B) UPS pickup – This is similar to the option above except Amazon will schedule a UPS delivery person to come directly to your home to pick up the package. 8) Once Amazon recieves your return you will get a confirmation of that as well as a separate email containing an Amazon Gift Card code. There is one more burning question that you are wondering about…Will the gift giver know that I returned my order?
Enter the order number and then your name and email address and then hit continue at the bottom right of the page.
It's possible that there will be products here that you did not receive (kind of voyeuristic!). You take the package to whatever delivery service you would like and pay the shipping back to Amazon yourself.
There is a button to click that will allow you to print your return label(s) and provide return and packaging instructions.

No, according to Amazon there will be no notification to the original purchaser that you have returned your item. If you want to exchange the item for something similar or replace it because it is defective, those options will be made available to you. You will also get an email confirming your return and providing links to your return label(s).
It is called the Order ID and it is a 17-digit code in the middle left of the packing slip.
It's important to enter your actual email address here since this is the way Amazon will contact you with your refund gift code.
I received a gift over the holidays from a friend and wanted to return it for a different version.
You are also given the opportunity to comment on why you are returning the items and provide more information if you would like.

About eight days later I received an email from Amazon confirming they received the return and they sent me an Amazon Gift Card for the balance. I chose Something Else for option 1, Gifts and Gift Cards then Issue With A Gift I Received for option 2, and then I chose Call Us under Phone for option 3.
When I spoke to the woman on the phone I explained that I received a gift that I would like to return.
When she was satisfied that I wasn't trying to make a fraudulent return, she provided me with the order number.

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