Whether you are single or in a relationship: if you want a luscious love life, you’ll need to make sure your social life is in sync with the life you want to create! Engaging in activities that leave you feeling unfulfilled, bored or disconnected will pull your energy down, making you less attractive and creating the opposite affect of what you want. There are other awesome benefits to laughing more as well: just hearing laughter helps to put us in a good mood, creating a positive emotional way of being. You are sending a signal to your brain that you are in a state of happiness and relaxation. Basically, there are no downsides to laughter, and we should attempt to do it freely and more often! If you’re interested in learning more about how to attract love while living a playful passionate life, stay tuned for information about my upcoming online event, Playful Passionate YOU telesummit.

Are you spending your free time holed up in your own home or focused on completing your to-do list? Research shows that when we laugh, we tend to talk more, make more eye contact and do more of the things that help us connect with others.
Your amusement creates your energetic state of being joyful that dispels anger, heals pain and releases stress. Correspondingly, your brain will shift your negative thoughts and emotions to the positive.
When you’re enjoying life and laughing, you’ll become an incredible magnetic force for love and happiness! And to the men automatically deepen your voice when you’re in the presence of a woman you’re trying to get with?

If you are, yet deeply desire a loving relationship, you’ll need to make some serious changes. When you start having fun you will activate your inner sparkle and this in-love-with-life attitude will make you irresistible to the opposite sex.

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