These two designs are being introduced following the SC166 superyacht and the Zeus Twelve Gold Rush models, which are, to be honest, additional epitomes of luxury and great looks. The pieces which interests us the most is the Xhibit G car – a marvelous, stunningly looking 4-wheeler to match the greatness of the Xhibitionist yacht.
The interiors is designed to host a 900-Watt 12-speaker Bang & Olufsen BeoSound audio system, carbon fiber accents on the dashboard and seats, as well as touches of white leather. Sign up for Luxatic's free newsletter and get the best news delivered straight to your inbox. In order for powering predictions to be realistic a preliminary weight estimate was calculated. This image is featured as part of the article PARADIGM 180 motor yacht design by Pama Architetti Design. The 280ft Adamantine Motor Yacht Design by Ivan Erdevicki Naval Architecture & Yacht Design Inc.

Millennium Yacht Design Award winner Fabio Federici has created an innovative new sea-going vessel with the Origami Yacht. Origania€™s distinctive feature lays in navigation which she easily does by closing the wings that makes her fast and aerodynamic. When anchored, she opens its walls to allow the user enjoy greater space on the main bridge with the sea view of 360 degrees.
LUXUO list all kind of luxury items, from estates, boats and watches, to the most expensive gadgets. This image is featured as part of the article Odyssey Yacht Design’s 39 Meter Superyacht Opus. From supercars, luxury homes, yachts and bespoke watches, to gorgeous hotels and resorts and the latest trends in high fashion. We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations.

In addition, it is fitted with solar panels for additional green power, but the platform they are mounted on may also work as a concert stage or even a helipad. This value allows the vessel to reach target speeds, which range from 30 to 35 Knots, depending on weight loading.  The intention is to design a yacht that represents good-value–for-money, easy to service and maintain, using the best of equipment where it makes sense but avoiding “fashion” induced excesses or overspec’ed equipment, and yet very fast for its length. They are the brand new Xhibitionist yacht and Xhibit G car designs, courtesy of Gray Design.

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