Allied Media's online advertising services help you deliver marketing messages and attract customers within the Arab American market through a comprehensive package that includes a network of Arabic websites, Arab American organization's online newsletters, Arab American mailing lists blasts, blogs for Arab Americans, and many other online outlets targeted to Arab Americans surfing on the World Wide Web. At Allied Media, we help you obtain a better ROI with a full-spectrum of interactive ad management strategy. With services to agencies, entertainment clients and direct marketers, the well-thought-of ad management system could get you more than the required online visibility among the right ethnic target audience.
Our online campaigns help you instantly get feedback on who is responding to your ads and how many of those contacts are converting to sales. We can help you test and tweak your banners, online videos, text links, Google ad campaigns, blog content, creative, your placement, your categories and even your website landing page to meet the needs of your audience more precisely. At Allied Media, we have designed a comprehensive behavior search database that helps us know who searches for what and where. WASHINGTON DC, JUNE 18, 2015 — As a leading provider of digital media to Arab Americans, Arab America announces the launch of its new online school, Arab America Academy.
The negative headlines in the Middle East coupled with the stereotypical and denigrating images of Arabs in the media have made it increasingly imperative that we foster and uphold a positive relationship with Arab-Americans and actively make an effort to understand the community and their identity. Arab America Academy is also in the process of preparing an introductory Arabic language course in addition to a course on the elements of Arab culture.  Upon completion of a course, a certificate of compliance will be issued to the student from Arab America Academy. Not everyone is psyched about Sacha Baron Cohen's latest comic creation.With The Dictator invading theaters today, the funnyman is taking heat from Arab-American groups who say his new alter ego isn't so much funny as a hurtful caricature that pokes fun at their culture and foments the worst prejudices against the Muslim community.
Cohen's mockumentaries featuring his Borat and Brüno characters both stirred controversy for toying around with stereotypes, even though the comedian has previously stated that his goal was to expose bigotry.
Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. Rationally, logically, and lawfully speaking, westerners are supposed to migrate to the land of the Arabs, because it is the land of Muhammad`s message, the place where revelation descended (onto the prophet), the convergence point of civilizations, the land of archaeological sites and tourism, the centre of the universe and the podium of various cultures. Many of these Arabs who were driven out of their countries were poor, or illiterate or mentally disturbed as a result of frustration.
These Arabs who have reached the West have become engineers, doctors, professors, writers, and intellectuals because the doors to knowledge, work, production, innovation, discovery, and invention have been opened to them. Why don`t we, Arabs, think about our tragedies and disasters, and admit that many of our states have abolished the Islamic Shari`ah, discarded justice, confiscated liberties, taken over rights, erased the freedom of expression and turned the country into a large jail?
While admitting that western materialism has killed souls and turned man into a machine, and that this western materialistic civilization has many bad aspects, I must say that when we look at them in this world and then look at the Arab land, we perceive a wide chasm, with the exception of very few Arab places and towns. In our Islamic Shari`ah we read about order, justice, good character, calls for peace and human rights, respect for others, avoiding hurting other peoples` feelings, showing interest in the environment, seeking knowledge, encouraging work and production, and fighting poverty, ignorance, disease, and injustice. Please, let us stop cursing and insulting them (in the West), and wishing them bad, and let us preoccupy ourselves with reforming ourselves, improving our level, promoting our universities, cleaning our environment, building our land, and rectifying our mistakes.

Examples of our online advertising include contextual ads on search engine results pages, banner ads, and e-mail marketing sent to our network's members.
Allied Media online advertising services help you with maximized revenue, minimum investment, focused visibility, better reach, quicker results, convenient transactions, and a lot more superior features to get the right response and to reach your advertising objectives.
With our periodical reports, you can see who is clicking on your ad and can update your advertising strategy to maximize your results. The analysis of these sets of behavioral patterns help us offer very powerful online advertising plans and strategies that bring high exposure and response.
Arab American Radio tries to break that regular style of music and brings lots of variation in their musical programs. As the first educational platform designed and developed by Arab-Americans, Arab America Academy represents an attempt to deconstruct existing misunderstandings and mis- representations. This course as well as the broader Academy are ideal for government agencies, corporations, educators, healthcare specialists, media professionals, state and local municipalities, law enforcement, or other organizations and institutions that engage with the Arab American community. But he did acknowledge that his past big-screen forays haven't sat well with a lot of people, including a slew who've actually taken legal action over his hijinks."Well, the movies that I did up till now, they involved real people. Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. Some of them arrived safely, feeling as if they had been in hell, while others drowned at sea, fleeing from a burning hell.
In contrast, some of their colleagues who have stayed behind in the Arab world have retired and were beset by diabetes, high blood pressure, hallucination, senility, and became bald and helplessly crippled. This is at a time when, in the West, they discuss their affairs calmly, solve their crises with dialogue and govern their subjects with justice. We notice that they are observing all this in the West whereas we find that many Arabs are only paying lip service to it, in their bitter reality. The Arabs will then return to their land, and perhaps the westerners will migrate to the Arab land. With more and more 18 to 35 year old Arab Americans getting online (and obtaining news, communications, and financial services from the web), if you omit this portion of your audience from your marketing and advertising plans, you are likely to be ignored or at the very least sidestepped by a big portion of customers.
This analysis is a result of combining years of experience in multicultural marketing and a very sharp expertise in the different ethnic markets, their culture, their dynamic and behavior.
Or if an actor of Arab heritage pitched a movie about the leader of a fictitious Jewish state in which he would portray the Jewish leader and showcase the worst stereotypes of Jews? So anything you can do to mock them and undermine that kind of false authority I think is a positive thing."No word whether that's enough to mollify his critics. In every town in Europe and America we find an Arab community filling universities, schools, factories, and mosques.

Some of them turned themselves into the police or a security station in the West, applying the words of the poet, who said: kill me and kill Malik with me (after me the deluge!). Other colleagues of theirs took private jobs as shepherds and woodcutters, participating in folkloric dances, glorifying their tribe, and threatening other tribes. He has political refugee status after fleeing from Libya where he was made homeless, and was hunted, tortured, deported, frustrated.
And, not content with this, many of us sing the praise of illusory achievements and verbal projects, dream-walking in cloud cuckoo land. Pochodzi z dobrego domu, nie ma problemA?w w szkole, odnosi sukcesy w sporcie, zakochuje siA™.
At the moment, I think I have the Guinness World Record for the most sued actor in history," he told Ann Curry. Some of them have fled from repression, whipping, torture, gagging, confiscation of freedom, with the traces of torture still on their backs and chests. In fact, they are deceiving and laughing at themselves, deriding their history, and mocking their nation.
Others have gone to look for a source of living after being stricken by poverty, stung by hunger, and destroyed by unemployment and idleness. We have traveled thousands of miles in European and American trains and seen regulations, order, cleanliness, environmental protection, good taste, and respect for others. Others have gone to seek knowledge, leaving behind their countries where universities are ranked last in the list of the universities of the world. He has cows and livestock, and has built a nice villa on the farm that also has clear water and flourishing gardens. He was very generous to us, and he described to us his situation in his country of origin and his current situation. Amazingly enough, here is a man who fled his homeland after being terribly harassed, tortured, and maltreated there and came to a state that we are insulting day and night, and that some of us call the “Great Satan,” a country that our preachers are cursing and wishing it bad. If you can't listen to any Radio, try to listen at different time, as the Radio Station may stop during midnight according to its own country time zone.
Then, this poor Muslim man who was driven out of his country, tortured in his homeland, becomes rich, having a home, a farm and a job, and enjoying a good life full happiness in an American state!

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