Whether you are playing for fun or competitively, the One.9 catch glove offers plenty of protection for the elite level player.
The Supreme One.9 features a full composite outsole that transfers foot movements directly to the ice. The Bauer Supreme One.9 traces its roots to the Supreme One100 which makes it one of the top skates of the Supreme line.
The one piece cuff design offers a good feel with an angle that makes catching pucks more natural.

This revolutionary design reduces the negative space between your foot and the boot, and in turn, places you in a better skating position while maximizing the power of each stride. Tuuk LS2 Holders and 2.1 Power Runners connect on each stride and give you one of the most popular holder-runner combinations going.
Add in the supreme construction for maximum coverage for a catch glove and you have a goal tenders glove that is hard to match. With lightweight construction, superior durability and comfort technology, the Supreme One.9 will provide nothing less than Supreme Bauer Performance.

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