PROCEDURETo secure first refusal on any of the rowing boats listed please send to Ahoy-Boats a deposit of 15% of the price listed. 1 pair of fully adjustable (in length and leverage) carbon composite sculls with big bades. If you would like first refual on this boat please fill in this form and click on the button below. Yole Class Double.These boats are difficult to obtain second hand as their owners love them and are reluctant to part with them so they represent excellent value. Pristine Yole Class single in SCOTLAND.A rare opportunity to buy a second hand Yole Class (fibreglass). Lightly used Yole Club double for saleOwner says "She was only in the water for one season and the rest of the time under cover.
Includes 2 pairs of aluminium Sport 280 oars that have been shortened to 265 so that the hands do not overlap.

Originally built without wooden rubbing strake and fitted with practical rubber strake instead. LiteBoat is the most atractive modern equivalent with much better performance characteristics. "We all love our new Yole, so thank you for getting it for us so quickly.
We raced it for the first time at the end of June with two mixed crews and picked up two Silver medals. I use it on lake Windermere at least twice a year for 2 weeks when I rent a cottage there with direct access to the lake.
The boat keeps me safe in the roughest of conditions on the lake, so it delivers on your claims.Keith Mackey"I've been enjoying the Yole, both as a double and a single. Getting back into 'proper' sliding seat rowing in a decent boat has been the best thing I've done for years.
Although I've sailed on the broads on and off all my life, it's only during the last few months that I've explored the rivers thoroughly, simply because of the relative ease and speed of the Yole.

I've done some lengthy voyages ( my wife decided a GPS was in order for Christmas ) and among other uses the Yole is ideal for fishing and even hauling my lobster pots ( I was even checked over by the MAFF fisheries patrol boat in August.
In short, I love it."Jonathon "I wanted a boat that would be at home on a Scottish sea loch where we have a weekend cottage - easy for a novice to handle, easy to launch, stable, and fast enough to row against tidal currents.
I bought a single, but after two outings as a passenger my wife was hooked too - now we fight over who has the oars, and we have a kit on order to convert it to a double. They are fitted with wooden handles for durability and comfort and have integral plastic sleeves and buttons. The outriggers enable it to be slimmer than the distance between the oarlocks so it is faster.

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