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You need to give her opinions whenever she expects one from you and also offer your hand and shoulder whenever the situation arises.
Giving a birth is the most noble gift on Earth, and carrying a baby is considered a real miracle.
2) If you want to know how to success with women then you need to show the desire you have for her to be with you.
Nonetheless, a brilliant mature woman I consider to be evolved recently asked me what an evolved man wants from a woman. An evolved man wants a woman who won’t change to be with him, who mostly doesn’t give two sheets what other people think about her, including even him. This is not some sinister desire to capture a woman’s joyful heart in an iron box and isolate her in a household castle. Many years ago I witnessed a new bride gaze with such absolute adoration upon her new husband’s face that I felt the Earth jealous even though it had the Sun. An evolved man wants his woman to love him profoundly despite his imperfections, to consistently see through his human flaws to the very best of him.
There’s an important caveat, however, as so many women are great at loving with wild abandon, but in a way that’s often self-defeating. An evolved man wants a woman who will speak her truth to him, a woman who knows men aren’t equipped to read minds or even not-so-subtle clues. He also wants her to hold him accountable to his highest potential as a man, and always with love and respect.
When I originally wrote this article in 2014, my ideas on “surrender” were a bit “less evolved” (hence the wild variety of comments from readers below). At the time, I essentially wrote this: “An evolved man doesn’t even try to possess a woman. I understand now that the true power in surrender is never in surrendering your will to another person’s will. A relationship in which fear-based thinking dominates the dynamic will inevitably create an exhausting power struggle. Surrendering to Love means being willing to do the inner work to recognize when you are coming from fear (aka ego), and learning how to shift towards living in a mindset of love. That’s why trusting in love is so difficult for most of us – and why there are surely so few “evolved men” (or women) on the planet – because it means your ego won’t always get its way.
A relationship with a woman who trusts her fear and ego more than love can devolve into that pitiable cliche in which she has his metaphorical balls in a metaphorical jar.
Eventually, she won’t want to fuck him anymore, because she’s attracted to a man with balls – and a man with balls is fully committed to his highest purpose, which is Love, not her ego.
He doesn’t need or even want her permission to live his purpose everyday, whatever that looks like for him. Because Love is his highest purpose, it will be excruciating to him to be with a woman who is not surrendered to Love as hers, too.

An evolved man would rather negotiate with terrorists than negotiate for sex with his intimate partner. Because she is surrendered to Love, she will be so deeply connected to her inner radiant, sensual feminine essence that she enthusiastically, wholeheartedly and with sincere pleasure offers herself to him most anytime he wants her. He accepts that she won’t always be so willing – when she’s in physical or emotional pain, for example – and he won’t ever make her guilty for it … which just turns her on even more. Because he is also surrendered to Love, he will always be deeply sensitive to her needs … but not at the expense of castrating himself internally to protect her from his ravenous sexuality. If his woman is consistently shut off to him sexually, there’s a disconnect somewhere between them – there’s a disconnect from LOVE – and he’ll want to explore it together with haste. That’s what evolved couples do: Communicate deeply, vulnerably, with appreciation for differences, with the ultimate goal of creating pure fucking magic together, every single day. One last thing on #6: an evolved man won’t make his ejaculation (or hers for that matter) the point of sex.
The same way we don’t want men asking “are you on your period?” every time you’re in a bad mood, there are things you can say to a man that are sure to start a fight. We’ve highlighted a couple of phrases you should keep out of your relationship, unless you love arguing and emasculating your guy. They only need you to take control, to talk dirty a little bit and to be creative and original.
The fact that we have a male body has dictated that we should not feel nor express all our emotions.
How Do I Find the Words?Torsten Klaus asks “How the fuck do I say good bye to my dying Dad?
The article will guide you in how to succeed with women so that you can also have the love of your life by your side.1) Every woman wants her man to listen to her whenever she speaks.
It does not matter how new or old the relationship is but women want their men to keep on telling them how much their presence means to the men and their lives.
I’ve decided that mostly means they want to be with a man who can see a woman’s entire humanity, the profound gifts she has to offer as a feminine woman and a human being, before focusing on her ass. She isn’t arrogant; she just knows who she is and doesn’t need to prove that she has the right to live however she desires. An evolved man just wants his woman so in love with her life that her radiant joy is present in the room more often than not. Understanding this allows both partners to safely bring their real truths to the relationship every day, which is essential to sustaining real intimacy…which is what an evolved man truly wants.
An evolved man doesn’t want a woman to abandon herself to love him or stay if he consistently acts horribly, failing to honor their agreements (an evolved man can still fall victim to messing up big time; he’s human, after all). I support people in doing this fear-to-love inner work in my coaching practice, and I’ve been doing this essential work with my own coach for years.
Her fear controls their lives because they’ve created a pattern in which he needs her permission for every decision.
Sexuality will be a natural extension of her self-love practice, and will therefore likely enjoy sex as much as he does … if not more! You may not feel comfortable in the beginning, but you don’t need to get out of your comfort zone too much.
Men will always get a positive response when you tell your partner “I think you are so beautiful” or “You are really amazing.” If you don’t feel that way, you probably shouldn’t be in pursuit. Bookmark us for new content every day and please subscribe to our FREE daily e-mail updates. It would give her the feeling that you love, care and respect everything about her and you would know then how to succeed with women.2) If you want to know how to success with women then you need to show the desire you have for her to be with you.
Thus every man should learn how they can just listen to what their woman is saying simply without any interruptions at all.
Just give her the right amount of over possessiveness and she would feel secured around you.
He has also embraced his own internal dose of femininity, so he can truly embrace the feminine women in his midst. Sure, they might have to make difficult choices in the details of their life together (aka “compromise”), but she doesn’t shrink or sell herself out to make him happy.
He will do his best to earn that from her, but then again…what has the Earth ever done to earn the Sun? But he also doesn’t want her to hold back when she sees him acting out of integrity or playing small in his life.

Quite the opposite, trusting in love means trusting that love will show the way forward in every moment that results in the highest good for all. But he will want a woman surrendered to LOVE which also means that she is surrendered to her deeply deliciously sexual nature. A woman not surrendered to love – a woman loyal to her ego and fears – inevitably creates a woman who sexually shuts off from him. But if you’re in any other stage of a relationship and you say this, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. The same way we don’t want to try to make chicken soup exactly how his overbearing mother does, he doesn’t want you to correct him based on what your daddy says. Because “bitchy” is a word linked with a moody woman, calling him bitchy will emasculate him to the core. When men see your body clearly and have a perfect view on the action, they have a sense of accomplishment that is really great for them. We get buried in our jobs, our tasks, our errands, the television, the smart phone, the Internet, and daily dramas. There’s surely more to say about that, but I don’t want to make a big production of this point. He won’t expect her to always be happy – he doesn’t want some spooky Stepford wife with a fake smile. An intimate relationship is a powerful vehicle for a person’s evolution, and he knows he’ll always be growing and evolving. Their imagination will likely wander, and it won’t be long before he’s picturing you and your ex rolling around in bed together.
Replace “bitchy” with “moody” and you can have a normal argument without the ad hominem attacks.
The more you experience with this technique, the more comfortable you will feel talking dirty to him in bed.
Our journey to courageously explore and feel those feelings in spite of our upbringing, and share those feelings, leads us to an incredible depth of experience. I remember walking with a exquisite woman in Saigon, and I stopped her, grabbed her around the waist, and began to dance with her on the sidewalk.
He wants a woman who will support him in that evolution, and who’s also learned the difference between healthy, honest communication and needling criticism. Anyone can feel trapped by this phrase, especially in the beginning stages of a relationship.
Don’t be surprised if your man is giving you the evil eye for no reason whatsoever after having uttered these words. I shared this list with my 19-year-old daughter, and she said, “Dad, I can think of 10 more things that I want from a guy!” While that may be true, I present these five as a starting point. Slow down, move toward stillness, and begin to notice how your feelings and perceptions increase.
He once told me “Once you get your energy right, you will be pulling pubic hairs out of your teeth!” Keep your heart open and trust in life. So compliment her whenever you can and win her heart every time you do this.3) How to succeed with women is not a big deal. If you’re unsure about the future with this person, talking about marriage can put far too much pressure on. This list is based on conversations with many people through the years, and my own experience sharing myself and observing the varying degree of delight I received in return. And it does hurt at times, like a red searing hot poker slowly piercing the membrane of the heart.
It has worked again and again in the past and it’s a successful technique with guaranteed results. Just give her the right amount of over possessiveness and she would feel secured around you.5) Women want their men to appreciate them in every possible way.
It lets your partner know you are present, in their space, happy to be there, and you are wide awake to hear and be with your partner.

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