Steve Jobs' final masterpiece was a 260-foot yacht that he worked to design as a state-of-the-art wonder of the high seas.But the Apple CEO never had a chance to use the eye-catching vessel. The Dutch technology blog One More Thing reports that the Jobs family will be on hand for the formal unveiling of the yacht at the Feadship custom yacht building company in Aalsmeer, Netherlands.Jobs' family gave out custom iPod Shuffle mp3 players to each of the crew members who helped build the yacht. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
On every ship or yacht, the Proliner® is used to gather information for the development of stainless steel handrails, balustrades and railings.
The measuring data are exported to a CAD software package, and then are used for the development of the complete handrails. In addition to handrails, Northsea Yacht Support also produces windshields with glass which are positioned on the sometimes double curved boat edges. As you would know, we the students of the 3rd cohort have completed our semester in Liege and are saying goodbye to Belgium for the time being. I would like to take this opportunity to convey my gratitude to you for all your efforts, guidance and support throughout this semester.
It has indeed been a memorable 5 months in Liege, memories of which will remain with all of us for a long time.
Jose Babu MaliakelMuhammad Asim Saleem wrote : I would like to thank you for giving me opportunity to study EMSHIP which has opened new career doors for me.
I would like to thank you for the opportunity of studying EMShip, it has been a great experience not just academically but personally.
This modern table and bench set is easy to construct and goes equally well in the garden or breakfast room.
IF you're the type of person who appreciates the clean, trim lines of today's functional design, this table and bench set is for you.
SLIDING down and climbing up a 200-foot, 45-degree sand bluff is fun for the kiddies but poor sport for the whole family—especially if it's required activity. Floating Cottages These beautiful new houseboats offer water lovers who can’t afford the luxury of a yacht all the advantages for lazy living. ELECTRIC cheese grater for spaghetti lovers who don't like to exert themselves before lunch.
SKATING SHOES equipped to take bolt-on ice skates or wheels for enthusiasts who like to skate year-round. Catering to filthy rich Fidos is making Bill and Ken Osborne the veritable Tiffany of Towserland. A DREAM in which he saw a pet poodle wearing a magnificent, diamond-studded dog collar launched 38-year-old breeder of pedigreed show dogs Bill Osborne and his brother Ken, 25, on a unique money-making venture which has them catering to the upper crust of dogdom. TODAY, you are probably earning enough to get by—enough to provide your family with life's necessities, and perhaps you are depositing a few extra dollars in the bank.
These unique hand forged hunting knives are made by world-renowned craftsmen of SOLINGEN, GERMANY.
Arenaceous chronoscopes (that's a fancy way of saying sand clocks) first occurred to antique clock dealers Samuel Greenhill and Joseph Rogers as a nifty display idea for their New York shop window.
Life's more fun if you go fishing— and fishing's more fun if you've taken this popular college course. SKISH is a fairly new word combining "skill" and "fishing." Down at Florida Southern College in Lakeland they teach a course called Skish And Outdoor Life. AT a cash outlay of $300, boys at a Hawaiian school built a 20-inch reflecting telescope which has been valued at $20,000. EMERGENCY FLOATS being tried here by Sikorsky S-55 helicopter can be inflated by pilot for any unscheduled landings on water. TV COMBAT CAMERA developed by Army enables scout to send up-to-the-minute battle pictures to command post.
SHOPPER'S MAILBOX, newly designed for people carrying a week's provisions from the supermarket, was tried out recently in Washington, D. Bill Schmidt keeps them thrilled and safe at Chicago's Riverview, world's largest amusement park.

Have we new reason to believe—as men have believed for ages—that we have had other lives and will return again? Using an air propeller, this model zips along at 40 mph as a car and does 20 as a ski-equipped boat. Mechanix Illustrated takes pride in being the first to show what the Brooklyn Dodgers' new baseball park may look like—if the 20th century's most daring architect gets his plan accepted. Uncle Tom blasts so-called "safety features" and suggests ten ways makers can cut traffic deaths.
IN THE automobile business right now the topic of safety is as hot as a naked Chinaman in a barrel of tabasco. Now this is a noble undertaking, the good Lord knows, and I am all in favor of anything that will save even one life on the road.
Liquor for this auto's engine of distinction makes it run smoothly with that gurgling, surging power. Pouring such barroom concoctions as beer, whisky or even soda into the fuel system of his '53 Olds makes it purr like a kitten.
We have real people to help you, should you need it - no call centres, just knowledgeable staff. Lots of people claim to cover the globe, but Iridium is the only satellite network that does. If you have your own management system, and want to integrate data from our products, that's OK.
The unit is something that communicates with the wider world via satellites, is tough enough to drop and won't run out of power until after you do. We are a manufacturer of Iridium-based satellite tracking & communication systems and airtime contracts.
The satellite market is full of companies who seem to make it complicated and confusing, and we don't believe it needs to be.
We provide services to a wide range of organisations, ranging from government, military, NGOs, private companies and consumers. The cost of the superyacht is unknown, though Jobs was obsessed with completing it near the end of his life. Each one came with a note thanking them for their 'hard work and craftsmanship.'Among the high-tech features inside the ship are seven 27-inch iMac computers. By combining handcraft and modern production techniques, Northsea Yacht Support designs, develops and manufactures high-quality  finished stainless steel products for luxury yacht building and interiors. Because of the built-in inclinometer, a handrail, for example, can be measured at a  fixed height regarding the deck. Based on various 1:1 plots (made with the Procutter) often double curved railings are rolled in the traditional way and welded to a final result. When measuring a windshield, the boat edge and railing height are defined with the Proliner®. We have learnt a lot this semester and hopefully will continue to do so in the months and years ahead.
We had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people and make new friends, and this I believe is because of the international nature of this course. Especially, I have enjoyed the way of learning, focusing on the physical principles rather than following rules in an automatic way. Anyway, that's the way engineer Zvi Gezari felt about the only approach to the Long Island Sound beach near his home. This is called "Automation." The jobs of some men who used to run these machines are gradually disappearing. Do you say "Someday I'll really get a break and go right on to the top." THAT'S WISHFUL THINKING! Passersby would stop, look, and fall under the spell of the fast-falling grains, the slow-growing hill of sand. Coach Jim Lease, an expert in precision casting, fly-tying, plug-making, tackle repair and hooking them, gives his boys and girls a thorough grounding in the sport of presidents.

Molded from tough plastic, these doorknobs snap on shaft, are held in place by a small spring lock. But the new Marine Corps igloo, or geodesic dome, is a year-round job that has been called the first basic improvement in mobile military shelters in 2,600 years. As vice-president and superintendent of Riverview, Schmidt is ringmaster and chief trouble-shooter of the world's largest amuse- ment park. Buckminster Fuller has already earned the gratitude of the armed forces and the taxpaying public with his plastic igloos that can be helicopter-toted from air base to air base to serve as hangars, barracks, warehouses, administration buildings.
With various professors fronting for them and spouting statistics by the yard, carmakers in newly-tailored angel suits have set out almost en masse to halt highway slaughter.
But the trouble is, the safety campaign so far has not shown much evidence of being overloaded with realistic thinking. In a monorail coach, light and roomy as a luxurious airliner and faster than a surface train, you will skim along above the crowded downtown streets, looking with thankfulness at your escape from a misery of crawling cars, traffic fumes, honking horns, whistling cops and squealing brakes. Y., is the "caveator" which lies beneath the hood and gives the car its gurgling, surging power. Our aim is to build a quality product, for a reasonable price, using the right components for the job. We do the best we can at design stage, and take user feedback on board to help with future products. Our aim is to make satellite communications accessible to everybody in a simple and easy to understand way.
Next the mounting points of the glass on the railings are elaborated in 3D CAD and then the poles with exact connection surfaces are cut by a tube laser cutting machine. With the exception of the grinding of the mirror, all the work was done by the students of the Kamehameha school, a private grammar school named after Hawaii's greatest king. He runs 72 acres of neon-lighted, gaily-painted thrill-and-skill attractions valued at approximately $8,-000,000. Yet it isn't the speed that impresses us so much as the sight of this unusual water bug rising up on the skis. Whether you're just going downtown to shop or commuting to work 50 miles from your home, a monorail will take you where you're going two or three times as fast as conventional surface transportation. I can see a field engineer feeling very comfortable with it (toss it into the cab of the F350), as well as our maritime users. In addition to the Apple founder, the company has built dozens of vessels for some of the wealthiest and most famous captains of industry. In contrary, the company also works in combination with glass, wood, composites and plastic in order to realize complex products.
Moreover, the curved glass panels are determined based on the data measured with the Proliner®. But it's making many new jobs too—good-pay, solid-future jobs in plants, offices and elsewhere—for men who are trained In Automation Electronics.
American hunters and fishermen, too, have been quick in expressing their enthusiastic approval.
The f-6 mirror was donated by a government employee who ground it himself, taking six months for the job. The air prop lends to the fascination by creating the illusion of some weird form of aircraft skimming across the water.
Of course you may experience a somewhat different type of reaction, but one thing is certain: no matter which version you try, you will enjoy it every bit as much as we did.
Henry, owner of the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool Football Club, ordered the 165-foot Iroquois in 1998.Henry Ford was also reportedly a customer, as well as Malcolm Forbes, the founder of Forbes Magazine.

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