DerekJay Productions cc announces: DerekJay Productions Launches Amazon Promotional Codes: Never Pay Full Price On Amazon Again! The APC Twitter page allows followers to easily receive the latest Amazon promotional codes and vouchers. The following press release and information therein has been obtained by ARGYLEnews from Derek Jansen who works for DerekJay Productions cc, a third party company.

Amazon Promotional Codes will also be initiating a monthly "Cracking The Code" newsletter which will showcase the best promotional codes of the month, ensuring that consumers never miss out on getting the best price for their desired purchases.
Users can search for specific products, models or values (ie, percentage discount), thus allowing them to get the best suited promotional code for their intended purchase. Whilst there are many websites online which offer such codes, few (if any) focus solely on the Amazon market.

This often results in inaccurate codes, untargeted deals and ultimately a waste of the browsers' time.

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