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She likes me, but I don’t think she likes me as much as most of her other numerous friends. October 12, 2010  by  same song I dont know when I fell in love but I am in love with my bestie and she is married! We met in college and then he transferred schools, when i went to visit him, his friends told me that me and him would get married…joke. I was in love with the same girl for 7 years, when she got pregnant and her boyfriend left her I was there for her and her baby.

I meet him when I was 2 year married to a good man I wasnt in love with and had a daughter. I wish i hadn’t been such a bitch when we were younger, then i could have had him when i had the chance. It hurt so much for so long, but I promise you it goes away eventually, you just have to let it. I kept my feelings hidden for over a year until one day he confessed that he liked me and we kissed. I was ecstatic and immediately dumped who i was with, breaking her heart in the process, and then 2 years after that my dream girl, the one I pined for, cheated on me and told me she didn’t want to be with me becuase I was boring. Once I slept with her sister, thinking if I did I would know it would never be possible between us and I could move on.
His girlfriend found out and her and I fell out, but I remained best friends with her boyfriend. Since I canA?t have him totally, I have became his friend, confident, adviser, and coworker, partner, nurse, shoulder to cry on, everything he needs (but wife and sex).

I have a crush on one of my 2 best friends, but it’s more than her not liking me back.
He happens to be an amazing person, but Mother Naturea€™s cruel trick, he didna€™t want me and I have finally gotten to the point where I dona€™t want him like that anymore. A bit of distance, time, some dates with other boys(no they dona€™t compare initially) that burning desire to have him look at me the way he looks at other girls hea€™s hot for, well that goes away 2 and Ia€™m happy for him when things go well with girls, he deserves it.
I didna€™t think the feeling would go away, and until I asked I wouldna€™t have been able to get over it a€“ Dona€™t put yourself through pain, ask, find out and move forward. He says he loves her, but when he holds me it feels like he genuinely cares for me and wants me. To the fantastic boy in question a€“ I could never tell you this because it would terrify you and damage our amazing friendship- You are the first and so far only boy I have ever been (god, I think although I hate to admit it) in love with.

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