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This week from the Page Springs Hatchery, we stocked Nelson Reservoir, Cataract Lake, Ashurst Lake, Frances Short Pond, Oak Creek, Knoll Lake, Lynx Lake and Mingus Lake. According to my friend Mike McFarland, Lake Pleasant is going bonkers -- like 100-plus-fish mornings -- for striped bass using frozen anchovies in the main lake basin over submerged reefs and humps. Forest visitors are reminded that some campfire restrictions are always in effect, such as in forested areas within city limits of most northern Arizona communities.
White Mountain area cities, counties, and federal agencies, along with commercial partners that make up Northeast Arizona Public Information System (593 JIC), have been collectively planning for months to implement timely fire restrictions for public lands within the White Mountain area. The fire restrictions will remain in place until lands within Apache, Greenlee,and Navajo Counties receive significant precipitation. White Mountain visitors are reminded that some campfire restrictions are always in effect, such as in forested areas within city limits of most northern Arizona communities. Violation of the prohibitions is punishable by a fine of not more than $5,000, imprisonment for not more than six months, or both.
Different land managing agencies establish their fire restrictions for their lands in different ways. Use the maps found throughout this website to clarify where you might be restricted from using fires. Another catfish stocking will take place the week of May 14-19 at all Phoenix and Tucson area urban waters. Cats from earlier stockings have been biting very well on worms, stink baits, hot dogs or shrimp fished on the bottom. Best baits for bluegill and sunfish are worms and mealworms fished under a small bobber in 3-6 foot depths.
At Green Valley Lakes (Payson) fishing is good to excellent for trout, with good fishing expected to last through the Memorial Day weekend.
I have been fishing the SRP canal since end of march over 70 largemouth caught, SRP has lowered the water 4 inches so bass fishing has slowed down tremendously.
Keep in mind that although this fishery in in the city, it is not part of the Urban Fishing Program, but you will need the regular state fishing license. Keep in mind there is no limit on stripers at Lake Pleasant and you are encouraged to catch and keep all you can to help the aquatic environment.
Haven't had many reports recently of the largemouth bass fishing, but it should be good as well. A few good sized smallies are being caught -- please practice catch-and-release on these fish, which are in the comeback mode.
Walleye fishing should be decent at first and last light using night crawler rigs, or jigs tipped with worm.
I have fished all over the state for bass this year and by far the biggest average is coming from Apache there are some giants in there for those with the patience.
Shore fishing for channel catfish and carp can also be viable both day and night right now.
Recreational boating congestion is also increasing significantly -- get on the water at first light, or fishing at night. As you will see in the angler report below, this is a good time to load up on spawning bluegill. This remains a fishing hot spot for 1- to 2-pound largemouth bass and is also doing well for crappie at times. Expect to find active post-spawn bass in the shallows, especially the major lake points, islands and reefs. As you can see from the picture above, the lower lake level means lots more opportunities for shore camping, especially around Bartlett Flats.
LOWER SALT RIVER (below Saguaro Lake) a€“ They are releasing from 1,098 cfs out of Stewart Mountain Dam from Saguaro. Trout fishing should still be decent at first light on night crawlers, small spinners, casting spoons such as KastMasters and flies. Don't forget we have a new interactive 2012 trout stocking schedule that actually shows the locations we stock along the creeks. Striped bass fishing is heating up from Good Hope to Hite where trolling leads to decent catches of fat fish up to 6 pounds.
Current flow forecast call May flows to be near the same flows that we saw in April, with a low of 7,000 cfs occurring in the morning then a slow rise to 13,000 cfs in the afternoon.
Remember that the flows are lower on Saturday and Sunday and these lower flows are almost always better for the midge hatches and fishing.
The flows in July will be much higher and this is the time of year that we get back in the boats and spend most of our time drifting and fishing from the boat.
We have been mixing up wading and also drifting midge rigs from the boat which is a great way to get to the feeding fish in the deeper water. There have been some recent comments regarding our fishing report not being updated more often. To help understand why midges are so important to our fishing success ita€™s good to know more about the lifecycle of midges and their importance to the trout diet. The bigger the hatch the better the fishing; this is why the best fishing always occurs during big hatches and why the midge hatches are so important to the trout diet.
The streamer fishing has been picking up and will likely get hot when the water flows increase this summer. From the big boulder down to the Paria is fishing really good in the morning and then on and off until 4 or 5 pm. At the area where the Paria enters the Colorado, a number of larger fish were taken this week. Rainbow trout are located throughout the river below Davis dam, but anglers typically report catching trout on the Arizona side across from the Riverside, off the shore of Davis Camp and in the big bend area. You can access the marsh by boat at the North Dike, Catfish Paradise, and Five-Mile Landing.
With the exception of a few off daysa€“lingering lows and wind, April has been a stellar month for bass and sunfish in the Topock Gorge! Ray Schaefer and Jerry Jacobs of Goodyear, Arizona recently boated a limit of smallmouth and 10 nice sunfish. Fishing exclusively for bass, Robert Abella from Las Vegas, NV and his party picked up some impressive bassa€“a 2-, a 3-, a 4- and the biggest so far this month, a 5.5-pounder! Flathead & Channel Catfish bite is good using live bluegills or cut Marckerel from 7pm to 2am. Well folks, for those of you wanting it fast, bass fishing is decent, crappie fishing is o.k.
This stretch of the river is best known for its trophy-sized flathead catfish, with some over 70 pounds and largemouth bass, with some over 10 pounds. Largemouth bass fishing is generally best in the backwaters or near the mouth of the backwaters. Flathead fishing is generally best in slack water areas, deep holes, or near overhanging vegetation along the main channel of the river.
Bluegill are also widespread but are most likely to be found around structure in the backwaters or slackwater areas. If you need any additional information or assistance, don't hesitate to contact the Yuma Regional office at (928) 342-0091, and we will be happy to give you whatever information we have. My dad and I went to upper lake Mary and caught one walleye and at least ten pike in a 45 minute window. Don't forget that a small segment of this creek in the upper end of the canyon has special regulations. Our every-changing weather sometimes has the fish confused, so many lakes are experiencing sporadic bites, especially the desert impoundments. This is the tail end of the better bite in the high country lakes, and likely the tail end of the better daytime fishing in the desert lakes. In the high country lakes, start fishing at or just before first light and then again at last light. In the warmwater lakes, we are looking at the first quarter of the waxing moon on June 18 and the full moon on June 26.
On moon bright nights, try using black-colored lures with lots of vibration (scent can help).
This makes it difficult to predict fishing patterns, but interesting to try and unravel the weekly fish-pattern mystery (when we aren't all confused).
PS: I will be in the Colorado Rockies for a couple of weeks, so Jim Harken will be pulling together the weekly fishing reports from our six regions.
Want to put a smile on dad’s face this Sunday – treat him to a surprise fishing trip on Saturday. Just in case, you might want to chat with dear old dad beforehand just to find out what he likes to fish for the most – trout, bass, catfish, crappie or sunfish. Or better yet, you might want to go all out and maybe give your dad the best trout fishing gift of all time – a guided fishing trip to Lees Ferry. For bass, you really need a boat this time of year (there are a couple of other alternatives).
Just cozy up to a relaxing pieces of shoreline at some lake, take some hot dogs, a couple cans of corn and maybe some chicken liver (try soaking it in garlic over night), and you are good to go.
By the way, bluegill fillets lightly dusted with flour or corn meal and flash cooked in hot oil is a superb dad’s day meal.
Some places for bluegill include Canyon Lake in the Boulder Recreation area (there is a fishing pier), Saguaro Lake at any of the fishing piers in the Keyhole Area or the Butcher Jones Recreation Area, or any urban lake. At Green Valley in Payson, the bite for crappie, bass and bluegill is picking up for anglers using small jigs, plastic worms and night crawlers. There are also no gas powered boats allowed on the lake and Tempe Town Lake permits are available at the City of Tempe Town Lake Operations Center, 620 N.
This is also a great time to fish from shore for channel catfish and carp using hot dogs and corn. Some anglers did well on yellow bass using light night crawlers or gold-colored KastMasters worked along the secondary points inside the coves. The shad spawn is over now and predatory sport-fish will be "slurping" the tiny shad, so down-size. An angler was pretty surprised at all the catfish he caught while fishing for largemouth bass. We are also hearing reports of some hawg largemouth bass being caught at times by veteran anglers. Keep in mind that bass and catfish will also feed on live minnows -- they are an all-purpose nighttime bait. No new reports but anglers are picking up a few of the remaining trout in eddies and pools. Night crawlers with little or no weight can work, cast slightly upstream and let the current carry the worm downstream, mending your line to keep contact with the bait so you can set the hook if a trout gobbles it up. There have been no reports of anglers finding a school of spawning stripers and catching trophy fish.
LEES FERRY -- Report courtesy Lees Ferry Anglers Report by Ted Welling, Monday, June 13, 2010. We have been using a dry- dropper rig on the edges of the riffles then, as the water comes up look for the sippers in the larger back eddies. Also seems to be increasing the bite on the Jaun Worm as well as I had about a third of my hits off that today. The fish more and more are holding in pockets near the main current channel just out from where the gravel bar is in the morning. The jig has been a fun one too, seems the black ones are working best when the cast is toward the shore.
I have been loading my passengers and getting away from the dock as quickly as possible to escape the pesky black flies that swarm around. The flows during the week are great with the water starting out at 7,000-cfs and slowly rising throughout the day to a peak of 11,500-cfs sometime in the early evening. The Walk-In area should be about ready to get hot as well and the best news is that being 16 miles from the dam the water rises even more slowly and much later in this section of river.
The first of July we are in for a big change when the flows increase dramatically in volume; this is when we get out of our waders and begin drifting heavy nymph rigs. As an added bonus the cicadas will start singing around the first of July and by the first week or so of July the fish are beginning to key in and eat the cicadas as they fall out of the trees and into the water. There is a wheelchair accessible fishing pier just south of the main launch ramp at Katherine's Landing.
Important notice: With the discovery of invasive quagga mussels in Mead, Mohave and Havasu, proper cleaning of all watercraft is critical to help prevent the spread of these invaders. COLORADO RIVER BELOW DAVIS DAM – With water temperature in the in the low 70’s, the Topock Gorge is producing plenty of striper and smallmouth bass action. HAVASU -- With the moon in the last quarter this weekend, this is a good time to fish at night for striped bass, largemouth bass and catfish.
This should be prime time for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and striped bassm but we arent' getting many angler reports. A slight drop in the barometer this time of year can often get the fish feeding aggressively in both the high country and the desert waters -- the fish will want to fill their bellies in case winter conditions arrive. The chance for rain might be slight this weekend, but the chance for a good bite is terrific. This is also a good time to try for walleye at places like Show Low Lake, Fool Hollow Lake and Apache Lake. If you want to experience world-class fishing with few people on the water, try Lees Ferry in northern Arizona.
Let's see, Alamo is on fire largemouth bass (especially topwater), Lake Pleasant is still a fishing hot spot for striped bass with a healthy mix of black bass, and Roosevelt is finally turning on. Silver Creek is open and still providing quality rainbows on the end of the line -- catch-and-release only. This is also the leading edge of our winter trout stocking season -- it will kick into high gear in November. Also, the area below Davis Dam (Casino Row) is being stocked with rainbow trout for the first time this season by the U.S. By the way, we are planning to do the annual "Welcome Back the Trout" celebration (including a fishing clinic after school) at Tempe Town Lake on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Just as a side note, the first Sandhill Cranes have been spotted at our Whitewater Draw Wildlife area in southern Arizona near the border.
PHOENIX a€“ There were no surprises, no voiced opposition and no additional public comments as the Arizona Game and Fish Commission dropped the gavel approving the 2011-2012 Arizona Fishing Regulations as proposed by department biologists on Oct.
Becker Lake is slated to become a catch-and-release-only year round with artificial lure and fly only with a single barbless hook. The commission also approved tweaking the size limit at Lees Ferry to allow greater harvest of the smaller trout and provide more opportunity. Game and Fish surveys showed that the vast majority of anglers favored all the recommendations from the biologists. Long minutes later and with the help of veteran fishing instructor Bill Larson, the racing rainbow was finally landed.
Ita€™s catch-and-release, barbless hook only at Silver Creek a€“ no bait and no keeping is allowed from Oct.
Mike had gone through the rehabilitation the Healing Waters program after being injured in Korea during field exercises.
Robin explained that Project Healing Waters is a national program dedicated to physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military personnel and veterans through fly fishing and fly tying education and outings.
Over the years, the opening has become an informal gathering to celebrate trout fishing, especially with fly rod in hand on a near-perfect autumn day. Ita€™s catch-and-release because no more fish will be stocked this season a€“ ita€™s pretty much a one-time deal at the start of the season for this unique fishery. Silver Creek is unique because it is spring fed with a constant water temperature, which means this stream does not ice up during winter. No doubt about it, the first 3-5 days after a fish stocking offer the best catch rates for catfish.
After a few days of leaving the easy life as a hatchery raised and heavily fed fish, catfish begin to develop a€?wilda€? behaviors in their new urban lake homes. After monitoring catfish stockings for over 20 years, biologists have determined that roughly 80% of stocked catfish are caught within the first week of stocking. On September 24, the day of the first fall catfish stocking, biologists encountered an angler at Silverbell Lake in Tucson with two 2-pound catfish caught BEFORE the stocking truck arrived.
Payson residents and visitors can welcome back the trout to beautiful Green Valley Park on Friday, Oct.
Fall is a wonderful time to visit the rim country, see the colors, and relax and fish along the grassy shorelines of this popular urban fishery just a mile west of Highway 87 on Main Street. No other fish species are stocked at Green Valley, however good populations of bass, crappie and sunfish can be found in this highly productive lake system.
Anglers are reporting shad boils occuring throughout the day, mostly in the main lake, but also in the larger coves at times. Anglers continue to do well at night using frozen anchovies as bait to catch striped bass, and even some channel catfish. A nighttime angler caught a 6 pound largemouth but no details revealed on his technique or location.
Schooling stripers have been lethargically holding in deep water at the backs of the canyons near shad and sunfish. Trolling deep diving lures where bottom depth is 25 to 45 feet will allow one to pinpoint school location.
Look for big numbers of small bass and a smattering of 2-pound bass to be caught each day on rocky points close to the main channel and main canyon.
There will be long stretches of shore without fish, but when the aggregation is found numerous fish will be caught in short order. Fly Fishing: The fishing has gotten a little bit better since the record breaking storms we have had.
The usual stuff is still working well; dry dropper in back eddies and Juan and Midge rigs on the riffles and deeper bars. Some bigguns are still being caught on these deeper drifts but of course you need a buddy on oars or a skilled trolling motor operator to fish these. Still a good time of year to get out as the weather is PERFECT and we dona€™t have too much time before things slow a bit when the fish start staging for the spawn. Fall is in the air at Lees Ferry; this is the finest weather of the year and what many of us locals describe as the reason that we live here the other 10 monthsa€¦just so we can experience September and October. The fishing this fall should be especially good as the releases from Glen Canyon Dam for the months of Sept., and Oct.
The midge hatches have been very strong, I would say stronger than usual for this time of year. The fishing this last summer was better than any of us can remember; the fish have been growing and are in great shape and the population is higher than any time in the past decade. Fish do feed on adult midges but mostly on the carcasses of dead midges that accumulate in back-eddies. Imagine if you had a thousand midges in a column of water that was 3-feet deep or 6-inches deep, the midges are going to be much more concentrated in the 6-inch deep water. The other kicker to midge hatches is water volume: as the water flow increase the midge hatches decrease. So poor weather makes for poor fishing most of the time, however, there are exceptions and I have seen some great fishing on days the wind is howling and the snow is flying.

Lees Ferry Fishing Tips: I have been using 6 and 7X fluorocarbon tippet and feel that the lighter tippet results in a much higher success rate than say 5X. The turning point and the beginning for the recovery of the Lees Ferry fishery occurred in 2005 when Lake Powell had the first above normal snow-pack and runoff year since 1997. The air and water temperature in the Topock Gorge is cooling down and the smallmouth bass fishing is warming up.
Pan-size bluegill are in the river and can be taken by floating a half a night crawler along the grassy edges. COLORADO RIVER BELOW DAVIS DAM a€“ The next scheduled trout stocking is for this week, the week of Oct. Rainbow trout are located throughout the river below Davis Dam, but anglers typically report catching trout on the Arizona side across from the Riverside, off the shore of Davis Camp and in the big bend area. There have been a couple of reports of shad boils in Alamo Lake, indicating that bass are actively feeding on them, which can make for some pretty exciting fishing. Channel catfish bite excellent on cut Mackerel and squid in the evening and after dark hours. Largemouth bass biting good on jigs with pork trailers, Senkos and tubes flipped & Pitched on tulles and weedline edges in 1 to 4 ft of water. Smallies will usually bite these jigs on the fall so be ready and keep the slack out of your lineas the jig decends. The bass are after the dragon flies and if nothing else you will get to see some toads jumping out of the water.
The lake level is still good; wea€™ll be heading into the fall with an elevation of about 1,121 feet, which equates to 3,600 surface acres. While largemouth bass are present in all sizes, fisheries surveys in the spring indicated that there are still a very high proportion of bass within the protected slot limit (you are allowed to take one bass in the protected 13-16 inch slot). Regardless, bass fishing should begin to pick up when the weather cools a bit, and is expected to be good to excellent throughout the fall. There is a very robust population of channel catfish in Alamo Lake that are probably under-fished.
There are other fish present such as bluegill, redear sunfish, tilapia and carp that are a lot of fun to catch.
Fishing for largemouth bass, as well as smallmouth bass, is expected to be good to excellent.
Every year, smallmouth bass are becoming more and more numerous in Lake Havasu and upriver.
Striped bass fishing has been pretty slow over the past year, but this summer wea€™ve gotten reports of a rebounding shad population, and striper a€?boilsa€? on schools of shad are becoming more common. This area should be fair for both smallmouth bass (in the channel) and largemouth bass (in the backwaters) throughout the entire area. This section of the Colorado River is relatively remote and can only be accessed by boat from either end. Largemouth bass and bluegill are also present in the various backwaters and slack water areas. This area is expected to be fair to good for largemouth bass, channel catfish, and flathead catfish.
With the increase in border issues and illegal activity on the lower end of this stretch, we recommend exercising extreme caution, avoiding nighttime use, or even staying away from the area between Pilot Knob to Moreles Dam, altogether. Next choice would be Lake Havasu for striped bass, Lake Havasu and the Parker Strip for smallmouth bass and sunfish, and Martinez Lake and Imperial Division backwaters for largemouth bass. For the die-hard flathead catfish angler, large catfish can still be caught from Waltera€™s Camp down to Imperial Dam, although fishing likely wona€™t be as effective as in the warmer months.
If you need any additional information or assistance don't hesitate to contact the Yuma Regional office at (928) 342-0091 and we will be happy to give you whatever information we have. The lake is open to artificial lures and flies only and trout between 10 and 14 inches may not be possessed.
For more information, call the Pinetop office of the Arizona Game and Fish Department (928) 367-4281.
Once the water cools, trout should become more active at the surface, making them more accessible to shore anglers.
A group of anglers reported catching lots if big cutthroat trout near the surface using flies (wooly buggers and Adams) or small spinners, along with lots of rainbows and some brookies.
Within the wild and rugged Arizona Superstition Wilderness lies the awe-inspiring beauty of Canyon Lake. Let us make your Canyon Lake boating trip come true with our Arizona boat rentals Jet Skis. Woods Canyon is a popular lake Arizona Lake located in the White Mountains by Ponderosa Pine, Douglas Fir and Oak, The lake offers trout fishing, and small boat rentals. Arizona Lakes: Woods Canyon Lake, Woods Canyon Lake Why go Woods Canyon Lake covers Woods Canyon has a store and boat rentals, and is regularly stocked with trout. Find phone numbers, addresses, maps, driving directions and reviews for boat rental in Canyon Lake, TX. Fishing report for I'm going to Woods Canyon Lake for the weekend how much are the boat rentals ? Local Get Ratings Reviews on Boat Rental Charter with Photos, Maps, Driving Directions and more.
For the complete stocking schedule (including maps), visit 2012 trout stocking schedule .
Big Lake has boat rentals and provides some of the best fishing for wild-like trout in the state.
In fact, I have rountinely fished Woods and Willow on the same day (one in the morning, and one in the evening). Dogtown is my favorite to fish, Kaibab for camping (and playing in Williams), and Whitehorse for kicking back and just enjoying the pines. It takes longer to drive all the way up into Utah to reach the Bullfrog area, but once there, you don't have to travel far in a boat to catch hordes of smallmouth bass, striped bass, walleye and largemouth bass. It's a pretty little lake with bass, trout and catfish just outside Winslow, but we like fishing there in the morning and then eating or staying at La Posada, a stunning hotel designed by Mary Coulter and built in 1930 along the Atcheson, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad.
This stretch of river has been producing some nice sized trout up to six pounds for the past two years while the striper population has been at a low ebb.
The camping amenities are pretty basic, it's pinyon-juniper habitat, and a bumpy dirty road to reach it. These restrictions are deemed necessary to protect public health and prevent human-caused wildfire starts. People who enjoy public lands in Apache and Navajo Counties can reduce the risk of fire by practicing fire safety and by adhering to fire prevention restrictions. Some use National Forest or ranger District boundaries, county lines or other administrative areas.
These areas include: The Ague Fria National Monument, the Table Mesa Recreation or Boulders Staging Camp Ground north of Phoenix, the Back Country Byways west of Phoenix, the Sonoran Desert National Monument, Saddle Mountain recreation area, and the Painted Rock Petroglyph site, southwest of Phoenix, and all wilderness areas. Below I have attached my 4-pound largemouth caught on supermoon Saturday (see picture on the right). Mike McFarland, who guides for Hook Up Outfitters, said right now is the best striper bite of the year. You might even encounter bass chasing shad at the surface, especially in the northern coves at first light. You should be able to load up on channel fishing any of the major lake points or flats using stink bait.
The mornings were all about topwater, a white rico popper and a baby torpedo landed us several fish over 4 pounds and one 10 pounder!
Bass are in post-spawn mode, but don't expect the high catch rates of the other bass lakes.
As the season progresses, the better fishing for bottom dwellers will transition to the nighttime hours. Square-billed crankbaits are working well, or anything that resembles a crayfish from soft plastics to small crankbaits. Scheduled for stocking next week for the last time this season if water perameters are okay. This is also a terrific way to cover lots of water and show fish that get very little fishing pressure a fly.
I have personally taken over the duties of writing the report so that I can guarantee the information is accurate and to the point.
The flies change on a daily basis and every day the LFA guides let everyone at the shop know the top producing flies and how to use them. The reason for this is that the higher flows move larger food items around (scuds, worms, etc.).
The best area to fish is the area below the Paria riffle in front of the Paria Beach parking lot.
The reason that it has slowed down is due to the fact there is so much algae floating in the river that it is difficult to get a good drift. The local bass club held a tournament on April 15th and all ten boats brought in the limit of 5 fish with the average weight of 2.53 lbs. Brady and Kyle Spilker of Seven Hills, OH caught a bounty of tasty little bluegill on night crawlers and a mixed bag limit of largemouth and smallmouth bass on live bait.
Our Yuma Regional office has recently updated all the information to provide you more insight into these fisheries.
However, it can also be good for channel catfish, sunfish and carp and to a lesser extent striped bass, crappie and tilapia.
It is generally best to fish around structure such as weedbeds, emergent vegetation, tree stumps, brush, or boat docks.
Flatheads prefer live bait such as bluegill or small carp and fishing is best at night during the summer months.
Mittry Lake is well-known locally for the quality largemouth bass it produces, and fishing during the spring spawn will increase your chances of success.
Special regulations on fish limits are in effect for these waters, so be sure to consult the Regulations before you take fish.
Between Junipine Crossing and Call-of-the-Canyon Crossing (includes the confluence with the West Fork of Oak Creek), trout must be immediately released unharmed (catch-and-release), no trout may be kept, and it is artificial fly and lure only with single barbless hooks. But it's nice to hear so many anglers commenting about the need to don jackets at times -- enjoy it while you can.
During the prime daylight hours, trolling or fishing deep are the two techniques to deploy unless you head back to camp for one of those whispering pine late-morning naps (like I do), after a late breakfast of pan fried trout of course.
The trout may move deep any time now, but at least as of last weekend they still seemed to be working the shallows, so were accessible to shore anglers. Both are within the City limits of Show Low, but neither seems like it when you are on the water. Follow Hollow is okay for trout, but can be very good for smallmouth bass and largemouth bass at times, and isn't too shabby for walleye as well.
As the moon gets brighter, submersible lights become less and less viable at attracting plankton, shad and predatory sport-fish, but that doesn't mean night fishing isn't viable. Poppers can be effective, but sometimes you'll get a hit-and-miss, so be prepared to follow up with a flutter-down lure like a spoon, curly tail or Senko. June is one of those in between months at the Ferry -- the spawn is over, yet the cicada bite has yet to begin. This is the transition time when they are still active during the day, although the fishing may be a little better at night. He won’t expect a thing until the alarm goes off at O-dark-30 and you hand him a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a bakery-fresh bagel. If you don’t have one, there are boat rentals at Lake Pleasant, Bartlett, Roosevelt, Saguaro, Apache and Canyon lakes. Cats are plentiful in all our fun desert lakes, are simple to catch, and you don’t need a boat or fancy gear. Because unfortunately Water Ranch tested positive for golden algae and we could not stock its load of catfish. This is a good time to fish at night for channel catfish using stink bait, hot dogs or corn (or all three). Although most adult stripers will probably have left this arm of the lake, you will likely encounter for nice lunker largemouth here.
Fishing with crappie lights that attract the threadfin and using anchovies at night is a good technique. Larval shad tows indicate good numbers of young shad are being hatched in the backs of most canyons.
Use live worms or plastic baits slowly crawled along the bottom to entice an attack from these ambush feeders. These bottom dwellers will be seen in shallow water for the next two weeks as they seek out nest sites and partners.
It was rather hot the past few days and the midges can really get on your nerves but the fishing is great.
The weather has made the midge hatches slow down a bit the last 4 days but it sure hasn’t slowed down the bite, if anything it’s better.
This can make for some exciting fights when they power into that channel on their initial run.
New water flows began June 1 and the ramp rate (rate of rise or fall) is a very slow rise all day. The bottom of the river has been carpeted with a thick layer of algae for the past several months, more algae than I can remember seeing in years.
The increased flow starts moving the scuds and worms around and the fish start feeding really heavy. The concrete ramp the National Park Service completed last year is two lanes with cones marking the edges. With the influx of nutrients down the Bill Williams River this year, productivity should have increased on Havasu, so it should be a good year.
The aspens on the highest peaks have mostly dropped their leaves, but there is still plenty of opportunity to experience a colorful autumn. Look for them staging anywhere a stream enters a lake, such as the upper end of Chevelon Lake. For some reason, the Ferry gets very little angling pressure in the fall, but the fishing is great for wild rainbow trout and the air temperatures are just about perfect. But if you go, please take a trash bag, Fossil is being loved way too much by the those with little regard for our outdoor environment. 8 when we are scheduled to stock Canyon Lake, the Lower Salt River and Saguaro Lake with rainbow trout. 1, 2011, Becker Lake becomes a blue ribbon fishery and the maximum size  limit at Lees Ferry increases from 12 to 14 inches.
It didna€™t seem possible, but Mikea€™s smile seemed to broaden as he gingerly held the shimmering big a€?bow for a quick photo moment before gently releasing it back into the creek.
Huachuca were participating in Project Healing Waters caught plenty of memories on opening day, including the sound of elk bugling in the surrounding pinion-juniper forest. Now he is one of the program volunteers assisting others to overcome their injuries by the curative powers of fly fishing. 1, there was no lack of instructors, impromptu or otherwise, to help these recovering warriors who have helped defend our country.
Huachuca contingent also helped with netting trout out of the raceway and then stocking them into the few miles of stream near the Silver Creek Hatchery. However, anglers are sometimes treated to being able to stand in freshly fallen snow while catching rainbows and native Apache trout in the free flowing creek. But it is a serious mistake to think that a€?all the fish have been caught out.a€? Time after time, Game and Fish biologists witness, and get reports, of anglers catching limits of catfish from one week to two months since the last stocking. These wary fish have grown a€?street smarta€? and are not easily fooled by conventional methods, or overanxious anglers.
Those catfish had been in the lake at least 12 weeks since the final spring catfish stocking in early July.
The fish stocking program at Green Valley is different from all other Urban Fishing Program waters.
An expected small weather front this weekend with a slight chance of rains should might make it even better. In fact, using tactics that were successful in spring 2009 and 2010 will work well right now.
The lighted marina areas and buoy field will be the hot spots but any school located during the day time will respond to lights and chumming after dark. It is still mussel free and will remain that way if all boaters practice good mussel defensive practices.
The water is slightly offcolor as a lot of stuff got stirred up in Powell but ita€™s still pretty clear just not as gin clear as usual. Normally when you combine low water with prolific midge hatches the fishing can be off the charts so be sure to keep an eye on our daily reports to confirm this. The 8,000-cfs flows will be perfect wading flows for both the upriver and Walk-in section of Lees Ferry.
The cicada hatch was not really that good; however, drifting heavy nymphs from the boat was often on fire. This is especially true at Lees Ferry where you have water that fluctuates on a daily and monthly basis. However, if you find the highest concentration of food, you will always find the highest concentration of fish, assuming that this concentration of food has been present long enough for the fish to locate it.
It takes a lot of midges to sustain a Lees Ferry trout; however, if you were to measure the midges as a percentage of total biomass, they far exceed all other food sources combined. This is why we often tell people that they are wading in areas that they should be fishing.
Anytime the water flows are high (above 16,000-cfs) food is dislodged, moved around, and transported by the current.
It might look like a normal day, the sun may be shining and not a breeze is blowing but a storm is on the way and the fish know it and for whatever reason they decide to take the day off from eating.
I cana€™t explain this but I can tell you that more often than not, a change in the weather will affect fishing in a negative way.
Anglers might argue that they break fish off on such light tippet but my argument is that in order to break a fish off, you first have to first get a fish to eat your fly and you are going to get more eaters with lighter tippet than heaver tippet. Bass sizes are running between 1- and 3-pounds and limitsa€“if you insist on keeping thema€“can be taken fairly easily. Jerry Roberts of Chaffee, New York added a healthy 5-pound whisker fish to the daya€™s take of smallmouth bassa€“he netted and released 20-plus smallies. It also indicates that significant shad numbers are present, which is good news for the future of the bass and crappie populations. In this lake, these boils are more often attributed to feeding stripers than to largemouth or smallmouth bass. October is a peak month for "big" cats as theyfeed heavily before the lake cools off for the winter.
We will be surveying the bass in Alamo in October, and hopefully that survey will reveal a higher percentage of fish having grown beyond 16 inches. The best concentrations of channel catfish seem to be found along the upper two thirds of the shoreline, on the western side of the lake. More decent-sized bluegills and redear sunfish, up to about a pound, have been showing up in recent surveys, a trend we hope continues. The certified scale that was previously located at the Park office is now located in the store. Hopefully this signals a turnaround in the striped bass fishery, and it may be decent by the fall. Channel and flathead catfish are always fair to good in this section of the Colorado River. Boat ramps are all accessible, except at Bear Canyon and Chevelon Canyon lakes where there are no traditional boat ramps.
A family of anglers said they fished for three days and caught (and mostly released) 60 trout, saw osprey catching trout, and listened to elk bugling.

They said the best bite was right after sunrise when the sun hit the water, and at last light. Includes Canyon Lake Marina-Boat Rental Reviews, maps Canyon Lake AZ Boat rentals and jet ski rental services.
Canyon Lake, TX, Quiet, secluded, peaceful, near boat ramp Canyon Lake, Texas – Vacation Rental Property. Powered by KSAT Southeast Arizona boat rental offered by boat rental agents and boat dealers and in Southeast AZ nearby San Carlos Lake, Saguaro Lake, Lake Roosevelt, Canyon Lake addresses, maps, driving directions and reviews for boat rental in Gold Canyon, AZ. Reservation Lake, on the White Mountain Apache Reservation, is literally just down the road from Big Lake and despite being a tremendous producer, it gets relatively minor fishing pressure (especially compared to Big Lake). Lots of famous actors and actresses have stayed there over the decades, and it just oozes with charm and history.
Haven't heard from night anglers at Pleasant, but it may surpass them all for striped bass. So, stop by, say howdy, buy a fishing guide, or bring your guide for me to autograph if you like. The criteria officials consider before implementing fire restrictions include current and predicted weather, fuel conditions, fire activity levels, and available resources. If closures do occur due to fire danger, they will be listed below in the What's Closed section.
Try yellow or red Power Bait on the bottom, or fish with a bobber using half a worm and a salmon egg.
Typically, once the sun comes up, try the main points, islands and reefs in the large basin of the main lake for topwater action. There is usually a decent topwater bite at first light, and then off-and-on throughout the day.
While canyon has lots of lunkers, it can be very difficult to fish, especially for novice anglers.
Once found, return to these spots every night and morning to catch another cooler full of fat stripers from stationary schools.
The projected flows for June will be slightly higher but should still be good for wading and fishing. The trick is to know where the fish are and then set up your drift do that the boat drifts through the area that contains the most fish.
We all know that fishing can vary from day to day but what I look for are trends and you can rest assured that I post a new report as soon as I see a trend developing or changing.
It is rare that you will see an adult trout rise to feed on an adult midge; the reason is that the amount of energy expended is not worth the food intake.
During the lower flows trout are not eating worms or scuds because these food items are not available; the only time that worms and scuds are available is during the high water flows when the higher velocity water moves the suds and worms around. But streamers have been working better here all day and have been producing some larger fish, The inner seams have been where the fish are holding.
Also, inspect your vessel and trailer, removing any visible mussels, but also feel for any rough or gritty spots on the hull. John and Pat Morris of Golden Shores, Arizona took home two, a 2- and a 4-pounder, from the Blankenship Bend area and another pair, a 3- and a 4-pounder, higher up into the Gorge. As a general rule, most people will use topwater lures such as buzzbaits or spinnerbaits in the early morning and then switch to jigs, crankbaits, or swimbaits as the day progresses.
Fishing picks up as the water temperatures warm up in the spring and summer but largemouth can be taken any time of the year.
Channel catfish are wide spread in the main river channel and backwaters and will bite on night crawlers, chicken liver, stinkbait, or about any other a€?smellya€? bait. Once the tout do move deep, the best fishing will be from a boat -- at least until the Monsoon T-storms cool things down.
Show Low Lake has received some nice incentive-sized rainbow trout, and our surveys show it likely has a recrod-breaking walleye lurking in its depths. Try fishing for trout at first light, switching to smallmouth bass along the dam, going into camp for a trout brunch, then hitting the shallows for largemouth bass (some could be spawning) during the warmer afternoon. Just goes to show the unusual nature of the weather and associated biological patterns this year.
Yet it's a great time to fish for wild rainbows in one of the most spectacular backdrops in Arizona. Add corn to one and your favorite catfish bait (hot dogs, chicken liver etc.) to the other. Our Game and Fish hatchery folks stock rainbows at the Water Users area, you know, where the tubers put in?
Imagine the smile on dad’s face when you take him to one of these desert jewels and there is a boat waiting. Cabelas, Bass Pro, Sportsman’s Warehouse and Fisherman’s Choice are some of the places with pro fishing staff to help you out. Try the larger coves at first light using topwater lures, then switch to the main lake points, islands and reefs using drop shots, Texas-rigged plastics, soft plastic jerkbaits, or shad-like swim baits.
You can always employ the drop shot technique with 4 inch Robo Worms just off drop-offs and anywhere your fish finder leads you. Even if you are not using corn as bait, the chum will hopefully attract the small fish, which in turn attact the larger predatory fish. Spawning in most lake locations probably occurred at about the same time but local differences in wind, and water temperature may have allowed spawning to happen a week sooner or later at individual locations.
It will be only a matter of days until these young shad are discovered by stripers just set free from "spawning prison." Mature stripers have not eaten hardly anything for over a month while waiting to spawn. I had one of the strongest fish I’ve felt take me down to the bottom of that current channel and break me off, I didn’t even see my indicator again pop back up for a good 12 seconds after I lost him. This is perfect water for wading and apparently the midges and black flies like this water as well and there are more bugs in the air and on the water than I can remember seeing. The bugs have really got the fish into a feeding mood and we have been experiencing good fishing all day long.
July and August usually provide the most consistent and best fishing of the year and the fish are in the best possible condition (fat footballs) of the year. Stripers like anchovies falling naturall down the water column -- use little or no weight ahd chum. This can be some of the best fishing in North America in one of the most spectacularly beautiful places on Earth.
It added nice red-white-and-blue dimension to opening day for this seasonable catch-and-release, barbless-hook -only fishery near Show Low.
Rainbow trout are the only species stocked by the Department during an eight month season that starts in mid October and continues through early May. Perhaps the best way to find these active schools is to use tactics that worked so well in the springtime. Continuing to troll is fine, or drop a spoon in the active school to collect large numbers of schooling stripers. Rock Creek has had more good reports than any other spot in the southern lake but I would not hesitate to try canyons in Padre Bay and Last Chance as well.
If fishing from a houseboat it is best to anchor in deep water for best night fishing results. Again, use the same baits and tactics that were good in the spring to catch active bass in these unusual fall conditions where shad are scarce. Bass have been very temperamental recently but general feeding will now replace this reluctance.
This is part of a long term experimental flow and this is the third year of these level flows, however, this yeara€™s flow will be the first that is this low, the first year was 12,000-cfs and last yeara€™s flow was 10,000 cfs. If you are looking to get out and experience perfect weather and fishing conditions; Lees Ferry is the place to be this fall.
I had a day in July where my two clients had double hook-ups every single drift of the day; these are the days that guides dreams are made of. Some people say that this is what keeps bringing us back to the stream, that this uncertainty we call a€?fishinga€? makes us more competitive. The lifecycle of a midge is very similar to a butterfly; the adult midgea€™s sole purpose is to make babies. Riffles are areas of river where the water transitions from very shallow to slowly deeper water.
I saw it this in the spring when I was fishing with a customer that I have fished with for 2 decades and the weather that day was a classic cold front, it was windy, cold, and spitting rain.
The above normal winter snow pack and runoff into Lake Powell in 2007-08, stirred up a tremendous amount of nutrient laden sediment that had accumulated at the lake mouths of the Colorado River, San Juan River, and the Green River. Pitching a night crawler or a plastic close to the edge of the grass line is the only way to go.
Crappie fishing has been very slow this year, but may pick up if there are a lot of shad available to concentrate the crappie. For channel catfish any of the prepared catfish baits will work, as well as chicken livers or your own secret concoctions. They are particularly susceptible to fly-fishing, and are very enjoyable when caught on light tackle. At the store you can get ice, snacks, fishing tackle and bait, as well as information on current fishing. Most of the striped bass in Lake Havasu have typically tended toward the small side (12-18 inches) but occasional fish over 8 pounds are not uncommon. Most of the flathead catfish will be in the 2 to 5 pound size range, with an occasional fish over 30 pounds. In this area accessibility to the river is dependent on the amount of water being released. For more information, call the Pinetop Office of Arizona Game and Fish at (928) 367-4281. This lake also contains largemouth bass and green sunfish a€“ please catch and keep all you can of these illegally-stocked warm-water species, there is no limit on them. Some anglers have reported catching some nice browns recently from float tubes near where the creek enters the lake. 22554 North Cranes Mill Canyon Lake Marina Boat Rental is located at 280 Marina Canyon Lake, TX.
Bear Canyon requires walking in down a steep switchback trail, which typically keeps out the hordes of anglers who don't like walking very far. It's great to fish, hit a buffet, catch a show (or a nap), fish the evening, do the river walk, catch another show (or another buffet) and then hit the silks.
We also sell it at all six of our regional offices, plus it's at many Costco stores or Barnes & Noble bookstores.
Due to increasing fire danger, the following fire restrictions are deemed necessary to prevent human-caused wildfires and protect public health and safety: Fires, campfires, charcoal, coal and wood stoves are allowed in developed campgrounds only. Lure and fly anglers are having some success on Super Dupers, Trout Magnets, or wooly boogers. But accroding to Mike McFarland of Hook Up Outfitters, this is a really good time for flipping and pitching the brush and tree lines in shallow water. You will need a long leader and the right amount of split shot and as a general rule, if you cannot see the bottom, you are fishing water that is too deep.
If the report is a week or more old just assume that it is status quo and nothing of importance has changed since the posting of the last report. If there are no midge hatches in the lower flows the fish will not be feeding and the fishing will be slow.
The weather has been good but there was a low pressure front that came through last week that slowed down the fishing for a day and a half. There are no boat motor restrictions, so you can use most launchable fishing boats here, including bass boats. A morning on a lake this time of the year is reward enough -- catching a fish is a wiggling bonus. The great thing is, you can fish from shore, catch lots of fish, and have line-stripping action that will put smiles in your daydreams.
Get a bucket of live minnows, some small crappie jigs, and ultra-light fishing poles and you are all set. Find a nice cove with submerged boulders or rock in the back, then toss out the bobber and bait, and simply wait. There are mixed reports from anglers, with some easily catching-and-releasing limits, including some nice fish ranging up to six pounds, while others were having trout catching a fish.
Crappies will typically be suspended feeding on zooplankton, with the active feeders often 15 to 20 feet deep.
Spawning by stripers ascending the Colorado River will occur next week as water warms and fish swim to Cataract Canyon to lay eggs. The algae are the foundation for the aquatic food base and a good crop of aquatic vegetation turns into a good crop of scuds, worms and midges. Once you experience the autumn bite here, you'll want want to return every year -- probably for the rest of your life.
When the action slows its time to use cut bait and copious chumming to get the school fired up again. San Juan and Escalante will be good bets along with Slick Rock, Lake Canyon, Halls Bay, Hansen Creek and Knolls Canyon. They are a bit spread out so dona€™t stick in one pocket for too long, keep moving and just work the are in a grid fashion making sure no piece of water is left untouched.
Do not confuse a€?pointsa€? with riffles, they look similar, however, the water on a€?pointsa€? transitions from shallow to deep in a short area.
If I were to put a number to it I would say the best midge fishing is in water less than 14,000-cfs. High water flows normally occur 4 months each year, the 2 hottest months, July and August, and the 2 coldest months, December and January.
My client is a good stick and at the end of the day he had landed 2 fish and his companion had landed 3 fish and they were all smaller fish. We hope the observations of the shad boils foretell better fishing this fall and winter than has been seen in the past couple of years. Crappie fishing has been pretty slow throughout the summer, but expect it to be fair to good this fall.
To find them, select the interior points in the coves and the areas where artificial structure has been placed. Browns go into spawning behaviour in the fall, but the anglers didn't say whether these appeared to be post-spawn or spawning fish. This lake also has largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and crappie -- please catch and keep all you can of these illegally-stocked warm-water species, there is no limit on them.
These restrictions limit smoking to within enclosed vehicles, buildings, or in developed campgrounds.
He said hundred-plus-fish mornings are common right now if you can find actively feeding stripers. He said that some lunker bass are coming out of very shallow water using craws or other crayfish-like jigs. If you need more information feel free to pick up the phone and talk to a live person at 800-962-9755, we are here 363 days a year, 15 hours a day. The eggs sink and hatch into a tiny caterpillar (larvae) that lives on the bottom of the river for an extended period of time. I have not heard of many anglers using streamers in this area but in the afternoon they should be productive.
It doesn't even matter which lake, although Saguaro and Alamo are known for their aggressive catfish. Set your pole up on two forked sticks (or rod holders) after casting out and reeling in any slack.
Hopefully both lakes will have the proper water chemistry before the next catfish stocking scheduled for the week of June 14 for all Urban Water except Green Valley Lakes in Payson. But it is anticipated that this change in weather will bring surface water temperature down into the magical 60 degree range.
The adult midge mates with other midges in a swarm, then the female lands on the water to lay the fertilized eggs, she stays on the water for a second or so then flies off the water and then lands again to lay more eggs (this is a survival mechanism which helps protect her from being eaten by a fish). This is why in the spring, (March, April, and May) some of our best fishing is on the weekends when the water is at the lowest level of the week.
A cold front was pushing through (it dropped to a frigid 78 degrees) and Eworth said a€?Terry, you realize that permit fishing and a north wind do not go together.a€? I thought to myself how fishing is fishing no matter where you are in the world. If your line is straight from your rod tip to your indicator or you move your indicator during the drift, then your drift is not perfect and will not catch fish. Trout fishing at the stocking sites is great immediately following the stockings, then the fish move out and you need to find them. The lower end has had some dredging work done and larger boats may be able to get on the river in that area. Pressurized liquid or gas stoves, lanterns, and heaters that can be turned off are allowed. Watch how the bubbles and foam float and put your offering in the same area at the same speed. Then put a bobber on your line between two of your fishing pole's eyelets, and set it so the line spools freely through the bobber. The eggs slowly sink and eventually hatch into a larvae (think of a tiny caterpillar) the midge lives as a larvae for a long time, living in the algae and mud. We often see good midge hatches in September and October, but not the swarms that happen in the spring. There are exceptions and high flows can occur at other times if there is a high lake level in Lake Powell and high runoff into the lake.
They landed more than 30-fish including a 19-in football and several fish that were in the 18-in range.
The key to success is to stay over fish, get the flies down to the bottom, and get a long, perfect dead drift. The midge pupae will release in mass, and countless pupae will begin slowly drifting to the surface. Fishing with spinners can be real exciting if you are able to get some action in your offering. Sheeps Crossing along the Lower Colorado River in the White Mountains is full of golden surprises – native Apache trout.
Then though some miracle of nature the midge larvae get a call to pupate in mass, (think of a butterfly chrysalis). If they would have only fished the one day that might have concluded that the fishing at Lees Ferry sucks or that we are a€?blowing smokea€? or overrating how good the fishing is. The increased nutrient load in the lake and river is evident this spring by the dramatic increase in aquatic vegetation and aquatic organisms throughout the river. This in turn flips the feeding switch for the trout and the fish will move into the shallow riffles where the pupae are concentrated by the shallow water. The best fishing periods at Lees Ferry has always been preceded by periods of higher than normal water flows.
That actually happened with one trip last month when a couple of guys had a similar experience fishing with me one day with a cold front pushing through. This is when the trout are feeding so heavily that they get careless and will eat our fly if it has a close resemblance to the midge pupae that they are feeding on.
The size and color of the midge pupae varies with the specie and with 50 different species of midges inhabiting Lees Ferry we have a large variety of sizes and colors of pupae. In high water the fish will concentrate in the rifles and the tail out of the riffles to feed on the drifting food. When the pupae reaches the surface, the midge hatches through the husk and the adult midge crawls out, dries his wings and flies off to repeat the entire process.
This is the time of year that the most productive fishing is usually from a drifting boat as opposed to wading.

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