The Seafair mega-yacht is ready to set sail again after hosting the Miami International Art Fair last weekend from the Bayside docks in Downtown Miami. Just as we thought art fair season was dead and gone – the Miami International Art Fair sails into Downtown Miami aboard the SeaFair Mega Yacht.
Artists impression of the chosen design for The Streets of Monaco - showing the key landmarks of the principality, Hotel de Paris, Casino, Prince's Palace, Loews Hotel, Port Hercule and La Rascasse. This design concept is just one of our many themed yacht visions, we love it and we'll show you more of this one soon, but in the meantime we're even more interested in hearing your ideas. The brief for this concept was to create an idyllic, floating island, with all the features of a tropical island getaway built into the design. This view shows the guest cabanas nestled around the pool and highlights the two deck owners' suites carved out of the front of the volcano and looking out across the bow. The living room balcony affords views out over the front of the yacht from behind the waterfall.
The rear view shows off the sculpted wave-form of the superstructure, as well as the rear deck which doubles as a helicopter landing pad, just one of the available options for reaching the yacht whilst at sea. We can create your very own bespoke yacht island using a similar process, and make your dreams become a reality. Visions of the future are often constrained by familiarity with the present or reflection on the past.
Before trying to understand the design one has to examine why the greater majority of yachts have evolved to the traditional form that has derived from millennia of engineering and naval architecture.
Utopia is not an object to travel in, it is a place to be, an island established for anyone who has the vision to create such a place. The image above left demonstrates a folding deck deployed from one of the leg structures, capable of launching various craft and enjoying the calmer seas.
In today's context Project Utopia might be viewed as a folly, an extravagant expression of architecture and form based on a perception of the future. These low angle views show the azimuthing thrusters, able to propel Utopia through the water.
Rainsford Mann Design (RMD Marine) is an international design company based in London, with a satellite office in Dubai.
The company was formed by Rupert Rainsford Mann and a group of associates in 2001 under the name Rainsford Saunders Design, and over the ensuing years worked on a wide variety of projects, building a high-quality client base in the process. Rupert Rainsford Mann’s background is in interior architecture in the hotel and residential sectors and, before specialising in yacht design, Rupert spent some time working with Mary Fox Linton at her design studio in London. Rupert and his team are able to offer their clients exceptional knowledge of yacht design coupled with a fresh and unique approach placing particular emphasis on the synchronisation between interior and exterior styling.
In addition, they are well placed to advise on yard choice, construction programs and ancillary consultants, and therefore offer a holistic approach to both new build and refit work. As a skilled and talented team of designers, the team supports the entire design process to fulfil each project including naval architecture, interior and exterior design, space planning, furniture and joinery detailing and 2d + 3d CAD visualisation. Exhibiting at boat shows across the world - including the Monaco Yacht Show, the Dubai International Boat Show and the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show - provides RMD with the perfect platform to gain valuable exposure in international markets as well as consolidating existing relationships with their current client base. RMD believes in working closely with colleagues in other areas of the yachting industry and has a successful on-going partnership with many specialist consultants within the industry. Rupert will be delighted to discuss a new project with you and welcome you to visit RMD at its studio or alternatively meet up with you at one of the international boat shows.
Exhibiting at boat shows across the world - including the Monaco Yacht Show, the Dubai International Boat Showand the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show - provides RMD with the perfect platform to gain valuable exposure in international markets as well as consolidating existing relationships with their current client base.

RMD believes in working closely with colleagues in other areas of the yachting industry and has a successful on-going partnership with international yacht brokers Cavendish White. Tim or Rupert will be delighted to discuss a new project with you and welcome you to visit them at their studio or alternatively catch up with them at one of the international boat shows. Having fully ysed the lifestyle and on-board requirements for the interior space, RMD yacht interior design will undertake a series of strategic design stages.
Shelley's well-earned reputation for designing stunning yacht interiors is based on her signature luxury yacht interior design process. H2 Yacht Design was established in 1994 specialising in the interior design and exterior styling of superyachts.
The H2 design team offer a wealth of expertise in every aspect of yacht design together with a vast library of fabrics, finishes and fittings, making them ideally placed to fulfil the diverse needs and requirements of their clients. The experienced team offer a world-wide experience and outstanding creativity, which together with comprehensive project management skills embrace every aspect of the design process.
H2 Yacht Design are based in London giving them access to the finest selections of fabrics and furniture as well as the latest trends in interior design. Their work is eclectic, original and approachable with an aim to always to create the freshest and most creative work around. PrevNext In November, all the sea currents lead us, luxury yachts lovers, to Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, in Florida.
PrevNext It’s no longer news that with the help of the internet thousands of brave people with bright ideas are now launching start-ups, in all kinds of sectors every day, and the yachting industry is no different. Subscribe now and get notified about the most recently news about celebrities and your Homes.
The exclusive collections from international galleries were on display in what can best be described as a luxury floating convention center. P81 will be joining forces with Butter Gallery for Churned, the launch party for the fair on Friday night. The theme is based around the Mediterranean principality with the primary focus being the famous grand prix circuit. On entering the Oasis, attention is immediately drawn to the central waterfall feature consisting of upper level pools cascading down into the lower pool and Jacuzzi. At its centre is a large, ornate spiral staircase which surrounds a waterfall feature that is supplied by the glass bottomed fountain from the garden area above. Connected to all decks via a private lift and spread over 3 floors, it covers a total 1460 square metres of floor space.
Define your dreams in your own custom Yacht Island: download our introduction to the Yacht Island Design process here. This shows the design nearing its final form, with colour to better express the mood, and atmosphere of the yachtisland. The profile sketch helps to finally show the scale of elements, and now demonstrates the free-flowing nature of the hull, mimicking waves, and gives an idea of the volume that the body of the ship encompasses, and a rough feel for how much space might be enclosed in its vast structure.
The interior features an owners suite located inside the volcano and spread over two decks.
Project Utopia, a collaboration between Yacht Island Design and BMT Nigel Gee, is an avant-garde vision of a future concept free from such restricted thought.
Once the mind is free from these constraints the possible forms that a concept might take are wide ranging. Yet many if not all yacht concepts revert back to that traditional form; the perception that a yacht should be a form of transport becomes an immediate constraint.

Measuring 100m in length and breadth, and spanning over 11 decks with the equivalent volume of a present-day cruise liner there is enough space to create an entire micronation.
With the deployable glass canopy panels covering the interior decks, full climate control is possible, despite the geographical location and outside conditions.
Early 2009 saw an internal reorganisation and the renaming of the company as Rainsford Mann Design. RMD and Cavendish White have recently teamed up to work on several projects, such as a speculative concept for a 68m motoryacht and a 26m semi-custom flybridge yacht.
The director Jonny Horsfield and senior consultants have between them over 30 years experience in the yacht industry during which time they have been involved in over 100 superyacht projects.
With a long history of ground-breaking exteriors emerging from the drawing boards (and computers) in the studio, the company is cooperating with leading shipyards in creating the most stunning yacht designs. The sleek, sporty exterior design by Omega deserved a matching interior with pale timbers, hi-tech texalium and backlit Lamellux.
It is here that the most important stakeholders of the yacht industry will be and it is here that the best yacht companies will exhibit their best luxury yachts.
After checking out the artwork last Friday, we hit the rooftop deck for Churned, a party we co-hosted with Butter Gallery, Robert Fontaine Gallery, and WVUM’s Nightdrive.
For a great rundown on some of the featured  artists, take a look at Art at the Docks and On the Rocks by Tropicult.
The idea was to recreate the circuit as a fully functional kart track able to accommodate three karts side by side to allow for plenty of overtaking. Here we get a better idea of the open-face swimming pool peering out to sea, and the form of the foliage and waterfall against the superstructure.
The studio creates exacting bespoke design for clients – luxury yachts, residential projects, aircraft interiors and distinctive custom furniture. From now on, every monday Luxury Yachts team will present you the Luxury Yacht of the Week. This week, the chosen one is AZZAM Super Yacht. By sizing the track in this way it has driven the overall dimensions of the yacht and the placement of the famous landmarks. Large exterior windows surround the entire aft section of the oasis, extending to the full double deck height ceiling allowing natural light to flood the space. The seven guest suites are located off of the lower atrium level and vary in size, from the more modest 135 m2 suite to the grand 356 m2 VIP suites.
Working out of our 1920s industrial building in London, Bannenberg & Rowell interiors have won five World Superyacht Awards. The Monaco story extends beyond this exterior architecture and into the interior spaces giving a seamless transition as guests move between the various areas of the yacht. The following pages show some early concept sketches and a variety of artist's impressions of the final design. To either side of the spa entrance are located grand marble staircases and elevator access to the mezzanine, with a cafe bar and magnificent views of the gardens below.

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