Location: Eustis, FL Sounds like you're in luck, have fun and stay close to shore until you have some confindance. It might be a candidate to strip for parts if you're trying to build a similar new hull on the cheap. Location: Eustis, FL A 75% reduction in price is highway robbery for this boat. You shouldn't pay any more then the hardware is worth as scrap, so any price over $1,500 (USD) is out of line.
In short, unless you have considerable experience repairing and restoring 'glass production boats, then you shouldn't even think about a project like this.
Frosty Previous Member   If the guy wants to do it up and sell at a profit then he had better know what he is doing but I could get that boat with windows back in and cleaned out in a week up an running take the kids out for 1500dollar. Location: Eustis, FL I can buy Bayliners over here, just like that one, that haven't been burned, but have distressed owners and lousy up keep for $1,500. Location: Norway This boat have a 5,7 Mercruiser that is served for winter. Location: Eustis, FL You'll be buying a totaled boat from the insurance company. Again, unless you have considerable experience with repairs, restoration and construction of 'glass boats, then the best advise you can receive, is to find a better project.
There's a really good reason the insurance company elected to declare this a total lose, because they've priced out how much it'll be, to get it back into working order and this figure is more then the boat's worth. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

The new High Side is Hydea€™s latest addition to the XL (Extra Long) Series of drift boats. The increased footprint allows the boat to float in extremely shallow water while maintaining the performance for which Hyde is known. You can upgrade from the Hyde Pro Series Aluminum to the Hyde Signature Series Aluminum by adding a UHMW bottom to your boat.
Print a summary of your Stratos® boat or hit Send to forward comments and info to your local Stratos Representative. Did you have to cut the front plywood into arches or when you pull the front in does it pull the front up? A 15-year-old Bayliner 2655 goes for 15k to 30k euros in good condition; fixing that thing up would cost at least that much.
I do my own work so I dont know about fixing prices by a yard but if that was cheap I would repair that. Lastly find out if there's a yard bill, mechanic's lien, storage bill, repair bill, etc., outstanding on the boat, as you'll be liable for this too.
There are hundreds of pit falls that the novice wouldn't see at first glance, any of which can make the project a nightmare. I steal outdrives and engines all the time this way, just tossing the boat at the local landfill, once I've stripped out what I want.
They payed the owner of this boat the policy value and now are looking to recover some of those costs. Maybe you can save some on personal labor, but again, unless you really have some significant experience, in the different areas mentioned, you'll spend a whole lot more fixing this old girl then she's worth and it'll still just be a Bayliner.

I have a 1995 Alpha and 305 V8 sitting right here and they came out of a $1,000 Bayliner with a soft sole and loads of neglect. This is in Norway and here we have to pay 40000 to 60000 USD for a boat like this in good shape . The floors have been reengineered in order to maximize comfort for the rower and anglers (front & rear). As with all Hyde Drift Boats, this model is totally modular in design and can be configured to meet the needs of any fishing situation. That means that it was hot enough, for long enough, to seriously compromise the structure in that region. Plumbing, electrical, electronics, system installations, systems diagnoses, lamination and fabrication experience? Ita€™s not likely youa€™ll run out of storage options or space for coolers and gear with this boat. A modeling wooden gravy holder Boat builders resouce with unblock plans and blueprints to make Flyer 135 Cu Inch Class Hydroplane Race Craft i IV Scale Frame Plans. Here you can find thousands of r c plans entirely The plans are useable in different formats for your convenience.

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