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Sponsons are projections extending from the sides of land vehicles, aircraft or water craft to provide protection, stability, storage locations, mounting points, or equipment housing.
Extend a watercraft hull dimension at or below the waterline to increase flotation or add lift when underway. Serve as a mounting or enclosure for a gun projecting in part or whole beyond warship's hull, particularly in the pre-Dreadnought era. Serve as a mounting or enclosure for a gun projecting in part or whole beyond the hulls of land vehicles and aircraft, notably on British heavy tanks during World War I. Take the form of a short wing on the fuselages of flying boats, providing hydrodynamic stability when travelling through the water during take off and landing, as pioneered by German aerospace designer and engineer Claude Dornier on the Zeppelin-Lindau Rs.IV during World War I. Provide storage for fuel or housing for landing gear on larger helicopters such as the Sikorsky S-92 and Bell 222. Provide layers of bullet-proof protection and storage space, as found over the tracks of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.
Ship Camel a€“ related technology of external floatation tanks affixed on a ship to reduce her draught.

Located conveniently in Hangar Bay 3 and landside of the YORKTOWN, the snack bars feature a selection of barbecue, wings, and more from the legendary local restaurant. ATLANTIC OCEAN (April 4, 2016) - Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class Casey Mentley ties a messenger line to a shot line on a fueling sponson of the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D.
After 2 and a half days of work, the operations to install the first of the 19 sponsons to be positioned for the refloating of the Concordia wreck were completed on Monday afternoon. Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa Image Members of the Kenya Defence Forces Navy and Coastal Riverine Squadron 10 replace the sponson on a Sea Ark 34-foot tactical patrol boat at Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, Jan. Smooth and stable, the Fun Chaser 2100 Cruiser rides a twin-sponson hull design rendered in molded fiberglass. This aluminum bracket mount will allow you to mount a aero-6028 antenna or similar antenna on the transom of your boat.
The picture shows the mount with a antenna attached to it on the left and just the mount on the right. The Simichrome metal polish cleans to a brilliant shine and also leaves a protective film to help retard tranishing. These are the stock rubber replacement boots for the steering linkage on Cen Racing Boats.

WARNING: If any capacitors seem to bulge, start to deform, leak or pop, stop using them IMMEDIATELY!!!
It's designed to fit most radio switches and is ideal for use in planes, helicopters, cars and boats. These heavy duty linkage boots will help stop water from seeping in around your steering linkage or wiring exiting the hull.
Ant there are What Appears to be TWO Sponson Pods mounted on Either Side of the Bridge Deckhouse. It can be used after electronics get wet by displacing water or protecting electronics from future water damage. Great for charging packs with Triton, Ice chargers or any charger that requires a 4mm banana plug.

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