Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. I get alot of calls every day from people who want to know how to assemble an inflatable boat. Note if you are installing the seat on your boat be sure and install it before you get it up to pressure or you will have a hard time. I’ve attached some photos of a Bombard C4R that has a few attachments on it for down riggers and rod holders etc. IBC is happy to announce the addition of an entirely new set of Yachtline non-skid products custom manufactured in SEADEK material for the yachting enthusiast exclusively at IBC. Forget the Sea Hawks or the Neptunes or what ever they are called, if you are looking for a budget boat that gets the job done look no further. This entry was posted in Inflatable Boat Assembly, Inflatable Boats, Tips And Tricks, Uncategorized, Zodiac and tagged dinghy, fishing boat, inflatable boat assembly, inflatable boat center, sport boat, zodiac assembly, zodiacv zoom, zoom 450sp al by inflatableboatworks. Founded December 22,1896 the Societe Mallet, et de Pitray would become the Zodiac of today’s notoriety. The first aircraft to aircraft photograph was taken by Andre Schelcher a pioneer in automatic balloon photography.
The first military orders of Zodiac Inflatable Boats was in 1937 by the French Aeronauticale to load ordinance on seaplanes for the war effort.
Zodiac did not invent the inflatable boat, it’s use has been documented as early as 880 BC. In 1952 Dr Alain Bombard ( then a 27 year old intern at the hospital  of Boulonge-sur-Mer) crossed the Atlantic in a 10 man Zodiac Inflatable Boat with no food or water to prove a person could survive off of the sea alone until rescue or landfall. Zodiac Inflatable Boats were often the first modern craft that indigenous peoples saw as explorers made the world smaller thru the 20th century. Zodiac’s involvement in the boating industry has created one of the safest and most efficient boating modalities afloat today, and the Zodiac, Bombard or Avon brands we have come to love all live under one roof and have done so for over 100 years. As more and more people realize inflatable boats are easier to own and operate in all waters more requests come in for rigging with accessories.

By utilizing existing technology in new ways IBC has done it all for the special forces operator, to the weekend warrior in prices and configurations that won’t break the bank or your brain. Scotty Fishing Products uses universal attachments for most of their rod holders which can simply be mounted on their glue pads (available here). Here’s a few pics from a recent delivery to give you some ideas as you plan your next inflatable boat purchase or upgrade.
Give IBC a call if you have questions (503)235-2628 or shop for products using the online store. IBC’s Special Boats Division will have the boat package du jour featuring portability and performance for a limited time at a savings that will take even the most seasoned adventurer to new heights.
If you can imagine it IBC’s Special Boats Division can likely build it and get it to where the roads end and the excitement begins. I get asked a lot about replaceable tubesets and the Zodiac Advantage by even the most salty of sailors so I thought I’d share some boat porn.
Zodiac pioneered the replaceable tubeset to keep old boats as good as new by simply sliding the old tubes off and sliding a new set on. Some models that make use of this system are the Zodiac Yachtline Series and the Zodiac Pro Series.
We find it helpful to spray soapy water onto and into the bolt rope slots to act as lube for the installation process. Rain, floods, and natural disasters happen, just look at IBC’s home state or Oregon this week.
Since I was breaking out a new Zodiac Zoom 450 SP AL for the showroom I figured this was as good a time as any to take some pics and write a few words on inflatable boat assembly. Remove your boat from it’s bag or box, unroll it and inflate it without the floorboards. Install the forward bow board into the hull making sure it’s seated against the forward seam and the keel tube is centered in the keel valve access hole.
Add remaining floor boards (the number of floor boards will vary from boat model to boat model) leaving the last board out to form a teepee. Add the last floorboard to the boat and fix one end into the tongue and groove leaving the other end to overlap the remaining end.

Install your stringers (the extruded metal floorboard locking pieces) over the floorboard joints.
Inflate your boat to shape equally in each chamber starting at the bow and working your way aft. The Zodiac Fish N Hunt is the real deal and at the price IBC is offering them is less than half of retail.
Zodiac MILPRO Inflatable Boats are used by military and Special Forces to this day and have been used in every conflict since their introduction. His use of Zodiac’s patented hull design with a wooden transom and a patented wooden keel would propel Zodiac into the forefront of boating and survival at sea. In 1957 France issued a decree making it mandatory that all ships have inflatable lifeboats instead of wood or metal aboard and in use because of the lives saved by the introduction of the Zodiac Inflatable Lifeboat.
Missionaries to military units all used the Zodiac Inflatable Boat as their tool of choice when it came to the rough and tumble nature of exploring uncharted waters and lands.
Whether fishing is your goal or adventuring to locations unknown is the goal IBC has inflatable boat accessories for every need.
Some of the more awesome custom adventure boat builds will be put together on the floor for the professional guide, law enforcement, or the private adventurer looking for the edge. We look forward to this show all year because it’s the one show where people from all walks of life come from all 7 continents to talk about exciting and different missions they are working on. Do not inflate to full pressure on any single chamber until all chambers are to shape equally. The valve caps are the actual air seal on the boat so ensure they are in place prior to getting underway. Spectators from Africa to Antarctica stop by to see what we can do for them, so if you are in the area or are planning a trip you’ll be in good company. Bombard’s boat is the predecessor of the Bombard Commando series we all love today at IBC.

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