In addition to wooden boat rentals and restorations, Brightside offers modern power boat rentals, storage and winterization services, and much more! For his entire life, Shawn Grant, a resident of Belgrade Lakes for nearly 20 years, has recalled a love and appreciation of classic wooden boats. From their vintage design, the low bellowing sound they make when piercing the water, and their harmonious feel as they glide along. Grant said he knew that he wanted three strokes of a paint brush in his logo and a transom, which is the back part of a boat or ship. Whether the customer was looking for a boat rental for a weekend getaway, or had a snow-covered 1956 Chris Craft that required restoration – word of Brightside was beginning to spread amongst the local community, although for many outside of the Belgrade Lakes region, it still remains one of the state’s, or perhaps country’s best kept secrets. Belgrade Lake’s flock of Summer tourists make up much of Brightside’s rental side of the business, many whom are looking for the “On Golden Pond experience” – the Academy Award winning ’81 film based on pristine Great Pond.
While classic wooden boat rentals and restorations may be the foundation of Brightside, over the years, the business has found themselves spending more time in other areas – such as modern boat rentals and storage and winterization services. Today, Brightside offers various boat rentals including modern power boats, sailboats, canoes and kayaks.
Grant currently employs several experienced woodworkers and boat builders to keep up with the demand on the restoration side of the business; including leadman, Jim Wachter, of Belgrade Lakes.
Honoring the hard work and dedication of the United States Coast Guard, the USCG Motor Boat model is a well-crafted replica of the 44 foot motor boat used by the US Coast Guard.
We build and offer more model ships than anyoneLooking for the perfect gitt for a client or associate?How about that hard-to-shop for family member? 100% Money Back GuaranteeHandcrafted Model Ships guarantees your every satisfaction with our models. Knowledgable Live Customer ServiceOur customer service team consists of real people right here in Southern California awaiting to assist you. In late November of 2006 all of the 123 WPBs were taken out of service due to debilitating problems with its hull, engine and propeller systems. The lines of a herring skiff are pretty basic, you should be able to draw one up after looking at a few. I believe there are several designs in Aluminum for this exact use, one listed above, so it is probably better for him to take that route. Workstar Landing Craft: this is a UK company that designs and sells kits for aluminium workboats including a range of landing craft.
Next, not having a solid transom in front means you have to have a bodacious framework in front to keep the sides from flapping. Next, converting S&G to aluminum will, most likely, negate any guarantees that would normally come with plywood plans.
I saw one at the boat show in Toronto in 2009 that had a built in trailer tongue on the stern and retractable suspension built into closable bays in box sponsons. Have built a P.Bolger Diablo 15 from aluminum as well as a scaled up versions at 18' and 22' . His is made for a quad and LOA is about 21 feet, I doubt you can get it at 16' unless you sit on it whicl boating. While I have been dancing in circles about a catamaran or tri boat, I'm realizing that because of my wanting to haul a motorcycle, this LC would be the easiest, cheapest and most efficient considering all three of those requirements.

I'm going to need to find plans that can stretch out to about 26' to 30' due to my cabin requirement. I have an old Johnson MS38 outboard motor that was originally owned by my Great Grandfather in Elk Rapids MI and use on Elk and Torch Lakes.
Anyway, I have been thinking of possibly restoring the little motor and wondering what boat plan would look correct using the motor. A hull like this is ideal because it is narrow enough to be easy to drive thru' the water and it sits low so the wind can't get a grip on it. Mytober - The 15' Mississippi Yawl River Skiff is a bit big for what I had in mind but looks like some of the old skiffs I've seen in the midwest.
Cuyahoga Chuck - The honker is a neat design and the low freeboard would certainly keep windage down. I just took a look at Michael Storers Rowing Skiff, it is a modern ply interpretation and it looks as it doesn't need much push for hull speed. My one of 20' Norwalk Island Sharpie with high sideboards and about 900kg calls for 3,5 hp. He wrote his own business plan and sold some of his prized possessions in order to acquire the necessary tools, equipment and rental boats to get the business started. Impulsion Boat and Raft Oars by Sawyer Oars and Cataract Oars work substantially in drift boats and scores for fishing and aimless rivers. This is the 18-foot 6-inch Deluxe Utility Model with the painted wooden hull and a mahogany top-side & stern. These as well as other issues - such as C4ISR problems - drove the program $60 million over budget on just the first 8 boats which was three times the original bid for those boats.
A lot of work and restoration has been put into this boat but was never made it back on the water. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.
I know one designer that won't even entertain that idea because it would take a re-engineering of the entire design. The 15 was designed for ply and the aluminum build was a peice of cake, and I wouldn't hesitate to build the bigger versions from plywood. Really, you need close to 6' of beam unless your quad will run forever, since newer ones are wider now, so thinking ahead you'll want your boat to meet future requirements I would think.
Any suggestions as to what this little motor would look authentic on and still push along with 2 people in? If you want something quick to build and light enough for that small motor a plywood S&G rowboat would be ideal. It could push a bigger, heavier boat on a protected lake in Michigan than it might in a flat windswept area close to the Atlantic Ocean. Of course you then need side decks to keep the waves out which might prevent rowing if necessary.
The closer your choice is to canoe size and shape the more likely your ability to motor from A to Z when wind and waves are not in your favor.
I’m looking to raise from my wooden oars and was just wondering what some of you guys are pose in the wrangle seat facing the bow of the boat the obeisance is the high finish of the boat.

She has had $30,000 of extensive restoration, rehab and modernization done over the past 10-years.
The refit includes adding 13 feet to the stern, to make room for a high-speed stern launching ramp, and replacing the superstructure so that these vessels have enough room to accommodate mixed gender crews.
Ironically the 41 unmodified 110's - which were destined for the 123 upgrade - are now being pressed harder in to service to take up the slack. The engine in this watercraft was completely rebuilt in 1989 (no hours) The interior and carpet were both replaced (brand new) in 1989. Just guessing but I'd say 16' or less is out because making a boat that short wide enough for the quad would make the boat overly wide for good performance. They might be able to indicate what would or wouldn't work in terms of size and construction method. But a modern glued plywood hull won't have the allure of a hull full of steamed ribs with painted canvas on the outside.
My Great Grandfather died in the mid 40's which probably explains why the motor is in such good condition.
It would challenge me to step out of my comfort zone (stitch and glue) and it kind of looks like a design if finished as a fishing boat that the old outboard might not look out of place on. Not everyone wants to rent a ’47 Chris Craft, so we need to keep up with the demand of what our customers are asking us for”. Mountain Driftboat oars have got become the most popular oar with professional guides indium the Greater Yellowstone area. The refit added about 15 tons to the vessel's displacement, and reduced it maximum speed by approximately one knot.
I was told that Great Gramps used it on a small (12-14ft?) flat bottom skiff for trips into town and fishing. Jacques Mertens did this design not long ago from a glue and screw design he found in an old do-it-yourself magazine. I think it was only used from 1938 for a few years and then stored in my Grandfathers garage for years and years. I guess I will join the Antique Outboard Motor organization as I've heard they are the best source for info on restoring old outboards. Rove gravy holder and pontoon boat owners can directly experience the power and carrying out of Lamiglas eve when they’re not fishing. Collins made the decision to stop at eight hulls the Integrated Deepwater System’s (IDS) conversion of 110-foot Island Class patrol boats into 123-foot patrol boats. Unfortunately, no photos exist of Great Grandfather's boat and my father and grandfather are both dead now.

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