These words may well be attributed to the yacht Mariette, year of construction of which dates back to 1915. Design studio BMW DesignworksUSA presented to the audience its new development in the field of industrial design yachts. Lamborghini Poweryacht – this is a great concept and high-speed luxury yacht design by young Italian designer Mauro Lecchi in collaboration with the designer of sports cars Lamborghini.
These two designs are being introduced following the SC166 superyacht and the Zeus Twelve Gold Rush models, which are, to be honest, additional epitomes of luxury and great looks. The pieces which interests us the most is the Xhibit G car – a marvelous, stunningly looking 4-wheeler to match the greatness of the Xhibitionist yacht. The interiors is designed to host a 900-Watt 12-speaker Bang & Olufsen BeoSound audio system, carbon fiber accents on the dashboard and seats, as well as touches of white leather.
Sign up for Luxatic's free newsletter and get the best news delivered straight to your inbox. Designed as a world cruising and personal exploration vessel, the Explorer class is for adventurers who want to circle the globe. The large machinery space is fitted with twin slow-turning diesel engines and twin generators with dry stack exhausts.
The steel hull and aluminium superstructure have over 4" of insulation as well as double paned windows for maximum comfort in all climates. The Explorer is a rough, tough, no nonsense, go anywhere class of vessel with the comfort and equipment to do it in style.
Hull and deck are designed and built to American Bureau of Shipping Rules for Unrestricted Offshore Motoryachts and the recommendations of the American Boat and Yachting Council. The hull, with widely flared bow sections, has great reserve buoyancy for lifting to head seas.

We use the new Bray Tunnel Enclosures around a large diameter highly skewed propeller, developed from technology used on the whisper quiet stealth submarines.
All speeds, capacities, consumption, hours, measurements, etc are approximate or estimated. The lucky owner of the largest 557-foot Mega yacht «Eclipse» is the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Deep Blue 46 is the first motor boat was created as a result of a fruitful and successful co-design studio BMW Designworks and Yacht manufacturer Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH.
BMW Designworks USA is a modern industrial design studio, self-projecting stylish and beautiful objects. The stylish modern mega yacht, designed by the studio of industrial design, the legendary Porsche Design Studio.
The beautiful catamaran longer than 40 meters, is made in the typical German car design easy and skillful style with the design of modern technologies and innovative solutions. The Fairlie 66 is as responsive and easy to handle as her smaller but equally elegant sister. A beautiful William Fife inspired yacht which is at one cruising extended oceans as she is competing in regattas. The Fairlie 110 has been developed through our Design Evolution ethos using one of these ‘work in progress’ designs. Custom design requests & examples of bespoke projects can be viewed on the Fairlie Design site. Designed for both cruising and racing, these magnificent yachts reflect the style and quality of a golden age of yachting. Fairlie Restorations of Fife classics began in 1985 with a rich history running through to the launch of a new range of classic Yachts.

Please contact John to discuss what you are looking for in your explorer yacht and how we can best meet your requirements.
Yachts are equipped with modern equipment, and their degree of comfort will satisfy even very demanding person. The second yacht was born in the Italian town of La Spezia and technical characteristics to the yachts in their class now issued much later. During the Second World War, carrying the watch off the coast of the United States, hunting down German submarines, and I must say much has succeeded in doing so. From supercars, luxury homes, yachts and bespoke watches, to gorgeous hotels and resorts and the latest trends in high fashion. We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations. Mega yacht is positioned as a luxury cruise ship with modern life-support systems and intelligent navigation.
This coupled with a modern underwater body and rig, creates a yacht which is as easy to handle as any modern yacht on the market today. In addition, it is fitted with solar panels for additional green power, but the platform they are mounted on may also work as a concert stage or even a helipad.
This is the newest project of two companies Porsche Design Group which is responsible for the concept and the style and the Singapore shipyard Royal Falcon Fleet.
They are the brand new Xhibitionist yacht and Xhibit G car designs, courtesy of Gray Design.

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