Using signs but without speaking, the gods tried to instruct the people, but they were not understood. On the fourth day when the other gods departed, Black Body remained behind and spoke to the people in their own language: "You do not seem to understand our signs, so I must tell you what they mean. The gods laid one buckskin on the ground with the head to the west, and on this they placed the two ears of corn with their tips to the east. The white ear of corn had become the man, the yellow ear the woman, First Man and First Woman.
The gods had the people build an enclosure of brushwood, and when it was finished, First Man and First Woman went in.
In four days after the last twins were born, the gods came again and took First Man and First Woman away to the eastern mountain, dwelling place of the gods. Witches also marry people who are too closely related to them, which is what First Man and First Woman's children had done. It is common in origin stories aournd the world for the first people to be hermaphrodites or bisexuals. Posted October 29th, 2013 at 03:51 PM by ghostexorcist Tags creation stories, hegemony, native americans, navajos, so cute Navajo History and Creation Stories By Jim R. The Dine people still remember the events that took placed between their incarceration in 1864 and their eventual release and return to their homeland in 1868. These stories may not seem to have any connection to Dine history; however, they are related in form. See the wonderful book Reclaiming Dine History: The Legacies of Navajo Chief Manuelito and Juanita (2007) by Prof. Total Comments 1 Comments One of my most favourite history topics is the history of Native Americans. MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears..
3) Offer to help them out: Maybe you looked over their script and have a suggestion on how you could make it sound better.
Now although it does vary from person to person, I think it boils down to a few basic reasons that are probably common to all of us really. Watch this FREE TRAINING and learn how implementing a CRM solution can change the way you market your voice over business. When the gods had gone, the people discusssed their mysterious visit and tried without success to figure out the signs.
Under the white ear they put the feather of a white eagle; under the yellow the feather of a yellow eagle. It wa the wind that gave them life, and it is the wind that comes out of our mouths now that gives us life. In four more days she gave birth to a boy and a girl, who grew to maturity in four days and lived with one another as husband and wife.
The couple stayed there for four days, and when they returned, all their children were taken to the eastern mountain for four days.
Religious scholars hae been trying for years to find an explanation but have not yet succeeded. One example of this is the way that western historians have ignored Dine (Navajo) oral history in favor of Euroamerican and Mexican accounts that wrongly portray these people as savages and cultural borrowers.
These memories are still alive because they have been associated with Dine creation stories. For instance, the way that First Man and First Woman travel through the four worlds of chaos is similar to the chaos of the Long Walk and the internment in Ft. For instance, the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) of 1978 gave them the agency to enact sovereignty, to take back control over the adoption process of Native children. Not only is it extremely fascinating but is also filled with a lot of culture of the continent that we white Americans have no knowledge of.

They may know exactly what they’re looking for and how the process works from script delivery to audio delivery to payment. Perhaps they had a particular type of delivery in mind but you think another style may be appropriate.
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The gods appeared on four days in succession and attempted to communicate through signs, but their efforts came to nothing.
You have bodies like ours, but you have the teeth, the feet and the claws of beasts and insects.
In all First Man and First Woman had five pairs of twins, and all except the first became couples who had children.
Keeping their first marriages secret, the brothers now married women of the Mirage People and the sisters married men of the Mirage People. The Dine pass their history orally down through the generations, and it is because of their strong cultural heritage that events that took place hundreds of years in the past are still remembered and talked about in the present.
One version of the creation story says that First Man and First Woman (not to be confused with the Judeo-Christian Adam and Eve) originally travelled through four different sub-worlds of elemental chaos before emerging into the current one. Originally, they were taken away from families and placed in Euroamerican homes in the hopes that exposure to white culture would purge the ?Other,? their Indian side.
I will be sure to read the book you recommended as I am a great fan of historical knowledge myself.
Don’t be afraid to help them under the premise that you want their finished project to be perfect.
Witches always use masks, and after they returned, they would occasionally put on masks and pray for the good things they needed--abundant rain and abundant crops.
But they never told anyone, even their new families, the mysteries they had learned from the gods.
In this paper, I intend to show that these memories are kept alive and vibrant by associating them with Dine creation stories.
Their daughter Asdzaa Nadleehe (hereafter ?Changing Woman?) was not born from First Woman?s womb, but was instead found floating inside of a cloud. Their emergence into this world is similar to the release of the Dine in 1868 and their return to their homeland. Following the act, Native people had a hand in placing children in homes within their own traditional culture.
White Body carried two ears of corn, one yellow, one white, each covered completely with grains.
While the wind was blowing the eight of the gods, the Mirage People, cma and walked around the objects on the ground four times. Every four days the women bore children, who grew to maturity in four days, then married, and in turn had children in four days. I will use the background of the ?Long Walk,? the Dine version of the Cherokee ?Trail of Tears? that happened in 1864 for the analysis.
This caused the Dine and Anglo soldiers to come to blows over livestock (the cornerstone of Dine life).
When Changing Woman came of age, the Sun took her as his lover, resulting in two powerful sons, Monster Slayer and Born for Water. The case of Changing Woman is a more complicated issue because she has been associated with the favorite of Manuelito?s wives, Juanita, whose Dine name was Asdzaa Tl'ogi (Weaving Woman). Another example is the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) of 1990. If they’ve never booked a professional voice-over before there is a chance they might make a mistake in their script or desired delivery. As they walked, the eagle feathers, whose tips protruded from the buckskins, were seen to move.

The famous Dine warrior and medicine man Manuelito (1818-1894) led a failed large scale attack on the fort in April 1860 after the slaughter of his animals by soldiers two years prior. After the sons went on a series of adventures, their father asked Changing woman to come live with him in the sky. Juanita was a powerful symbol of Dine culture not only because she was a women (the Dine social structure is matrilineal) but also because she was the wife of one of the leading war chiefs. It gave Native people the ability to take back the material culture and physical remains of their ancestors that were acquired by government-funded agencies, such as Universities and Museums, without their consent.
At the same time, drastically undercutting for a first time client sets a precedence for them that will only hurt you or any other talent they hire in the long run. If they recognize that mistake and come to you respectfully, give them the benefit of the doubt. So just like the material culture and children of other Native groups, the strong cultural heritage of the Dine has given them the agency to take back their history.
And crucially, did you have anyone listening to it or even directing you while you recorded it. Carleton, the governor of the New Mexican territory, to call upon Kit Carson, a noted Indian fighter, to round up the Dine in 1863 with the plan of civilizing them through western education and Christianity (a prime example of hegemony).
It is there that she created the four Dine clans by rubbing the skin on her side, under her breast, and under both arms. Combined, their creation tales, oral history, and family stories have created an enduring folk history that has allowed them to resist western historiography. Send your show reel everywhere, to all the TV and radio stations you could possibly think of, big and small production companies, agents and even the ordinary corporations and small businesses, accountants, plumbers, you name it, they all need phone messages, they might all need some audio on their websites as well. Thousands of Dine were forced to submit after Kit attacked their canyon stronghold during winter. Western historiography has neglected her because of its male-centered focus; yet the Dine remember her as being an integral part of the negotiations. They can tell you when you’re going over the top or putting in material that is frankly just not up to scratch. Manuelito held out through 1866; however, those who had turned themselves in were forcefully relocated from Arizona to Ft. Choose another voice talent to have them listen or book yourself into a studio and even ask the sound engineer to provide an objective critic. Although not particularly known for her weaving skills, Euroamericans promoted her as a model of the ?authentic Indian? because her woven pieces catered to their imperialist nostalgia (the Smithsonian has several of her pieces). Extant 19th- and 20th-century photos of Juanita show her as a wife, a delegate, and a grandmother. This Long Walk (450 miles) was seared into the memory of the Dine people because of the hardships that they endured, including starvation and rape.
The photos of her with her children and grandchildren reinforce her association with Changing Woman because of the latter?s status as the mother of the four Dine clans.
These photos also show that Juanita continued to wear a biil, a traditional woven dress, up into the early 20th-century.
This marked her as a woman willing to continue Dine traditions in the face of colonialist policies of assimilation.
The fort gained the ominous name of Hweeldi (the place of suffering) due to the abhorrent conditions. Almost 23% of the 11,000 Dine taken to the prison camp died from exposure, sickness, or starvation.

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