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Based in Aix-en-Provence, South of France, British designer Alex McDiarmid has teamed up with New York-based interior designer Stef-Albert to create interior design for the striking 87-metre mega yacht IWANA, focusing on the Owner’s Deck and Main Deck, with guest dining, bar & entertainment areas. Boasting an amazing art collection and the finest custom furnishings, the unique interiors of luxury yacht IWANA take inspiration from the slick and timeless design of the exterior. Luxury super yacht IWANA provides deluxe and timeless accommodation for up to 16 guests in 8 lavish cabins.
Made of steel and aluminium, IWANA superyacht boasts a superstructure integrating a full length, panoramic roof window running over the yacht. Based in Florida’s Fort Lauderdale, Destry Darr Designs, an established interior design studio, specializing in comprehensive custom yacht interior design, has released the beautiful interior images below of the lovely 72 Ocean Alexander yacht.
The first edition of the Azimut Yachts Contest Design Award has been introduced by the leading Italian luxury yacht builder Azimut Yachts, in order to identify and engage young talent from different design environments. The first prize went to Istituto Europe of Design (IED) Milan student Francesco Russolillo, winning a six-month internship at Azimut Yachts.
Destry Darr Designs have recently completed an interior refit aboard the 2007-launched 86′ Nordhavn charter yacht VIVIERAE (ex CaryAli). VIVIERAE superyacht is a lovely 86′ series Nordhavn vessel measuring 26,21m, featuring a distinctive expedition style gun metal grey-coloured displacement hull, contrasted with white superstructure.
Guests aboard VIVIERAE will enjoy the spacious interior and exterior areas, with plenty of room for entertainment and relaxation. Some of the main features of luxury yacht VIVIERAE (ex CaryAli) include a barbecue grill, an inviting spa pool on the upper deck and plenty of sunbathing and lounging areas throughout. VIVIERAE yacht is a fantastic choice when it comes to Bahamas yacht vacations, with a crew of four professional and experienced members at your continuous assistance. FM – Architettura d’Interni is excited to announce that the 52m motor yacht AMORE MIO 2 (ex Sea Jewel) has won the coveted Neptune Trophy at the World Superyacht Awards 2015, hosted by Boat International Media. All the interiors of super yacht AMORE MIO 2 have been superbly refitted, including night and day areas, starting from the verification and re-fix of insulation and air conditioning system, up to the choice of furniture items and decor. Francesca Muzio commented: “First of all, for us, it has been an honor to be selected and receiving such a prestigious award for the refitting of MY Amore Mio 2. The ultra-contemporary, sharp and sophisticatedly styled 51-metre motor yacht MySky has been announced as one of the winners at the recent World Superyacht Awards 2015, in the ‘Best Displacement Motor Yachts of 500 GT to 1,299 GT’ category. The ultra-modern super yacht MySky represents an extremely comfortable, as well as outstanding and individual design, with crisp snow white marble and pure white leather, starkly contrasting with black materials like high-gloss lacquer and dark-toned Makassar wood.
Luxury yacht MySky was honoured with a coveted Neptune Trophy thanks to her generous luxury master suite, including a bathroom with full natural stone steam bath and a spacious walk-in closet, in addition to an amazing fully equipped gymnasium, positioned on the sundeck. Cruising Concepts features a line of custom yacht teak dining tables.  Each fine dining table for yachts is hand crafted from solid teak.  Custom tables to fit your space!  Call 800-899-3996 or 360-376-2975  and order the perfect teak dining table for fine dining on your boat!
One of our latest masterpieces, this table is installed in a Carver 57 main salon and inlaid with mermaids, seahorses,  and a compass rose.
Open or closed, this custom teak pilot table on a Carver 57 boat is a beautiful addition to any boating experience! Round, and hand-crafted from 2″ solid teak, this four foot diameter table boasts a 2 foot compass rose inlay and is the perfect compliment to the deck of your yacht. Dutch shipyard, Storm Yachts, has released a video showing their motor yacht S-78, while lying at anchor.
With her wide-body design, the S-78 yacht offers her owners ample accommodation space, unknown in this length-segment.
Construction of the new motor yacht S-78 is currently well underway at the Storm Yachts shipyard in the Netherlands.
The high-quality insulation and floating floor with integrated heating have already been installed in the luxury yacht S-78’s saloon, allowing its impressive size to truly come into its own.
The area below deck, where the cabins are located, will also feature a floating floor with integrated floor heating. Meanwhile, the extensive piping for the supply and removal of fuel & water, aeration, etc. The manner in which Storm yachts are built allows a great deal of flexibility for interim adjustments or improvements to be made. This was made possible by applying the same solution as on the X-65, and resulted in 2.5 m? of additional living and relaxation space on the motor yacht S-78.
This year’s HISWA Amsterdam in-water Boat Show will be hosted by the Amsterdam Marina from 2 to 7 September. The HISWA Amsterdam in-water Boat Show will exhibit a wide and diverse list of boats small and large, series and custom-built, in aluminium, steel and polyester. The boats on offer will include daysailers, cabin sailboats, luxury sailing yachts, motoryachts, launches, tenders, sports boats and RIBs. Several of the debuts presented in the steel segment will allow Dutch manufacturers to confirm their worldwide reputation as premium yacht builders. The sailing yacht segment also seems to be experiencing more dynamism in the market in terms of innovation and adaptation of existing models. The range of launches, weekenders and tenders on offer remains an important part of the HISWA Amsterdam in-water Boat Show exhibition programme. Those interested in the large and luxurious can indulge in the motoryachts and sailing yachts measuring sixteen metres or more showcased by Lengers Yachts, Mulder Shipyard, Princess Yachts, Storm Yachts, Contest Yachts, KM Yachtbuilders and Nova Yachting. The waterfront of the IJ brings together the rich history of Amsterdam and its resolutely contemporary architecture.
A new feature is the ‘Boats with a story’ pavilion, which will be organised in partnership between the magazine Zeilen, bookshop L. The latest sports craze from southern Europe, hoverboarding, is a new variant on the flyboarding which was also seen at HISWA Amsterdam in-water Boat Show in recent years.
The HISWA Amsterdam in-water Boat Show is one of the stops made by Optimist on Tour as it travels around the Netherlands from May to September. A fascinating programme for children, youth and adults alike is planned on and around the water. Visitors will also be able to step onboard the 18.5-metre Insulinde, the world’s first large self-righting motor lifeboat made from steel. A visit to the HISWA Amsterdam in-water Boat Show can be easily combined with a short city trip or a longer stay in Amsterdam. Last month, the hull of motor yacht S-78 was transported from the fairing and painting compound to the outfitting hall. Transportation such as this requires a lot of planning, guidance and space, as possible obstacles – such as lampposts, road fixtures, traffic, street width, speed bumps, bends, vertical clearance and curious bystanders – all need to be kept in mind.

This time round, there were several truck drivers waiting by the side of the road who initially refused our request to park somewhere else.
Storm Yachts is currently busy determining the positioning of the pipes, the connections for the tanks and the components in the engine compartment. Storm Yachts has already had a number of interested parties onboard who were highly impressed by the experience of space on the Storm S-78 yacht. As the world’s largest indoor watersports exhibition, BOOT Dusseldorf is often considered a bellwether for the state of the industry. The table was often occupied, as its shape inspired many discussions on the effectiveness of the innovative FDHF hull – which offers both exceptional comfort and low fuel consumption. Despite the buzz, exhibitions cannot really be considered a success unless the follow-up is properly taken care of. BOOT Dusseldorf also saw the signing of the contract for the construction of an X-65 Wheelhouse. The all-new motor yacht S-100 is currently under development at Storm Yachts in the Netherlands. It goes without saying that the S-100 superyacht design lines are in keeping with the other Storm designs from the S-series, but exude even more elegance due to the added length. The long and partly covered fly bridge gives new meaning to ‘outdoor relaxing and dining’, but is also meant for a second helm and an extra galley and provides protection from the elements on the after deck. The main salon and the galley offer the level of comfort one can expect from a super yacht of this size.
Below deck there is enough room for three crew members, making the S-100 yacht also suitable for chartering.
Storm Yachts is delighted to announce that the hull of the Storm S-78 yacht will be fully prepared for painting next week. This will allow the already applied pre-paint system to solidify, giving the final coat of varnish its full lustre. Unfortunately, Storm Yachts cannot present the S-78 yacht in her full glory at this week’s BOOT Dusseldorf. This image is featured as part of the article 39m Feadship charter yacht GO with new interior and reduced price. A love for great design as well as their mutual admiration of opposite yet very complimentary skills brought the two passionate designers together in creating the magnificent interior design for luxury superyacht IWANA.
To me balance and proportion are key elements in design that are often overlooked for the sake of size and flash. Boasting a magnificent bedroom and vast class ceiling, the top and upper most private Owner’s Deck ensures maximum privacy and intimacy from the rest of the yacht. Constructed by Alexander Marine, the Taiwan-based builder of Ocean Alexander yachts, luxury motor yacht 72 Ocean Alexander boasts a generous beam, as well as a wide variety of living options.
The inaugural competition saw students from Italian and international universities, as well as design schools design the spaces and furnishings of an Azimut 70 yacht fly.
In addition, Destry Darr Design are working on the design of the new 94′ Nordhavn Motor Yacht VivieRae, which will be custom designed with renderings to be released soon. Currently available for Bahamas yacht charter, VIVIERAE offers accommodation to eight guests in four beautifully refurbished staterooms. Her main saloon boasts stunning woodworks with fantastic attention to detail, as well as the finest in luxurious fabrics and textures. Should you require more information about this spectacular classically-styled vessel, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team here. In this case the interior refit transformed MY Amore Mio 2 demode interiors into a comfortable modern environment, again in a three-month period,” said Maria Silvia Orlandini.
Built by Heesen Yachts, superyacht MySky boasts elegant and stylish interiors, superbly designed by Erick van Egeraat.
The highlights of this striking vessel include the atrium walls, made of exclusively patterned backlit onyx set in a background of black granite. Specifically because this award underlines the fact that we continue to explore new territory and that we lead the way in terms of innovation, craftsmanship and creating quality and value. Twin pneumatic pedestals with teak feet and central control make it easy to adjust to your needs. The first concept unveiled by the builder, the striking 24-metre superyacht S-78 is currently under construction.
With an aft-deck and main lounge worthy of a superyacht, there is a great deal of space for all the guest. The focus is presently on preparatory activities that precede the fitting of the S-78 yacht interior. Thanks to the use of exclusive materials with highly effective acoustic properties, this living space is already characterised by impressively little noise pollution.
But, first, the shipyard will apply to the walls a soundproof substance that is highly resistant to vibrations. For instance, the decision was made last month to upgrade the layout of the aft deck by creating more living space. Storm Yachts accepted this gladly as the adaptation provides an essential contribution to the perception of comfort and feeling of space onboard the yacht.
Northern Europe’s most complete in-water boat show will display more than 300 new boats from five to 25 metres.
The average length of the sailboats will be approximately ten metres, while the motorboats will measure eleven metres on average. Here is a selection of world premieres which have been announced among the motoryachts to date: the Andante 436 by Aquanaut Yachting, the Executive 1500 by B. The show will feature Dutch and world premieres by brands such as Arcona, Bavaria, Bestevaer, Comar, Dherler, Elan, Garcia, Hanse, Maxi, Moody, Pointer, Saare, Saffier, Salona, SwedeStar, Varianta, Winner and X-yachts. Visitors interested in this segment will have over forty models of many different brands to choose from.
In recent years, the shores of the IJ have gone through breakneck development, including the construction of the EYE Film Institute Netherlands, a true landmark for the area. This event comprises a range of activities for children, who can become acquainted with various watersports, such as sailing in an Optimist, sailing in a canoe, stand-up paddling and running in a water ball. The former, a 57-metre historical sea tugboat, is the last remaining representative of a steel generation that has since become a part of Dutch seaborne heritage, and a unique monument of Dutch naval architecture. More than a hundred exhibitors on the quay will present nautical items, clothing and accessories. The free ferry across the IJ brings visitors from the NDSM yard to Central Station in just twelve minutes.

But the imposing appearance of the approaching luxury yacht S-78 quickly caused them to change their minds. The placement of the supply and discharge pipes requires extra attention as there will be no drains in the side of the hull. This requires thinking ahead, excellent planning and proper consideration of all possible options, needs and consequences.
For the very first time this year, the company had a spot in Hall 6, with a completely redesigned stand on a substantially larger floor surface, providing much more space available to welcome the potential clients and prospects. The 2014 show welcomed 248,600 visitors – 22,000 more than in 2013 – and Storm Yachts can safely say that the worst of the downturn affecting the yachting sector is now over. StormYachts is currently busy processing requests and making appointments with serious prospects.
Following a great success of Storm S-78 yacht, superyacht S-100 boasts some additional space and more comfort for 8 people, however, her drive technology as well as specifications are for the most part similar to those of the S-78.
The final coat of paint, however, will only be applied during the final stage of the building process.
It also reduces the likelihood of any damage that might otherwise be caused during the work. However, judging from the reactions of interested parties, connoisseurs, yacht owners and other yachtbuilders, the yard will be able to expect a great deal of positive attention once they do. We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations. The official awards ceremony will take place at the upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival 2015 in September. There is one master suite on the main deck, spreading full width of the yacht, as well as two double and one twin guest cabins.
Each of my projects displays my personal vision, and especially the design of MySky took this to a whole new level. The flybridge area also provides a superb al fresco environment for sunbathing, dining or raising a glass to another top day of cruising. This will reach up to just above the waterline in order to eliminate the sloshing sounds produced by waves. All connections will be welded directly onto the relevant tanks in the highly accessible engine compartment without (PVC) swivels, elbows or taps. The event annually provides a comprehensive overview of European yacht building expertise, with all major international brands represented. The show is an essential port of call for people considering a possible purchase as virtually all major Dutch and European brands are represented at the show. The 3.3-metre Delta 325 Turbojet will be the smallest motorboat on display, while the 25-metre motor yacht Princess 82 will grace the jetties as the largest. Professionals will show their art, and the public will also be able to give it a try at a cost of € 25 per 20 minutes). There will also be plenty to do on dry land: experiments in a water lab, learning to tie knots, or achieving the best score in a sailing game. Trial sails of boats and dinghies, sailing lessons for children, hoverboarding demonstrations, rowing, surfing, aquawalking, manoeuvring clinics, man overboard clinics, waterscooter demonstrations through the KNRM and match racing in Maxfuns 24 will provide a dynamic water sports backdrop around the exhibited boats. Insulinde has been declared as a piece of Dutch sailing heritage and is the flagship of the National Lifeboat Museum Dorus Rijkers.
The centrally located outdoor cafe of Restaurant Duin & Kruidberg will provide the perfect place to take a break after a walk along the jetties for a tasty snack.
From there, there are endless options for shopping, museum visits, sightseeing, bike rides, good food and hotels in central Amsterdam. Storm Yachts has released the photos below from the transport of superyacht S-78 hull, showing her already impressive appearance. Nothing inspires respect quite like a colossus measuring 24 by 7 metres that takes up the whole road.
More details about the S-100 will be unveiled by the company at the 2014 boot Dusseldorf, which will open its doors tomorrow, on January 18.
With unique finishes, leathers, fabrics and hand blown Venetian glass light fixtures, it forms the perfect backdrop for the multi-million dollar art collection. Moreover, the project will be also presented at the Stu-art-Exhibition 2015, set to open its doors in Osaka, Japan on June 1. The more someone is aiming for a result which is not particularly standard, the more I get excited. This will ensure that there are no leaks during the S-78 yacht’s entire lifespan and the technology substantially improves the resale value of a Storm yacht! The boat show is situated in the heart of Amsterdam, easily accessible by car as well as public transport. Among sailboats, the Saffier Se 23 will be smallest, at seven metres, while the Bestevaer 66ST by KM Yachtbuilders will undoubtedly attract the interest of many visitors as the largest sailing yacht.
Examples of new models on the Dutch market in the launches and sports boat segment include the Bavaria 35 Sport, the Broom 430, the Criss*Cross 28 Corsair, the Da Vinci 30, the Inter Cruiser 31 Cabrio, the isloep 777 and the Nimbus 450 Coupe. Visitors to the HISWA Amsterdam in-water Boat Show can step onto an Amsterdam Harbour Cruise boat for a tour designed especially for the occasion (4 times a day). This will involve five boats, each of which has starred in an article, a book or an ebook, berthed next to each other at the jetties.
The skill and expertise with which Storm’s crew later manoeuvred the S-78 yacht into the hall was in itself a pleasure to watch. The most popular items by far have been Companionway Doors, Interior Tables, and Cockpit Tables. The skippers who have previously entrusted their stories to paper will tell all about their experiences in person, onboard their boats (in Dutch) and in short presentations between the stands of L.
Starboard has been popular but teak remains the favorite choice for it’s light weight, and superior strength […]Happy HolidaysWe will be in the shop until Wednesday including this weekend.
We will furnish pictures for any gift to be given now to be put in a card to be custom made during Winter. From adventurous construction processes to world circumnavigations or exciting weeks on the Wadden Sea mudflats, ‘Boats with a story’ promises to be the meeting place of choice for sailors at the show.

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