Pharmaceutical Product Development's (PPD) ranked second in a survey by CenterWatch, which saw participation from around 2,032 global CRO sites.
Singapore: Pharmaceutical Product Development's (PPD) site has been acknowledged by CenterWatch's 2013 Global Investigative Site Relationship Survey for reputation among all contract research organizations (CROs).
Mr Paul Colvin, executive vice president, global clinical development, PPD, said that, "We work to hire, train and retain the best team in the industry. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without written permission is prohibited. More than 1300 journalists from 87 countries have flocked to Rio de Janeiro for the 8th Global Investigative Journalism Conference this weekend. Journalists from Azerbaijan, South Africa, and Pakistan were honored with the fifth Global Shining Light Award at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Rio de Janeiro Monday night. Forest Laboratories came in second place, while Bayer finished third in the company's bi-annual 2013 Global Investigative Site Relationship survey. Biogen Idec collected the highest average rating across 36 relationship attributes, while Novo Nordisk and Takeda Pharmaceutical were tied together in fourth place, and Boehringer-Ingelheim and Gilead Sciences ended up fifth.

The study indicated that sites are frustrated with not having direct input into running clinical trials more efficiently and boosting operational issues from patient recruitment strategies to the utilisation of technology at premises. The research was completed during November and December 2012, as well as January 2013, with principal investigators and study staff being requested to rate the sponsors they had worked with over the course of the past two years.
Assessment criteria included study planning and innovativeness, with 22 sponsors boasting sufficient sample sizes being included in the work.
As well as being named among the top sponsors in the survey, Bayer recently announced that all of its financial targets were achieved in 2012.
Your details will be referred to Breaking News and they will provide you with more information regarding this press release themselves. CenterWatch provides clinical trials information to a broad and influential spectrum of clinical research professionalsPPD is also ranked second on investigative sites' evaluation of their clinical trial relationships with CROs. We feel that trust, accountability, performance and results are the basis of PPD's strong reputation within the industry and the foundation of our relationships with our biopharmaceutical clients and our investigative sites. Investigative sites are critical partners in clinical research.
This is the largest ever international gathering of investigative journalists, and there's lots of excitement, networking, and big stories in the air.

The prize honors investigative journalism conducted in a developing or transitioning country, done under threat, duress, or in the direst of conditions. Get your products and services in front of 100,000+ readers globally with Print, email and web promotional activity. Overall, PPD was ranked among the top three CROs on all 36 relationship attributes that the questionnaire asked of clinical research professionals at investigative sites globally.PPD has also been ranked best in "being an innovator in finding ways to improve its relationships with sites and using technology to make processes more efficient, [using] data analytics to help target where sites might have a potential issue," according to CenterWatch Monthly, which published the survey results. Leaving comments on product information and articles can assist with future editorial and article content.

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