Sabato 18 gennaio 2014 Boot di Dusseldorf si e svolta la serata di gala degli European Yacht of the Year 2014.
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This image is featured as part of the article Princess Yachts International’s David King receives special recognition at 2012 Motor Boat of the Year Awards. In just a short space of time, Azimut Yachts shipyards have already received confirmation that the direction taken by the Magellano collection is indeed the right one.
The specialist jury acknowledged the innovative capacity of Magellano 50, as well as its impressive technological content designed to serve the owner efficiently while safeguarding the environment. One of its main additional features is the new Easy Hybrid system, created by the Azimut-Benetti R&D department, which makes it possible to sail at speeds of up to 8 knots in complete silence using electric engines, switching to traditional propulsion methods with the greatest of ease. With Magellano 50 motor yacht, Azimut Yachts is offering not only a new model but also a new yachting dimension, once again asserting its great capacity for innovation as well as the design and manufacturing expertise which has placed the company at the forefront of the nautical industry throughout the world. Selected by a jury composed of the biggest European magazines in the marine industry, this trophy is a handsome reward for the new Jeanneau model.
Other nominees in this category included: the Bavaria Cruiser 45, the Beneteau Oceanis 58, the Comet 26 and the Hanse 445. Selected by a jury composed of the biggest European magazines in the marine industry, this trophy is a handsome reward for the new Jenneau model. The Jeanneau NC 11 was awarded the title of “European Powerboat of the Year” in the “40 Feet and Under” class. Bavaria Yachts has just announced attractive incentives on "Limited Edition" production of the popular Cruiser 36 and Cruiser 40 models.
Lorre White, “The Luxury Guru” defines luxury as a “quality of life”, not simply amassing quantity “ It is an enlightened approach to living”.. The Luxury Channel video podcasts offers sponsors a sophisticated web media reach for elite brands to reach a wealthy demographic world wide by a respected luxury expert. Bain forecasts that overall global luxury sales will rise 5 percent in 2014, with the largest increases expected in the U.S. The biggest dip in luxury sales this year came in Russia, where spending dropped 7 percent.
Zaha Hadid may have won the Pritzker Prize for her architecture on land, but she’s now set her sights to sea with the design of five 90-meter yachts in collaboration with shipbuilders Blohm + Voss. The design of the Unique Circle Yachts is based around the sculptural form of a 128m prototype yacht.
The original exoskeleton design is an “interwoven network of supports that vary in thickness and lend a natural aesthetic to the yacht’s external appearance,” meant to evoke the structures of natural marine formations. Each yacht will stay true to Hadid’s design vision and Blohm + Voss’ technical measures, but will be fully customizable. JAZZ is the first of the five yachts to be technically specified and detailed by Blohm + Voss’s naval architects.
The G500 has three living areas and the G600 has four, as well as an optional crew rest area, and forward and aft lavatories.
The air is also the cleanest, being replenished with 100 per cent fresh air every two minutes. The cockpit features cutting-edge technology, with  integrated touchscreen controllers, active control sidesticks, and a next-generation enhanced vision system.
The G600 flight-test program is expected to begin approximately 12 to 18 months after the G500’s, and entry-into-service is projected to be in 2019. The forward section of the Dreamliner’s cabin features a spacious lounge with an open seating plan to accommodate formal or informal meetings, meals, and entertainment. The 787-9 Dreamliner’s cabin is 186 feet long and just over 18 feet across, and the jet can carry up to 280 passengers in airline configuration. Serenity Magazine interviews key industry experts such Richard Brandson and Lorre White in this latest edition, for their news and views related to the luxury travel industry. We are pleased to bring to you, the latest edition of Serenity Magazine – the official supporting publication of  Middle East Luxury Travel Show (MELTS 2015), the premiere luxury show in the region.

Eden Island Marina in the Seychelles is near to completing Phase 4 of its development, which will add more than 250m (over 820ft) of space for superyachts. The new extension will enable this facility, located in Mahe, the Seychelles capital, to accommodate yachts of up to 115m (378ft) or more. The extension will comprise a new ‘T’ pontoon jetty that will have an outer berthing length of 127m (417ft), plus inside berthing space of more than 100m (328ft) in length. Eden Island has been developed over a number of years and is now the largest marina in the Seychelles. Donald Trump tops this list, because not only did he buy himself a very large private jet, he printed his name on it. Roman Abramovich, the famed owner of Chelsea Football Club keeps his Boeing 767 at Luton Airport and reportedly had it fitted out with chestnut and detailed in gold.
The Sultan of Brunei, a man not well-known for his modesty, lived up to his reputation when he bought his Boeing 747 brand new for $100m and then had washbasins of solid gold and Lalique crystal installed. Bill Gates is a man who takes his work seriously, he has claimed that he never once took a day off in his twenties, and he takes his private jet equally seriously. It’s an astonishing spectacle – collectively worth billions, the yachts on display are some of the most lavish in existence.
Even for the world’s wealthiest, investment in a superyacht is an indulgence that requires serious consideration.
That these figures are inconceivable to most of the world’s population is something those in the yachting industry recognise and are keen to justify. Whether it’s in their possession through charter or purchase, most superyacht customers spend their time on board in similar ways. For others, though, the appeal of yachting lies in the opportunities it provides for complete escape. We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations. The brand new 50-foot model, created by the Turin shipyard in collaboration with the prestigious designer Cor.
Other nominees in this category included: the Bavaria 34 Sport, the Flemming Corvette 340, the Galeon 385 HAT, and the North-Line 37 Wheelhouse. With two cabins fore and aft, and over six feet of headroom in the salon, the Cruiser 33 is ideal for a young family or a couple looking to simplify their cruising life. The twin wheel steering enables easy access to Bavaria Cruisers' signature stern-wide bathing platform, as well as comfort and all-round visibility for the skipper. Below decks, seven feet of headroom combined with a beam of over fifteen feet gives incredible space.
The Bavaria Cruiser 51 is the grand finale that completes a full range of all-new Cruiser model designs. Elegant, modern interiors, flooded with light, with fine woods and a fit and finish akin to custom-built yachts. What is striking about this boat is the attention to detail, and the endless list of thoughtful features. Below deck customers can decide between a 3-cabin version with a luxurious ownerA?s cabin at port hull and two guest cabins at star board or a 4-cabin version.
The company announced that all-new Cruiser 37 and Cruiser 41 models will be introduced this Fall, which will replace the 36 and 40 models. At precisely 6pm on the Sunday, the last day of boat show, the 120th order for a BAVARIA was signed.
This allows these brands to benefit from the most powerful and fastest growing media source, the web.
What’s more, the fluidity in design connects the various decks, as opposed to a traditional horizontal order.
Like the other iterations, the owner of each yacht will specify the layout and other individual requests, making each boat truly unique. Quiet cabins and extra large windows to flood the space with natural light are also promised.

Gulfstream projects it will receive type certification from the US Federal Aviation Administration and European Aviation Safety Agency in 2017 and begin deliveries in 2018. The rear third of the cabin is equipped with a private bedroom, a study, and a large bathroom with a shower. It can fly up to 9,500 miles nonstop and it can cruise as fast as about 561 mph at an altitude of 40,000 feet. This invitation-only luxury travel show for the Middle East region will take place in Doha, Qatar, from February 15 – 18, 2015. His Bombardier BD-700 Global Express has an the interior in the shape of a boardroom and can carry 8 of his executives non-stop from Tokyo to New York or Los Angeles to Moscow. We were touching down in Nice and it was obvious that many of the passengers were, like me, on their way to the Monaco Yacht Show. Over 100 of these remain wedged in the principality’s Port Hercules throughout, while, further to sea, an overflow of momentous vessels shimmer on the horizon like icebergs. Admittance to the show is granted to anyone willing to spend €150 on a day pass, but the most enthusiastic welcome is of course reserved for those with the means to charter or purchase the boats on show. Today there are over 4,500 superyachts on the water and you could buy several houses outright instead of chartering one of the most extravagant for a week. Reputedly costing $605million, the world’s biggest yacht, the 180m Azzan, was built for UAE president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan by the German shipyard Lurssen.
As each yacht is bespoke, development and design are intricate, time-consuming processes and the end products differ wildly.
Finished in gold and ivory, with a Jacuzzi on the deck and a sauna inside, its interiors – from the lights to the tableware to the bedspreads – are all made by Fendi. Water sports are popular, and most vessels have a battalion of high-spec toys so passengers can jet ski, kite-surf or seabob at whim; others feature helipads and helicopters to facilitate easy transfers. I heard tales of yachts sailing to Antarctica, withdrawing entirely from the rest of humanity; others drifted along the fjord-flecked coast of Norway, stalled at deserted beaches in Corsica or explored unblemished dive spots in French Polynesia.
To round out remaining production of the Cruiser 36 and Cruiser 40, Bavaria is offering loaded incentive packages valued at over $20,000 for the limited quantity of remaining production slots.
They spend millions of dollars on buying and flying their own private jets and filling them with the excesses of success. Its sale director Michael Breman has described the company as a “modern-day Robin Hood,” such is its role in wealth-redistribution. So committed to the brand is the yacht’s current owner, in fact, that he or she has had the Italian design house create products exclusively for the yacht. For an increasing number of the world’s wealthiest, it seems the greatest luxury is simply getting away from it all.
Incentive packages include numerous options such as teak cockpit tables, Garmin Autopilots, and electric windlasses. While VIP Completions has not released an official price for its interior work, it has confirmed that such a project would cost around $100 million on top of the cost of the jet. A recent study done by The Luxury Institute found that Luxury consumers were disappointed in the weakness of luxury brands to meet their on line needs. Yachts exceeding 100 metres commonly sell for more than ?100million and, whatever their price, owners should expect to spend 10 per cent of that sum per annum on maintenance. Luxury brands were slow to enter fearing affiliation with the mass marketers and an inability to supply “the luxury experience”.
The purpose of The Luxury Channel is to bring a luxury venue to the web where elite brands can have an appropriate environment to share their product knowledge and services in a sophisticated global reach. By all the brands sharing one venue it saves companies millions of dollars by having to establish their own channel from scratch and creating and producing content and paying to market their channel against all the other thousands of luxury brand’s channels. Any commercial agency can create a product video for a company, but with The Luxury Guru you get the video and a way to distribute it internationally.

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