Ett mindre kvadratiskt block baserat pa spannmal och paraffin med tillsats av smakamnen som hojer attraktionen. Tennis is a great game but for kids with a vision impairment, like these guys, it can be pretty hard to play. KID 1: The challenging thing is my colour blindness I can't see colour, and a yellow ball on a green surface is really hard. KID 1: If you're legally blind, like I'm a bit, you can only bounce twice but if you're full blind you can bounce it three times. KID 2: Well underneath the tape there's a bit of wire, and the reason's there's some wire is so we can navigate, we can position ourselves so we just know where we are and if the balls gone out. Off the court these kids have even written their own 'blind tennis' instruction books to encourage other kids to play. KID 4: There's two little dots, which means a cursor, so what you have to do is write on these braille keys here, and write what you want to write.

KID 2: If you have good hearing it is really useful because it's easier to track the ball, than if you don't especially when there’s multiple balls going at once. I think that it's a really good idea that they are doing blind tennis for the kids that are blind or colour blind.
It's good if you have a sport to do on the weekend beacause you can get fit and know how to play tennis when there older and let other people play as well as you. Each blind box contains a single 100% size Bearbrick Series 30 figure (which one you get is a surprise!).
Top Image is the Mossy color, with a person wearing the Mossy Jacket and pants set, and Rifle wrap. But in SA some kids are trying out a new adapted version of tennis for the first time and they're loving it. Simply lay the cover on the ground in the area you will be in, drag it a little, and the cover will pick up some leaves from your area.  Now you blend in exactly to your environment!

Well the ball's bigger and softer and it has a rattle inside so players can hear where it lands on the court. No unauthorized duplication, reproduction, or distribution of this work, or any portion thereof, including in electronic form, may be made without the express, advance written permission of the publisher. Unauthorized use of this material, or any portion thereof, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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