As our chat went on, I learned that non-negotiables are those things that you absolutely will not put up with in a man, such as violence, cheating, lying, abuse, financial irresponsibility. Ginger says she interviewed dozens of women and what typically tops the must-have list is sense of humor and intelligence, followed by chemistry (some women put this first!), kindness and a steady income. Well angel are a real woman, but dont depend on ur instincties.cos a real man want a real woman.
MY PERFECT MAN AS THE SAYING HAS TO BE A MAN THAT WILL BE INTELLIGENT AND SOFT MINDED PERSON ALSO HAS A SENCE OF BELONGING MUSTLY TO FAMILY AND OPENED MINDED. The perfect man is the one who is loving, romantic, respectful and is willing to communicate with you at all the times.
My perfect man is never taking things for granted.He is passionate, caring and dedicating wholeheartedly.
Nice article,i have always wanted a man who is of this same faith with me,intelligent,love me for what iam,respectful,can not be influence by any body and does not talk carelessly.
First off most of you have to high of expectations of men, they show love in different ways then woman do and by expecting them to love you how you love them will actually make things worse off.
I think a perfect is the guy who is always there 4 u and who treat you lyk a queen anywhere. Its a nice thing to figure out the perfect man that you want to have in your life.Every woman has her own defination of a perfect man so while meeting him she can figure it out avoiding any disasters in future. My perfect man would be someone with nice personalities such as humble, kind, easy going, funny, cute, and a not too gentleman. I am a single girl – never married, and thus never divorced, and even still, when I paged through Ginger Emas’s Back on Top: Fearless Dating After Divorce (Globe Pequot Press, May 2009), I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and be inspired all at the same time.

Our lists can sometimes be too exclusive – put a line through whatever is “old talk” and open up to the possibilities, as long as you don’t compromise on those things that truly matter to you. On the other hand, must-haves are the things a guy must have in order to be in a relationship with you. THE MAN FOR IS THE MAN WHO LOVES FOR WHO I AM AND HE DOSEN’T WANT CHANGE ME TO FIT WHAT HE WANT.
FINALLY IT’S TAKES TIME TO BE A RESPONSIBLE REAL MAN BUT WITH TIME I THINK A GUY THAT REALLY LOVE A LADY WOULD GO EXTRAL WAYS TO BE RESPONSIBLE MAINLY IN THE ASPECT OF FINANCE. If they proffess their love to you and announce to anyone of importance to them that you are their lady, are willing to provide for you finacially and emotionally, and are willing to try and protect you an your feelings from anything that could harm you he is more then likely completly in love with you. THE MAN FOR IS THE MAN WHO LOVES FOR WHO I AM AND HE DOSEN’T WANT CHANGE ME TO FIT WHAT HE WANT.
A man file has two parts: A list of non-negotiables and a list of must-haves,” Ginger shared.
Your man file can also have “nice-to-haves” – things like enjoys kids, went to college, lives a healthy lifestyle — these may not be must-haves or non-negotiables, they’re more like extra credit.
Quite simply, a man file is more than what kind of guy you want; it’s about who you are now. It gives you the unique opportunity to take the time to consider the kind of partner you want — not whom your friends or parents or children think you should be with. But when I started dating my current boyfriend, I had no idea how to love someone who was as capable as I am – and sweeter, too!
I do feel intelligence, chemistry, effective communication and compromise go a long way in establishing a happy relationship.

Men don’t always want to sit and listen to all of your gossip from your day, thats what your female friends are for. Someone who ables to make me laugh and comfort me when i’m sad and willing to be there to share my joys and tears. It gives you the unique opportunity to take the time to consider the kind of partner you want — not whom your friends or parents or children think you should be with. A perfect man does not cheat and does not have a need to look at other women when he knows he has the woman he wanted. A perfect man has no need to look at porn when he has a woman who wis willing to please at all the times. You have to put up boundries and not fall to their every whim and let them get away with things you have to let them know what you expect from the start. I feel good about who I am, and feel closer to being with my “true husband.” I enjoy reading quite a bit. Your perfect man may be right in front of you and you could be throwing it all away because of your unrealistic veiws on how they should think or feel or act.
Good luck for all of you but sometimes you don’t have to go looking for the perfect man he will just fall into your lap.

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