Tigon 3D is a design, development and graphics start up company who needed their own online web presence and they approached Sutton Coldfield Webs to provide that for them. The Tigon 3D website had two main purposes, the first to provide an online web presence and the second to be able to deliver confidential reports to specific clients on a monthly basis through a secure online members area. After a one on one consultation with the owner of Tigon 3D we established the requirements of the project and put together a plan. Click on any of the images below to see a detailed overview of that particular section of the Tigon 3D website design. The website created for Tigon 3D was built from the WordPress platform making it easy to use from an administrative point of view and also fully search engine friendly.
The brief was simple, the website needed to look clean & professional and also needed to stand out to the user. A membership area and system was created for the Tigon 3D website which provides a fully protected area where specific users can login using their own assigned user name and password. Developers consider Flash to be a platform with a wide range of opportunities in a website building and presentation, but at the same time it is a rather complex tool which requires certain coding knowledge and skills. 3D Flash websites listed below will make you sit with eyes wide open, even if you are a Flash antagonist.

Wow, what a list , really awesome websites , i like Immersive garden and hop (ilovecandy one). The story revolves around the central edifice in this movie, a 100 year old Dam built by British during their colonial days in India. Tigon 3D wanted a professional and clean platform which would provide them with a company and brand presence online for previous and potential customers to see. The overall design of the website was created in consultation with the client at every step of the process. And digital world will be saved by attractive and magnetic 3D Flash websites which are almost brilliant works of art. Moreover, often Flash sites have essential downsides in comparison with static ones: slow loading and inability of search engines to crawl website pages are mostly called weak points of Flash. And if you are a true fan of Flash technology then you will definitely be impressed with the interactive beauty displayed on your screen.
Like a Dam, each character in this movie, holds back their emotions for various reasons, eventually the DAM breaks along with that of its characters drawing the audience to gripping climax.
This movie is a tribute to the 1975 Banqiao Dam disaster in China that claimed 250,000 innocent lives.

For this membership area the login screen needed to be custom, you can see a screenshot of the custom login page in the images above.
This kind of sites quickly draws audience’s attention as it provides rich visual experience. But we are sure that Flash is the ultimate solution for creating interactive websites which will blow visitor’s minds.
DAM999, the movie is in its final Post production stage and is expected to be released in 3D later this year.
So today we would like to touch the subject of 3D Flash Websites – the most interactive and creative web projects for those who do care about the impression they make. And 3D Flash websites are especially alluring thanks to their fascinating three-dimensional effects.

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