Although Apple is yet to provide official confirmation, developers are finding that they are now being allocated 100 promo codes per version of their apps. Developers use promo codes to distribute prerelease versions to review as well as offering giveaways to users for promotions. To celebrate all these new promo codes, here are 50 codes for the #1 iOS app for Latin students: SPQR. From time to time Apple Apps developers release free promo codes for iPhone Applications which you can use and get the application on a discount or free of cost. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other.
My app is in review and I'm trying to make some promo codes that are scannable so I can print them on cards similar to the "app pick of the week" by starbucks.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged app-store apple promotions or ask your own question. Will apple reject multiple app sharing the same code, differet name and connecting to the same server?

Is it possible to improve brute-force guessing of a password with a picture of the keyboard used to enter it?
Is making characters who go off the rails unlucky a good technique for keeping the plot moving? Upload your paid Apple app(s) to appGiveaway and we'll promote it via promo code giveaways here and across the web on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter by leveraging the power of the appGiveaway community.
Enter the many Apple app giveaways featured on this site and you will receive app promo code(s) which you can use to redeem the app(s) for FREE via your online Apple app store account. Coupons buy, dell, expedia, macys, office depot, Save money online coupons, discount promotions coupon codes. Caso voce esqueca a sua senha voce tera que restaurar seu dispositivo,voce tera que restaurar seu dispositivo.
O Tech Apple e um blog de tecnologia relacionado a assuntos do mundo Apple atualizado diariamente com noticias, dicas, aplicativos, tutoriais e novidades com objetivo de ajudar todos os usuarios que gostam dos produtos e da marca. 100 promo codes per version gives developers more flexibility in how their promote their apps.

Now most iPhone users dont even know about this feature because most of them directly use the App Store offered within the iPhone where they tap on the keys and click on Buy Now and get the App downloaded.
Apos dez tentativas incorretas, todos os ajustes serao redefinidos e todas as suas informacoes e midias serao apagadas quando o codigo de criptografia dos dados (que sao criptografados usando a criptografia AES de 256 bits) for removido. But if you browse around the web you will find many websites offering free promo codes for different Apps which can be redeemed easily.
Is this due to apple not allowing others to use this tech or is my image just the wrong size?

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