Although Asian ladies and Russian ladies have got a bad reputation for being online dating scammers, this is often unfair. Most subscription sites charge members if they want to talk to other members, whereas free dating sites allow you to potentially scam people for free!
Free dating sites cannot always afford the sophisticated IT systems needed to spot scammers.
Free dating sites are popular with less wealthy people and those with less experience at using the internet, and these are often much easier to scam. Most free dating sites have so many members that controlling scammers is virtually impossible as they can sign up faster than the site can remove them.
Many dating sites are poor at spotting potential scammers, and in many cases it takes a scam to take place for a scammer to be identified.
It's rarer for Chinese ladies to be into this type of scam, but as China opens up they are learning fast. Although the scam ladies often only get a few dollars here and there, remember that $10 is a lot of money in Thailand, the Philippines or China. Men usually work out (eventually!) that these ladies are not suitable wives, so they move on and look for another lady. In terms of emotional turmoil, the green card or visa scam is the most dangerous type of scam.
Never buy an Asian lady property back in her own country - she's likely to disappear back home and have a great time living in the apartment you've bought for her! Finally it's often better to marry your Asian wife in Asia, then you won't be as legally liable in your own country should things go wrong.
So if you're thinking of registering for DateInAsia or any of the other Asian dating sites out there, then always be on the alert for scams. If you send most of your life savings to someone you met on the Internet, you're not a victim, you're just an idiot.

The buyers now have US phone numbers in NJ and they do the same in many other ports, so never think the phone you call is in the USA or in your state because once they get a phone they can get any phone number for any state they want. So I recommend you take a look at Chinese Kisses - this site often gets overlooked, but there are some fabulous Chinese women on it!
It's very popular with Western men looking for Asian wives from Thailand, China, the Philippines or other Asian countries.
In some towns and villages in Nigeria and Ghana it is the main source of income for the local population.
Before getting too involved with a woman, make sure you verify which country she's living in.
These scammers roam the many Asian dating websites like DateInAsia in order to look for victims. Thai women who work in Thailand's vast adult entertainment industry are expert at getting men to part with their cash. And many Asian women are ruthlessly efficient at what they do - it's not unusual for a woman to be chatting to dozens of men - all those $10 gifts will really add up then. The easiest way to avoid these types of scams is to live in Asia with your new Asian bride. Obviously laws differ in different countries, so it's always worthwhile chatting with a friendly lawyer in order to see if there's anything you can do to protect yourself from future problems with your Asian wife. Although it's nice that the site is free, free dating sites are dangerous due to the numerous scammers operating on them. Stay well away from any Asian women claiming to be working in a country outside of Asia (particularly developing countries, i.e. Typically they chat to men in order to get them to send them gifts and small amounts of money. Many Filipino women are scammers as well - as many of them speak and write English they find it a particularly easy way to make a decent living out of it.

In practice, we men get attached to our ladies we chat to, so it can be hard to move onto someone much more honest. Once in your country, your new wife may disappear, or move in with someone she's previously met (her Asian boyfriend perhaps), or get up to any number of other schemes.
Here's some information about three typical scams that you might encounter while using DateInAsia.
Visa scams are operated by ladies who want to leave their country and move to a Western country.
So be wary of any women who asks you a lot of information about your house or financial situation. Before getting too involved, you must see your lady on webcam in order to verify that she actually exists. Ignore this advice at your peril - many victims of African dating site scammers were scammed by fake profiles of men and women who didn't actually exist. I suspect my Chinese ex-girlfriend may have been one of these scammers, but you know what - to this day I still don't know what she was up to. Also, many countries allow you to get your Asian lady over to your country on a fiance visa, which is recommended as a way of living with your Asian lady and really getting to know her. In the very worst cases, the victims lost most of their life savings to the scammers, so take this as a warning. The perfect patsy for those heartless bitches, waiting for fresh meat to pop their heads up, wallet in hand!

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