Asking whether or not if you should make your own website is such a wide-open question because there are many factors to consider before making a decision. Before we explore some of the rabbit holes this discussion could take us, I’d like to ask if you believe making a website is more of a professional vocation or something most can do. As you might expect, I’m going to be a little biased towards professional vocation because, well, that’s what I do for a living. Regardless of vocation, the desired outcome is about the end product achieving the desired goal. In the early days of the Internet, a website could easily be found because there weren’t too many of them and the search engines weren’t very sophisticated about ranking websites in their index. Today there are over 370,000,000 websites and the fight to the top of a search engine result is very fierce.
The Internet is constantly evolving and keeping up with its requirements requires expenditures of time, money, and effort. I will agree that the average person can build a basic website just as a 12-year-old can build a soap box derby racer. For the most part, these online services provide the basic features (contact form, photo gallery, simple shopping cart) a website owner may need. The do-it-yourselfer can also make their own website by using tools like WordPress and free to low-cost templates, but this requires a little more knowledge, time and effort. There’s no doubt you can save money making your own website, but it will take you more time to create it, and definitely longer to achieve its optimum potential. If you want a basic website where traffic to it will be generated by paid advertising or word of mouth, then you can probably do it yourself. If you want more sophisticated functions from your website, then you’ll either need to learn how to program or buy the necessary components.
If you need assistance with your next website project, please Contact Us and let’s see what we can do for you. If you're not sure that you want to spend time learning how to make your own website, there are other options available to you.
In order for the world to see it, the website (or collection of web pages) needs to be "hosted" on a "web server. The "source code" view - This is the "behind the scenes" code that specifies the content and how the page should appear.
To publish your website for the world to see, you'll need to "upload" your website to a website hosting provider's server.
I realize not everyone wants to spend the time learning HTML etc in order to make their own website. Website builders have been gaining more popularity and traction lately, thanks to services such as Wix and Webnode. These online website creators allow you to create a full website, free of charge, directly in your browser without any prior knowledge of website development. Many of these services also offer premium packages with additional features, for a small cost per month, if you desire additional tools.
Wix offers a simple, yet powerful online platform to make Flash websites, MySpace layouts and more.
Weebly is another top choice and sports a simple click and drag interface that allows you to create a professional website very quickly. You must choose from one of their templates, yet each template is pretty flexible and customizable so there is some room for creativity. With over 20 million websites created with Webs, this one is among the most popular free website creators available and features many of the same features of the other online website builders. Webnode has an interface that could easily be mistaken for Microsoft Word and it’s incredibly ease to use. Sprout has a range of features that will allow you to quickly and easily build, publish and manage rich media Web content including widgets, banners, mashups and more. Sprout has a powerful design interface, though it’s a bit difficult to use the first time. Viviti is primarily a content management system with less focus on design and customization, however it does a good job at getting you on the web quickly and easily. Synthasite has functionality that is similar to that of desktop publishing software such as Microsoft Publisher.
Synthasite service is very reliant on templates, but there are plenty to choose from and they vary from fun and funky to classy and cool. WDD staff are proud to be able to bring you this daily blog about web design and development.

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A new website, TypeDrummer, reads your mouse and keyboard strokes and translates them into beats. We have had endless fun making custom, personalized notepads and doing various fun projects with it, and are still coming up with new ideas for more. To keep the end of the paper firm and tight, add a piece of cardboard to each side and secure with a couple of binder clips.
Jo and I enjoy keeping our cards bundled as well, and everyone is always delighted when we pull a card off the stack to hand them. However, that label design creates sideways pages instead of tall pages, so I messed with the default template until I got a working design. Oh, one other thing I discovered while testing this idea today… When you use regular copy paper for a notepad, I recommend cutting a piece of cardboard (the same size as the pages) to back your notepad, since the paper is so thin.
When I retired from teaching, I took many of my old worksheets and made them into notepads. At Heather’s suggestion, I tried making some notepads (some with paper and some with card stock) using Mod Podge instead of padding compound. For both tests, I found that the Mod Podge did hold the pages together, but the padding compound is more suitable for this task for the following reasons.
In summary, the Mod Podge will work for holding pages together in a pinch, but the padding compound will give you much better and more usable results.
One of our readers used this tutorial to make adorable notepads featuring her cat, Whiskers. HI there, I have been looking for padding compund everywhere and people stare at me blankly. A couple of weeks ago, I was bored at work (hehe) and thought to myself – I wonder if it is possible to make my own notepads. One tip you can try is to put a piece of masking tape on the base of your cutter, lined up with the edge of the first page you want to cut. Sounds fun using patterned paper scraps, and I will try it for my husbands business cards as well – what a great idea! For those who are having a hard time cutting the paper into equal and straight parts, you might want to consider a Dreamkuts machine from the makers of the Bind-It-All. The best pads I ever made were for a salesman who would come in and have a stack of one dollar bills padded up. I also love the idea of a pad of dollar bills, which would make a great gift for teenagers. I just ordered my padding compound and I can’t wait to get started making my notepads.
Cyndee, I find that a paper trimmer works best for me when trying to cut full sheets down to size. Back when I was into making cards, I would buy a ream of cardstock paper and I would take it to Kinkos (now its known as Fedex kinkos) and they would cut the whole ream in half for me or in quarters it worked perfect because they have a huge cutter and it would cut the whole ream (500 sheets) 1 chop and it was a perfect even cut. You can also buy repositionable glue sticks that you can run along the top of the back of each paper in the stack and turn your pads of paper into Post-it style pads of paper.
I am excited to hear about the compound but have not been able to find it at hardware or craft stores in our area so will be ordering from your site!
I found this on Pinterest, too, and remembered that we used to make these at school – also had the advantage of a press. While looking around I actually found a website that has instructions for making your own padding compound. I tried the homemade padding compound recipe last night, and thought I’d share my results with you.
A 12-year-old can build a soap box derby racer, but it will never win the Indianapolis 500. The intended outcome may not be achieved even if one component is not operating at maximum potential.
It’s reasonable to infer that a professional will be more up-to-date with internet standards and search engine requirements, and thus better able to incorporate as many of the techniques in a website to obtain optimal search engine ranking. But if you want a website to perform at its maximum potential, like an Indy racer, then you either need to possess the necessary skills or hire a professional to do the job. There are numerous drag-n-drop website builder services that can guide you through the construction of a basic website. If your website needs to perform more specialized or sophisticated functions, then you would have to pay the service to program these functions.

Again, you’re making a basic website, and if you need more sophisticated processes, then you’ll need to understand how WordPress plugins work and which ones to incorporate. I would not expect any visitors from search engine searches unless you are capable of performing search engine optimization on your website. In fact, you could just make a copy of your first one if you wanted, then modify it as you wish.
For example, you could add more text and format it, you could add form elements, images, and much more. This tutorial explains in more detail, what web hosting is, and how to choose a hosting provider. The biggest advantage in using these services is the unbeatable development speed, as it all happens in your browser with click-and-drag functionality.
Using a browser-based interface, you can choose from a wide selection of design templates or start with a blank canvas.
Content elements, such as videos, pictures, maps, and text are added to your website by simply dragging them from the Weebly bar to your webpage. It only takes a few clicks and your account information in order to add e-commerce functionality to your website.
You practically won’t notice a difference between the site as it appears online and the site as it appears in editing mode. The interface consists of dragable toolbars with a surprising amount of design options such as opacity, bevel, emboss, drop shadow, etc. Every now and then you’ll stumble upon a template that has a bit of flexibility – offering the ability to change the background image, for example – but those who want to exercise their design talents will find it restrictive.
I’m going to order my padding compound today but I’m just wondering, how long do you need to let it dry before you can remove the binder clips and protective paper? A former boss of mine had us save all of our scrap paper…we cut it to size and glued it together for note-pads.
He’d keep them in a checkbook, and he said the reaction when he would rip out a few bills was always fun. I think that cereal boxes would also make a good backing for notepads, especially if you’re interested in recycling.
I plan on giving them as Christmas gifts with each person’s name on it and a clip art of something that they like. I planning my son’s 4th birthday and found the your site looking for crayon birthday ideas. Folks love using the scratch pads & keep them by their phone for the many calls we deal with. When it is viewed in a text editor (such as Notepad), it displays the text and markup code. Wix provides more than enough tools to get the job done, with everything from animation effects and photo albums to Google maps and RSS feeds. My writing's been in the Huffington Post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune and bathroom stalls all over the country.
Also, I printed coloring sheets, mazes, and other puzzles 4 to a sheet of paper for a activity book for my niece. I now it’s not as sturdy as chipboard, but most of us have it in our homes and the price is right! I don’t think I can go wrong with a product that has such RAVE reviews dating back over THREE YEARS!!!
When I worked for a medical lab in the early ’90s, we made our own note pads to cut down on costs.
That stuff was red not white and was applied with a paintbrush too, so a print shop may have different colors of the compound.
The benefit of creating and editing your site with Webnode is that it allows for automatic linking and navigation, so it can be particularly useful when creating large websites with lots of content. I use a Printshop program and used the postcard feature and it works great for making 4 of the perfect size for cutting for notepads.

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