With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to share some fun ideas that will help you keep a happy and healthy marriage.
Paint your popsicle sticks 3 different colors to organize them into categories based on cost. Once you paint your sticks you will take you permanent marker and write date night ideas on them based on the cost value associated with the date. Add some ribbon to the outside of your jar and add a tag with directions on the back so your spouse knows how the “Date Night Jar” works. January 12, 2015Last year we managed to complete 52 unique dates, which meant every week was something different. I’ve been seeing alphabet dating quite a bit, including on the blog of one of my previous Lovely Letters partners, Liz, so we decided to give it a shot too! No matter how busy or crazy life gets, Jacob and I have been challenging ourselves to make time for our marriage. Would love for you to join us and try it for yourselves this year!
All photos, graphics, and text were specifically created for this blog and cannot be used without permission. This is a for-profit blog and contains occasional affiliate links, where we receive a small commission on sales of the products that are linked at no additional cost to you. You should make sure the first date activities you and your partner experience are enjoyable and appropriate. This is to ensure that the first meeting you have with someone is not going to be overly awkward if you are having a hard time finding stuff to talk about.
This is to keep things under control and to allow you and your partner to learn more about each other. This is one of the smartest first date ideas around as it encourages people to enjoy the scenery and learn more about each other at the same time.
Fun dates like this take the pressure off both people because you do not have to focus solely on keeping the conversation going.
There are many good restaurants every where and you can find one for a good first date if you are careful. Try to be adventurous and find a place with a tasting menu or some kind of style that you’ve never had before and you will certainly enjoy the experience as it comes along. Do not choose anything too spicy, make sure there are a lot of options in case your date is a picky eater. Art can be fun to get into and if you enjoy working with different forms of art then you can get you and your date out to a place to paint, work with clay or do other things. Instead of shopping at a high-end place, you can go to thrift stores when finding first date activities.
You can make a challenge with your date to find the most incredible outfit with just ten dollars. It can be fun and will really bring out one’s creative side when it is used the right way.
It is fun and it won’t involve a great deal of pressure like what might happen if you and your date went to a full-size mall with lots of expensive places that might have stuff that is too hard for you to afford. Dog-walking is fun activity to do as it will let you and your date have some exercise while talking.

There are a number of fun card games for you to play with including cribbage, Uno and poker.
If you engage in some simple card games then you’ll allow you and your date to simply relax for an evening and have some fun with a friendly sense of competition.
If your date and yourself both enjoy fine wines then it might be great to come out to a wine tasting. Make sure you get reservations ahead of time and that you are able to handle alcohol well so no awkward moments are going to occur. Going to a movie is always a great first date idea, however this can get expensive very quickly. You can sign up to win year Free with Netflix and a Free trial membership with GameFly on our resources page.
These are just a few smart first date ideas  if you want to have fun and take the pressure off.
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Being married makes the couples complacent to romance as they start taking each other for granted. Sometimes it becomes difficult to spare more than a couple of hours from your work schedule.
If you both have been going slack in your fitness levels then gift yourselves a couples’ membership in your local gym.
With all the stresses in life, bills, kids, home ownership, work and more, nothing beats a massage. Nothing makes you feel better than having your spouse pick something out for you that they like. You may have lived in your city for years, yet there are tons of things you have not seen because you are speeding past each day. If you have any questions regarding the content of this post, please contact the author directly.
Sign up to receive exclusive content and FREE printables directly to your inbox and never miss a thing. We send EXCLUSIVE content and FREE printables directly to your inbox that no one else has access to! Even though we did complete our goal, it may have been too ambitious goal and stressed us both out at times to find something completely new every week.
Some people go in order from A to Z, but we’re going to give ourselves the freedom to go randomly. This does not affect our opinions and we only feature products that we already own or genuinely would recommend regardless of an affiliate relationship. Not to mention there is nothing more attractive the someone that proves they can carry their own weight on the first date!
It’s popular among first date activities as it is rather easy for anyone to get into.
If you know a dog owner in your area then you can always ask to walk the dog at a particular time.

Take a day away from your busy work schedules and indulge in the luxuries that a spa has to offer. Working out together will not only bring back your fitness but will also be more fun than working out alone.
Sometimes you just forget to laugh, so a great date night can be checking out the local comedy club. Today, I am sharing my version of a Date Night Jar and fun ways to keep your marriage or relationship exciting! This year, we still want to keep things interesting and not always default to our standard dinner and a movie or a movie night at home, but we realized having some repeat dates are perfectly fine too!
If your date is in good physical shape, going on a hike or run on the beach is a great idea of a fitness date activity guaranteed to get your blood pumping and muscles working on the first date. The couples become so wrapped in their day-to-day lives that the zing disappears from marriage and cracks begin to appear. Book yourself a nice hotel on the outskirts of the city and enjoy the entertainment, food and adventure offered. In such cases get a good babysitter and steal your spouse away for a romantic candle-lit dinner to your favorite restaurant.
You can sign up for baking classes or take music lessons; anything that will keep you in each other’s company. Comfortable can be good but it can also be boring. For a great romantic idea, always pick something that will make them realize you still have a little mystery in you. You can incorporate what you learn all throughout your future together, and helping one another unwind after a hard day is a sure sign of appreciation.
Even if the comedian is bad, there is proof that couples not only bond over liking the same things but over disliking them too.
If you can’t find a tour make your own, look up haunted places on your computer and visit them. Sharing and indulging in a common activity will not only make you spend quality time together but also bring you both closer. Besides, it is fun to see the shocked look on your significant other’s face when they arrive somewhere to do something new and exciting. Not only will you have a bit of a historical tour which most men love, you get to hold each other real close and get your adrenaline going…which gets the libido going too. This gives you a chance to reminisce and perhaps bring back the spark you two had when you first fell in love. If you want to go back to the magic of your dating days then you have to start dating again. Catching on movie, visiting a food festival or simply taking off for a romantic getaway are sure to bring back the sparkle in your lives.

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