Under such circumstances, it becomes vital to provide the body with nutrients that can improve the efficacy of these processes.
Combining the most important vitamins needed by a woman aged 50 and above, Centrum’s multivitamin supplements are particularly useful against ageing of bones, eyes and the heart. One A Day offers health advantages to a variety of body organs, including eyes, bones, breasts and heart. Though marketed as useful for all women above 40, Rainbow Light’s combination of vitamins offers the best value for ladies above 50. In addition to vital vitamins like Vitamin D, the product from Kirkland comes with Lycopene and Lutein, which are important parts of a balanced diet.
Enriched with Omega 3 acids for improving the memory retention capacity of middle aged women, this product also provides the full range of B-vitamins, which together constitute the majority of vitamins needed by the body. A potent combination of 22 key vitamins, this product from nature made is the ideal food supplement, either in isolation or as foundation for a wider nutritional program.
Combining a number of important herbs and minerals along with vitamins, this product from Ladylike is ideal for the hardworking woman.
With 17 specialty ingredients that include a number of rare but vital vitamins, ostivone, soy isoflavones, calcium, folic acid and iron, this product offers one of the few holistic solutions to the health concerns of women who have touched the 50 mark. With six vital B-vitamins, Vitamin C, D and other important vitamin and mineral ingredients, this New Chapter product is capable of ensuring the health of your eyes, alimentary canal, heart and even the brain (stress related issues). Prepared without any additives and with the maturing lady in mind, the Garden of Life multivitamins are capable of improving and maintaining your heart’s vitality, blood pressure, bones, joint flexibility, breast health and digestive potential. Vitamins, as is well known, contribute as catalysts and stimulants in a wide variety of vital biological processes.

Furthermore, it improves tissue regeneration processes, thereby helping give you a youthful look.
Made using normal food-derived organic ingredients, this multivitamin takes especial care of the connective tissues. Together, they ensure that various physical organs like the bones, teeth, heart, eyes and immune system and constantly protected against both disease and the degenerative effects of ageing. Other ingredients include phytosterol, ginko biloba, fish body oils and huperzine A, which are regarded by physicians as important dietary nutrients. Furthermore, it is enriched with lutein, which is a vital ingredient for ensuring the health of ageing eyes. It provides adequate protection against threats to the health of the eyes, heart, joints and bones. Furthermore, it contains a high potency variant which helps women who have to lead hectic and stressful lives. Quite an unique feature is that despite being made of raw products and lacking in binders and fillers, this multivitamin supplement is body-ready and does nto require any additional drugs or foods to be consumed before or after ingesting it. For women, post-menopausal hormonal and physical changes, coupled with stress (if present), can further weaken the body’s self-healing processes by disrupting the normal chemical balance in the body.
Multivitamins provide a number of useful vitamins in a single product, thereby taking care of most of the body’s needs. Finally, it helps the body absorb and release more energy, thus allowing you to make better use of the calories you consume. Finally, the product is also reputed for protecting the immune system against the most common dangers.

Furthermore, it is one of the few products that ensure constant antioxidant protection against free radicals and also contain products that improve the overall digestion and absorption capacity of the body.
Finally, like the Rainbow Light product mentioned above, it features antioxidizing properties as well. Finally, it comes with policosanol, which reduces the incidence of cholesterol in the body. Finally, it also aids the body against heart ailments and general ageing of the heart, both of which are important for the working women who are moving over the golden jubilee mark. Further, it aids in memory retention and improves the concentration power of the person at an age when the brain also begins to grow old.
Furthermore, it contains various extracts from cruciferous sprouts which contribute to maintaining the proper hormone balance in the post-menopausal period, and also provide for adequate maintenance of mammary tissues.
However, clinical trials of multivitamins are not as stringent as those for certain other drugs, and so you must choose carefully. To make this choice easier, we have listed below the most popular and clinically recommended multivitamin for women over 50 years of age.

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