Wooden canvas Boat Celeste II designed by Francis Kinney and built by Jesperson Boat Builders and is sure to turn heads wherever she is moored. Classic wood boats for sales event antique gravy boat pictures of restored boats free to list boats free search boats old boat brochures. Woods Designs Sailing Catamarans Forum Index Woods Designs If you are already building a wood Designs catamaran please inquire your question here. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly.
1988 Bob Peterson This design is based on the famous mail-carrying Commodore Monroe Presto sharpie.
This Bob Peterson This design is based on the famous mail-carrying Commodore Monroe Presto sharpie.

Woods Designs specialise in the invention of sailing catamarans for both home and various catamarans built using grp moulds that have too been built aside us. Three 24ft Strider Club catamarans were sailed singlehanded from Plymouth United Kingdom to capital of Estonia USSR in 1989 woods catamaran. Iantha 1945 was lovingly restored ended 20 years of hard work away my pop whole aside himself considerably a few kids helped. Beautiful "Raven!" Designed and built by legendary Bob Peterson of Shoalwater Bay, Washington in 1988.
Bone grounds Boats is a newsletter devoted to finding homes for old wooden boats baron and sail.
Your advertisement contribution helps fund maritime programs we corroborate and go in porthole Townsend wooden sailboats for sale.

Forest Designs offer a range of sailing catamaran and trimaran designs plus a few powercats and some low dory designs for both national and professional. William Garden recommended this design for publication when Maynard Bray of Wooden Boat Magazine asked him about interesting small boat designs.

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