Robbie Rogers, the recent hire of Los Angeles Galaxy who became the third soccer player in the world to have come out as gay earlier this year, wrote a letter to his 14-year-old self describing the struggles of coming to terms with his sexuality and offering some advice on dealing with bullies.'Ia€™m not going to tell you to come out at 14 years old. A month after coming out, the 26-year-old athlete told The Guardian that no one in his life knew he was gay until he made the announcement in February - not even his family.In the world of international soccer, Rogers is a trailblazer.
Rogers' courageous move inspired professional basketball player Jason Collins to follow in his footsteps and reveal to the world that he too is gay. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
On May 23, Eat Bulaga, the Philippines' longest-running show on television, posted a video of one of its regular segments where the show's hosts dish out advice to its followers. Eat Bulaga mainstay Jose Manalo begins by saying, "Ang solusyon, ikaw: Ikaw ang unang gagawa ng solusyon.
Cha Roque, who describes herself as a "lesbian mom", posted the message below on her Facebook page. You are not in the position to tell this guy "bumalik sa closet" or "bakit kasi nag-asa-asawa" or threaten to hurt him (jokingly). Judging from all the things you said here, I say I better make my child stay away from your show. DAR: 1,000 Zambo farmers sell awarded agrarian reform lands due to sickness in family, etc.
Ia€™m not going to tell you whata€™s going to happen in the future either, because the journey is important,' he wrote in the open letter.
He is only the third footballer after England's Justin Fashanu and Sweden's Anton Hysen to have come out, The Independent reported. In his open letter published in ESPN Magazine, the 26-year-old Rogers offered some tips to his teenage self on dealing with locker room bullying.

Offering advice to his younger self, Rogers said the best option is to reveal the truth to someone could be trusted and who would not judge or expose the secret, because the alternative is to carry this heavy burden alone.Rogers concluded his letter on an optimistic note, reassuring the 14-year-old Robbie that everything is going to be fine and that one day he will be happier than he ever thought possible. In the day's episode, a married man with three kids asks how to handle the bullying of his children.
Kaya mo bang - hindi naman binabago ang pagkatao mo; beki ka pa rin, yan ang gusto mo, nagkaanak ka - pero magagawa mo ba na hindi ka na mag-gaganyan ng hitsura?
She said she was "appalled" at how Eat Bulaga handled the question, and called on the show's producers and talents to be more mindful of its influence in Philippine society. I've seen the video of your segment (Dabarkads na beki, may asawa at tatlong anak) and I was appalled at how you handled the situation: how you suggested that this guy should go back to the closet so his kids won't be discriminated is like saying that homosexuality is a sin. Eat Bulaga is an institution, you have millions of followers spanning the whole Philippines. I don't think she deserves to be lied to and lying to her about who I am is the biggest betrayal. He is gay, the man says, and he feels his children are thus often mocked in school because of him. You made it appear like homosexuality is a disease and that he should keep it from his kids so as not to "infect" them with it.
You are telling the world that corrective beating up is okay to make a gay guy become manly. These are people trying to please others, or think that's what they're supposed to say,a€™ he wrote. Can you - without changing your personality; you're still gay, that's what you want to be, after all, and you have your kids - can you manage to not look that way? I feel sad for the guy for trusting you with what he is going through only to be treated that way.

It is shows like yours and opinions like those that was expressed in your show that encourages the bullying of LGBT people and their families. It is not okay that you coexist with us just as long as we don't complain about how we are treated. This incident just proved once again how homosexuality is far more clean than Eat Bulaga and its hosts' opinions will ever be.
But you do have a purpose in life, just as everyone does.'The 26-year-old soccer player was one of a dozen elite athletes who were approached by ESPN Magazine to pen letters to their younger selves. It is unfair that my child got bullied because of who I am but the way I raised her equipped with with the strength to face the world bravely. The issue included missives by tennis ace Andy Murray, basketball star Dwight Howard and Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas, among others.
It is unfair that people (like you) will judge her not for who she is, not for how she excels in school, not for her craft but for who her mom is. In February, the midfielder temporarily retired from soccer after a troubled stint with Englanda€™s Leeds United.
Rogers has since returned to the field after getting signed by Galaxy in May following David Beckham's departure from the club.A A  After initially appearing reluctant to publicly discuss his sexuality, Rogers, who has described himself as a devout Catholic and a conservative, has embraced his new role as an advocate for gay rights.

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