When playing the story, we wished there was an option to view the last few lines of the story. Still, Shall we date?: Ninja Love is worth playing even if a Normal Ending is all we can get for yet another character game. These A Moment in his Shoes spin-off stories are quite hard to find after a while of not playing! When pushing a button to continue a story or play a mini-game checkpoint, you might be waiting there for a bit to have it register your actions.
Sometimes when trying to speed up the dialogue of the characters during short dialogue with tapping once on the dialogue area, it has you skipping it altogether, causing you to miss what was said.
As you get further along in the game, the number of the passport item required to clear the checkpoint increases as you get closer to the end of the story. There are three choices and these choices can be quite ambiguous or seemingly out of place for the situation.
That’s because the reward for completing a character game is the unlocking of a cool spin-off story! We had trouble figuring out how to begin playing the story, not being able to understand the navigation at all. The story is good, there’s some good action and the writing of the female lead character personality is one we like.

We’d love to hear from others playing this story app and hear about how you find the story, who your favourite character is, which is your favourite spin-off and event stories, etc.
Rather, as the name of the series suggests, the stories in the story apps of the Shall we date?
The backstory for each of the love interests we’ve played so far are all interesting and good in developing the romance between you and your love interest. Once in the Diary screen, in the dropdown menu for the Character field, select the character and then in the dropdown menu for the Story Type field, select Spin-off Story.
She is written to be a strong character with a likable personality in all of three of the character games we’ve played. This has Sasuke constantly trying to have you see him as a man and not a young hot-blooded guy who keeps taking you aback with his comments and actions.
We had expected a lot of action from Musashi’s character game with Musashi portrayed as a ronin hired by Oda Nobunaga in the character games of Saizo and Sasuke. We haven’t read any of the spin-off stories or event stories in this story app except for A Moment in his Shoes spin-off story. During training, there are times you get injured and it brings in some aww-worthy moments between you and Saizo.
However, that part about Musashi gets dealt with very early on in the story and the story comes to develop Musashi’s innocent and child-like character underneath that strong fighter exterior.

Choosing the right response feels like a game of understanding the love interest’s personality in this story app. This spin-off story is definitely a great incentive to continue playing and completing each of the character stories in the story app!
It would have been much more convenient near the top where the ads for other games in the series are positioned. These moments has Saizo slowly become less distant and closed off and start to become fond of you.
The love rival in Saizo’s character game seems to be Sasuke and Goemon as both of them express interest. Nevertheless, it was still very refreshing to have a different sequence in the story and we had fun reading this character game.

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