These 3 new N-ZO ribs enjoy the benefits of innovations incorporated into the hull and deck design. Design Armed with the success of the N-ZO 700 Cabin, Zodiac® has once again drawn on the talent of the renowned Italian designer, Vittorio Garroni, to design these boats with exclusive lines . These new boats have also been produced in accordance with specific technical specifications to meet the most frequently demanded requirements of recreational sailors. The N-ZO range benefits from the experience of Zodiac® in the design of the hulls and utilizes 2 innovative features : New technology pre-owned on the Zodiac® shell , equipped with a V-hull , which offers unmatched sea keeping and handling. The generous height of the free-boards, thanks to the size of its buoyancy tube and the special structure of the hull, turn the cabin into a “cocoon” for its passengers.

Particular attention has been paid to the comfort of passengers, both when sailing and when moored.
3 innovative features have been included in the deck design: Best use has been made of the on board space. A new console, called an “Air Console” , more raised, has made it possible to minimise the floor space pre-owned and increase your boat’s interior space. All N-ZO models have a spacious aft saloon which can seat a number of people and which offers direct access to the aft bathing platform.
The N-ZO range is equipped with a new bow sunbathing system “Reverse & Sun” which allows an extensive sundeck to be put in place in a matter of seconds by simply unfolding the structure.

The new N-ZO range therefore comprises boats that are aesthetically pleasing, seaworthy, spacious, and particularly safe.

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