I’m a slim Asian woman seeking white men who loves family, warm, friendly, kind, romantic, faithful to love and love wife, non smoker, not too jealous, listen to reason, not hit women, likes to travel and most important he want to have children with me so we can have a warm family to take care each other forever. I like cooking, reading, travel, shopping, gardening, house cleaning, watch movies and listen music.
I am a single Thai woman looking for someone to share life with me, love me, understand me, love family, honest, warm and able to beside of me and share good and bad time together. TweetI’m a Thai lady, divorced, living in northern of Thailand at Chian gmai with my two childrens, a daughter aged 18 and a son aged 12. I like cooking, dancing, reading, travel, playing sports, house cleaning, watch movies, sports, fishing and listening to music.
I am looking for a kind hearted man who does not smoke or gamble, an honest man who enjoys quality time with family, if he has children that is ok. I like reading, travel, shopping, house cleaning, watching tv, playing games, travel natural places such as waterfall and the beach. I’m an Asian woman seeking white men for dating and develop relatioonship for marriage who are loves family, financially secure, faithful and respect me.

We can learn each other and I don’t mind about your face or your body if you are fat or slim, tall or short. I was born in Nakhon ratchasima (Korat) but I live in Chiang mai northern of Thailand for work. I was born from Khon Kaen but I live in Bangkok. I am neat not sexy but I am an easy smile, honest, kind, loves animal. I am joyful, simple and i want to find someone who is honest, loves family, reasonable, calm and responsible. I like a man who is faithful and share good and bad times together, faithful to me and look after each other. I’m cheerful, likes to talk, joyful, not like to make face serious and i like to make everyone happy and smile. I am faithful woman and I want to have a warm family, have children together and I will take care husband and children very well.
I have traveled overseas to visit my sister and her family in Australia. I enjoyed traveling and if possible would love to do again.

I like a man who is older than me and want to stay in Thailand with me because I am a teacher in the government school.
I would like to meet a nice and warm and honest man and want to spend time together to learn and know more about each other.
I decided to join Thaidarling dating website because that is how my sister met her husband. I have been Udon Thani, Chanthaburi, Kanchanaburi, Rayong, Chonburi, Surat thani and phuket i like . In Thailand I would like to go the cities in southern because I heard it’s beautiful beaches.

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