A promo code is a code, which if applied during an online purchase at the time of bill payment, allows you to avail an additional discount on the product, provided the promo code should be applicable on the same.
Once you fill in your address details, you land on the Order Summary page, the screenshot of which is provided below. After you click on this, you are provided with a text box, where you can fill in the promo code as shown below. As soon as you fill in the promo code and click on the apply Button, you see the bill reduced as per the discount provided by the promo code.

You can see that after applying the promo-code, the previous Bill of Rs 624 has reduced to 500. About Snapdeal TeamMeet the team of energetic free spirited and eccentric enthusiasts who are not just bloggers but your best friends. When you click on the ‘Buy’ button to buy any product, you are asked to sign in with your existing account or as a guest user. Follow this team, exchange your ideas on topics ranging from health, life style, and fashion to electronics and entertainment.

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In case you enter an incorrect promo code, the system will ask you to enter a valid promo-code and no change in the bill will appear.

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