll be proud of. Just sit in the comfortable bucket seat, and when the skier gives thumbs up, you'll be able to pick him off the beach like few outboards can. Your STILETTO will really make heads turn, and you'll have a hard time convincing your friends that you didn't buy your boat from a factory.
It may only get you downwind without a leeboard, but i would be happier knowing at least i had something to help myself get out of trouble,or at least trying, rather than picking up a mobile phone.

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