We use SSL security to protect all transactions so your credit card information is completely safe. Our leverage is our people, our knowledge, experience, our unparalleled product range and our 'can do' attitude. For a professional finish this package will need to be installed by one of our technicians.  The screen is an impressive fastfold dressed in a velveteen drape and the projector is an innovative model from Epson what allows you to project from almost any angle - even from the side!
Modern technology today means we need hardly ever leave our office chair to carry out our day to day business!
Writing on the white board, downloading it immediately onto a PC and then distributing it via email rather than taking notes, typing them, photocopying them and then distributing them is far more efficient. All of these are great ideas to improve the image and efficiency of your business but having the right audio visual presentation equipment in the office to do this is key. Audio visual presentation equipment – installations in Manchester, Lancashire, Bolton, Cheshire, Liverpool, Merseyside, Birmingham, Leeds, Yorkshire, London, Preston, North West, UK. Audio visual presentation equipment, Bolton, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Liverpool, Leeds, UK. We offer a full range of choices and flexibility in mic and speaker placement and can meet all of your audio requirements, no matter what the location or the size of the audience. Helping our clients produce events that create defining experiences for their audience is vital to everyone at All Event Specialists. Proper design, planning and execution of each event are critical to reaching that goal. All Event Specialists specializes in providing creative solutions for corporate theater, live event management and audio visual presentation support. We excel by offering highly skilled technicians, quality equipment and professional project management.
When communicating your message you deserve a partner that will help you achieve your goals. By choosing All Event Specialists you have a partner focused on helping you create defining experiences. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. With the exception of arranging for delivery of the products ordered, we do not sell, share or rent any personal information (including your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address) to other parties for any reason; nor do we contact you by telephone or e-mail to solicit additional products or services. Your point has to be made well and be understood by your audience, be they staff or potential clients. With access to the likes of video conferencing we can talk to our colleagues both hundreds and thousands of miles away.

How much more impressive would it be to invite your clients and suppliers to a presentation delivered via a plasma linked to a lap top with a wireless connection rather than an overhead projector and pull down projection screen? Our team of experts can advise you on the right audio visual solution for your needs, everything from video conferencing to interactive whiteboards to plasma equipment. At GavCom Media Productions, we have you covered from small portable sound systems for business meetings to concert grade audio systems for large audiences. The clarity and succinctness that you convey your information with is important and if it’s lacking you could end up with staff doing completely the wrong job.But simply telling your staff what’s required of them and what your plans for the business are may not give them the clarity they desire. And whilst we can still provide flip charts and whiteboards wouldn’t it be so much easier in a meeting to use modern audio visual presentation equipment? We can also advise on all electrical requirements, hiding of cables and the general impact on the fabric of your building via the contracting arm of the business, offering you a total solution from one point of contact. That’s why there are tools to aid communication within your business and a number of them are simple enough to use.
It’s important to remember that everyone is different and every individual processes information in their own unique way. As a business it’s not only a good idea, but a necessity, to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Hence why numerous businesses use multiple audio and visual tools during presentation sessions.
The combination of sight and sound, along with physical written handouts, is a necessary component of information retention. Most experienced training organisations will use some sort of mixture of the above-mentioned learning techniques.Save time with visual aidsTime is an important commodity in a business and something that needs safeguarding. A business wants to spend its time in the most cost effective manner and visual aids can greatly help in this pursuit.
Visual aids should be used if the subject is complicated or contains too much information for a simple oral presentation.
Pie charts, diagrams, graphs, photographs, and animations can make information much easier to absorb for your listeners.
As we’ve mentioned, time is valuable, so the importance of effective implementation of training and communication cannot be understated.

Remember that visual aids can encompass a wide array of techniques and it’s worth finding the ones that work best in your business and best for your staff.Auditory AidsAuditory aids can be used in multimedia presentations but using this technique is likely based on your budget. You could however opt to hire a professional speaker that is well versed in adult learning concepts and one that has a working knowledge of the subject in question.
This speaker can offer an interactive experience that sticks with your staff and reminds them of the key learning objectives that your company wants to convey.Live trainers can also add personality to a program that could be seen as dry. The professional speaker can add clarity to any points or concepts that are unclear and with their specific professional knowledge can go into a great deal of detail. Speakers are also there in the flesh, which means that they can provide special attention to the staff members present. A pre-recorded talk doesn’t have that kind of interaction and there’s no easy way to gauge how well the information is coming across.Give your audience handoutsYour audience is a captive one, so it’s a good idea to give them something to read. You could use the handout to give them a guide to what the presentation will cover and this can reinforce the concepts being taught. The handout will also allow audience members to refresh their knowledge at a later date and the handout can provide further information and research on the subject.As mentioned earlier, everyone learns differently. Some of your staff will learn best from written material and handouts can be an effective part of business training and communication. A good tip is to add some sort of interactive section to your handouts such as a short quiz, or a fill in the blank question and answer section. Just make sure it relates to the subject you’re covering.Engagement is important when it comes to learning, and so is your audience’s ability to retain that information. If you keep up the good teaching you’ll discover a new, better trained employee pool and one that understands clearly what’s required of them.

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