Many Western men choose to date young Asian girls, but are they overlooking the more experienced cougars? So if you’re a younger guy who wants to find an older Asian lady for romance and marriage, what are your options?
China perhaps offers the best opportunity for a man seeking a relationship with an older women. Chinese society makes it quite easy for women to do well in life, and there are many Chinese ladies who are millionaires, or even billionaires.
So as you can see there are plenty of opportunities open to the man seeking an Asian cougar or sugar mama. Older ladies are more experienced at relationships, and will know exactly what they’re doing in the bedroom. Western men are rare in Japan, and as far as dating goes, rarity usually equals popularity.
Even better for the kept man in waiting is that these ladies can find it exceedingly hard to find husbands in China, so they often look overseas.

On top of this, increasing numbers of women have good careers and they are increasingly the breadwinners in society. This is in spite of the fact that there are plenty of younger girls to choose from on the average Asian dating website. On top of that the language is fairly hard to get to grips with, and foreigners don’t find Korea as popular to visit as China or Japan. Hooking up with a well off Japanese woman is a good plan as Japan is hideously expensive to most Westerners, and you don’t want to be living on Cup Noodles for your time in Japan. Chinese men tend to prefer younger women, and won’t often look at women over the age of 28. Quite a number of cougars have plenty of cash, so they’ll often sign up for full membership of a dating site. Personally I’ve dated girls up to 14 years my junior, and I know of older men who have pushed that age difference even further.
However, there are plenty of rich cougars in South Korea, and a fit younger Western man could well catch the eye of a sugar mama or two.

And many of these formidable Chinese ladies were way too busy in their 20′s to be out dating men. This sets them apart from the majority of Asian girls who just take out a free membership plan and wait for guys to contact them. So you will often find that the wealthiest ladies on sites like Japan Cupid and Chinese Love Links are actually modestly dressed. Just bear in mind that Chinese ladies are often used to wearing the trousers in a relationship, especially those from Shanghai and Eastern China.

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