Three types of worksheets are available for download: Identifying Stress, Identifying Stressors, and Stress Management Techniques. The first thing that people need to learn is how to recognize when their stress levels are high. Once people know when their stress levels are high, they are able to relate it to situations that cause them that stress. Once people know what stresses them out, they can start to learn stress management techniques to offset the effects of stressors.
It's best to use the worksheets in order, starting with the Identifying Stress and then the Identifying Stressors and Stress Management Techniques.
Here are a range of worksheets developed by the Children's Involvement Team, to aid direct work with children and young people.

What makes your family stand out from the flock?Tell us for a chance to win a trip to Kennedy Space Center! Many people need guidance to understand what causes them stress and how to decrease it with stress management techniques.
Being aware of the physical symptoms of stress, as well as the emotional changes that accompany physiological responses, can help people identify when they experience stress. This can be difficult in circumstances in which people have smaller stressors burying the larger stressors that has the most impact.
Not all techniques work on everyone so it's important for people to try different ones and find out which ones work the best for them. A printable stress management PDF will help people learn how to lead a much more relaxing life.

Once people can relieve smaller stressors, they can start to deal with more painful situations, which then can be dealt with in an effective manner, such as with stress management techniques. A printable stress management techniques worksheet can help people keep track of which techniques they have tried. However, if you have no choice but to use them all at once, just instruct to work on one worksheet completely before proceeding to the next one.

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