The fifth ship Venetian Galley is adopted as an illustration in the book "Getting and Staying Productive" written by Professor Roger W.
This is the English translation of a part of my Japanese web site "A Wooden Sailing Ship Modeling Studio in a Country Town".
The "Assembling Instructions" of kits manufacturers do not indicate the function of the various components of the rigging. Nevertheless, knowing this function would facilitate the organization of the model construction. A visit on the site of Eric GAUTHIER's site will give you a great number and useful details about the rigging.

Composed of strong black cables (they are covered with tar), which tension is made by various kinds of tackles. Between shrouds are ratlines, forming ladders for the access to the tops, crosstrees and yards. It is the running rigging which allows the ship to adjust her sails and her speed according to winds. This rigging is made by relatively thin cables (1.5 to 2cm in diameter, natural beige colour), because they are manipulated by the crew and belayed on cleats, belaying pins or racks. Here is a sequence for stepping masts and installing , yards, rigging and sails so as to facilitate these steps.

It concerns only the construction of kits and does not claim to have the precision of the monographs. But Hinode-machi is a beautiful mountainous country town located at the west end of Tokyo. Pass generally through a stay or shrouds, before being stopped on the belaying pins of gunwale racks.

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