Michael Heer explores the second generation Reef Racers, and finds them to "really be improved". I had the pleasure of having a troop of boy scouts and several friends help me review 4 of the original Reef Racers and we had a lot of fun playing with those boats together. Every thing that comes with the Reef Racer: boat, battery, charger, transmitter, instructions, two extra fuses and a spare prop. The only disadvantage to this charger is that a younger person can't charge the battery and play if they don't have access to a family car. The battery that came with the 2 was a different shape than the one that came with the original boats.
Both the original Reef Racer and Reef Racer 2 came with an Aquacraft two channel pistol grip transmitter. However, the original Reef Racer transmitter was much more high tech than the current model as it had reversing switches for the steering servo and the throttle, a throttle trim switch and dual rate for the steering. Unless you're left handed the original transmitter was more versatile with the dual rate and thus slightly better. Range for both of them was excellent and they came on six different frequencies assigned to ground and water vehicles. Here both boats were basically the same with a 380 motor with a metal pipe wrapped around it.
The water intake for the motor cooling systems and I am pointing out the opening for the Reef Racer 2. Both the original and the Reef Racer 2 are a lot of fun to operate and the more boats the better. There are larger and faster boats out there but they can't operate in a normal swimming pool and the Reef Racers, 1 and 2, with their ability to turn sharply can be played within a normal size swimming pool.
Aquacraft continues to monitor their product and they have issued a technical update concerning the operation of the Reef Racer 2. Light-weight epoxy-glass stronger than ABS-plastic or the heavier and weaker polyester-glass.
Race against the clock as you slash and dash through a slalom course or take on up to five other Zig Zag Racers in a waterborne grand prix. The Zig Zag Racer comes completely assembled and ready for action in green or yellow with everything you see here. This Zig Zag Racer has an improved fully proportional pistol-grip ZX10 radio that provides more precise and natural steering. This updated version of the popular Zig Zag Racer has an improved fully proportional pistol-grip ZX10 radio that provides more precise and natural steering. Your Zig Zag Racer 3 is equipped with a ZX10 radio system--which utilizes 10-bit, 1024-step processing for high fidelity control. Hobbico has since come out with Reef Racer 2 and I felt it was approbriate to review the newer "Two" version and discuss what the differences were between the two of them. It included everything I needed to have fun in the water except for 8 AA batteries for the transmitter and those were purchased seperately. The charger was a peak sensing charger and thus turned off when the battery was fully charged. This is a reasonable trade-off and the charger is an improvement over the original charger. The original Reef Racer had a quality Futaba made transmitter, proudly announced on the box. In practice since both the Reef Racer and the 2 came set-up properly there was no need to use the servo reversing switches on the transmitter so, for use with the 2, their absence wasn't noticed. Some novice users did better with the steering set for less response, making wider turns while the experienced operator liked the turn on a dive response obtained on the other end of the dial. One end of the pipe was connected to an intake behind the rudder at the back of the boat and the other end of the pipe went out the right side of the boat.

The original racer had a large opening to the hull on the top for most of the boat and that opening was covered with only the top hatch cover.
Here as shown in the pictures below we see a closed hull with two circular openings on the top of the hull and they have tight fitting rubber lined hatch covers for those openings. The original Reef Racer had a 6 inch beam (width) while the Reef Racer 2 had only a 5.3 inch beam.
Both came in six different colors on six different frequencies so you can have up to six playing at a time and whether racing or just rushing about I find adults become kids again and kids have a great time especially when there are several in the water at the same time.
While more space is better, the versatility of being able to operate in a small pond or pool is a big plus for the Reef Racers original and 2. It has a good radio system on six different channels so that up to six boats can operate at a time. Briefly they have discovered that with prolonged use the driveshaft seal begins to rub on the driveshaft and the friction creates heat and an irritating noise. Included with every boat are three self-anchoring buoys so you can create the Zig Zag racecourse of your dreams. The Zig Zag Racer's self-righting characteristics and ultra-durable ABS hull make it virtually unsinkable, so go crazy.
All you need to do is pop 8 "AA" batteries in the transmitter, apply stickers to the body, and you're ready to go. The charger has a forty five minute emergency shut-off, if it is still on after 45 minutes.
The original charger had to be unplugged and took longer to charge the battery than the new charger.
The current pack is shorter and slightly wider as it was two rows of three batteries side by side. As for the throttle trim tab feature on the original transmitter I remember playing with it but I don't remember actually needing it on any of the four boats used in the original review. On the Reef Racer 2 my orange boat is on channel six in the 27 Megahertz band, or 27.255MHz.
In both boats the running of the boat, especially at high speeds forces water into the intake and it goes through the pipe, around the motor and out the side of the boat. I did a short video in my pool and to me the small pool really makes them look and feel fast. It has a water cooled 380 motor for higher speed and longer operating life and it will turn on a dime. In the bulletin they show how to simply correct this possible problem with some easy steps using lubrication before you start operation. Even my wife likes the Reef Racers and will play with one on occasion, although she never wants to fly any of my planes.
Run circles around practically everything else on the water the new Zig Zag Racer from HobbyZone. Detach the anchor from one of the buoys and it becomes a water polo ball you can push around using the detachable buoy retrieval arm that's also included.
Even if you get a little too crazy, HobbyZone offers a complete selection of replacement parts to keep you up and running.
Included with every boat are three self-anchoring buoys, so you can create the Zig Zag racecourse of your dreams. The ZX10 radio offers you faster and more accurate control response for precise control and maneuverability. The original Reef Racer came with a sheet of decals and you could choose how to decorate your boat. That said I videotaped a seven year old for the action video and he had no trouble with the quick steering right from the get go. So now this gives us even more channels, with the Reef Racers 1 on one band, and the 2s on another.

We take them for granted but they are such an improvement over the reostat type speed controllers we used twenty years ago.
The top hatch was connected with hinges in the back and in the front the closure was with a ball link in the hull going through a rubber grommet in the hatch cover.
I found with stopping and starting the average run time was more like twelve minutes, after the battery was broken in, with several cycles of use and charging. The notice is attached at the end of this review and can be found in the box with current boats and on Aquacraft's website. Boats are something your non RC friends can enjoy without any experience or fear of crashing. Its compact size, slingshot acceleration and turn-on-a-dime agility are unlike anything you've ever seen before. Thus the charger and battery can and should be outside of the car when you are charging your battery.
The original unit came only in a right handed model if I remember correctly while the current model came in a right handed style, it could be converted to a left handed model.
This worked pretty well but we had several pop open in operation with minor high speed touches by boats. The original Reef Racer was a very good product but they have truely improved on the boat with the waterproofing they have done on the Reef Racer 2.
This notice after initial release of the product is an example of how Aquacraft continues to support their product. If you're looking for the ultimate in pool-sized, ready-to-run fun, the Zig Zag Racer is king. Additionally, you should monitor the charge even though it is a peak charger and will automatically shut off at 45 minutes if not off sooner. Even closed every run allowed some water into the hull as sharp turns were right on the waterline. These two changes: closed hull and hatch held on with Velcro -- greatly decreased the amount of water that gets into the hull (almost completely) and makes the Reef Racer 2 a much superior craft over the original Reef Racer.
The average consummer won't miss the changes in the transmitter and the left handed operators will be pleased.
Both came with a 7.2 volt 1100 NiMH battery pack to power the boat and a charger for the boats battery. Finally, for safety, don't try and charge the battery too close to water, or if you or the battery are wet. Both fit fine in the boat they were intended for but don't fit the other design very well if at all.
Both models had a steering trim adjustment that was useful if the boat wasn't tracking straight. Fortunately even when flooded the electronics on my original four boats were never damaged.
Kids and adults both enjoy the boats and both are surprised how fast they run and how fast they turn.
So if you hit the waves too fast and flip it, no need to swim!Included with this boat are all the performance parts to make this boat the ultimate racer. My Reef Racer 2's transmitter was an Aquacraft 2-channel pistol grip model on channel 6 and a brief instruction manual to complete the package.
Just adjust that steering trim control dial on the transmitter until the servo had the rudder lined up straight and true.
The original Reef Racers could even slowly returned to shore in a flooded condition except when snagged by seaweed in almost all cases.

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