MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears..
In my new world of mommyhood and interior design, I find myself constantly on long walks with strollers, gathering fabric samples, and running to client meetings, so my glamorous footwear is not what it used to be.
I have resigned to the fact that sneakers are the most practical, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Below are some other ones that are just as crush-worthy – but beware, I am not talking about wedge sneakers, I think I am ready to retire that trend. Color was a common theme throughout Rowley’s clothes as well as the decor for the party.
Welcome to B&BBorn and Bread is a fashion and lifestyle blog started by two best friends living in the big city! Lauren is a born New Yorker and Julie has learned to call Manhattan her home.

Working with Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo, Washington dresses her crisis management guru character in a variety of looks that have Us swooning, too.
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In fact many designers are mixing style with functionality in the past few seasons and making some killer kicks! And believe it or not, it couldn’t have been better to spend yet another snowy weekend in the city. New York breeds a creative energy that drives their taste for fashion, food, entertaining and travel. Working and playing on Capitol Hill in pieces from Gucci, Prada, Escada and Dior, Washington proves that Olivia Pope is a political -- and style -- gladiator .

Now I walk everywhere or if I do manage a cab ride with the baby, it involves fancy footwork to fold a stroller, shoulder a diaper bag, and carry the baby all at once! Instead of the classic show at Lincoln Center, the designer opted to throw a multi-dimensional extravaganza at the mysterious Diamond Horseshoe nightclub in the heart of midtown to showcase her provocative new collection for editors, bloggers, celebrities (yes, we saw Shoshanna from Girls!) and her fans. Rowley’s ensembles stood out for their mod and psychadelic influences including yellow leather skirts, over-the-knee-boots and swirly ombre-dyed dresses.

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